Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Levi Schneider.

[Black Snake Breathing Technique: Level 2 (1002/5000)]


[Golden Cross Slash: Level 2 (3/5000). Special Effect: Intermediate Vibration

“The special effect has been upgraded. It became Intermediate Vibration.”

Levi pulled out Frostmourne, and his body and arms shook rapidly. He instantly unleashed the technique that had formed muscle memory.

Frostmourne buzzed and tore through the air.



A beautiful cross appeared.

Levi divided the ordinary wooden stake into four neat portions.

[Golden Cross Slash Proficiency +1]

He changed his target to the black dragon wood pillar.

The same strength and technique.

This time, the cross slash only managed to cut an inch into the black dragon wood pillar before it could no longer move.

Levi pulled it out forcefully and sheathed it.

“Phew, the effect of the intermediate Vibration Force is very obvious. At the very least, it can cut through an ordinary wooden stake with a single strike. However, the black dragon wood pillar is still quite lacking. ”

“Looks like I’ll have to reach level 3 and master the advanced Vibration Force before I can achieve the effect like Sir Fred’s.”

“As for Ripple Force, I think I need to reach level 4.”

It did not take long to reach level 2 from level 1. After all, it only required 1,000 EXP.

However, from level 2 to level 3, the difficulty increased drastically.

Whether it was the breathing technique or the Golden Cross Slash, Levi had temporarily reached a bottleneck.

The next breakthrough would be at least half a year later.

He was not in a hurry. After mastering the intermediate Vibration Force, he felt that his strength had increased greatly, but he still lacked some actual combat training. Therefore, he planned to carry out actual combat training every now and then.

It wasn’t a drill like Sir Fred’s, but a real battle.

Levi decided to go to the back mountain of the territory to find an opponent. He had already thought of the perfect target for actual combat training.

The reason why Montenegro Province was called Montenegro Mountain was because of the Montenegro Mountain Range that spanned more than a thousand miles.

The Montenegro Mountain Range was covered with dense black forest all year round. There were all kinds of primitive conifer forests inside. Countless ferocious beasts were hidden in the forest and snowfield.

The Black Water Valley was located at the foot of a branch of the Montenegro Mountain Range.

This place was at the periphery of the Montenegro Mountain Range. Compared to the depths of Montenegro Mountain, there were not as many wild beasts.

In the entire Montenegro Mountain, the most representative creature was the Mountain Wolf. They were widely distributed in the wilderness of the northern part of the kingdom. Under normal circumstances, they would appear in groups of three to five, making them a good target for Levi to fight.

According to his experience with Basic Archery, he would gain more proficiency through actual combat training. The Mountain Wolf was undoubtedly a very good combat target.

They were natural-born hunters with an average shoulder height of more than one meter. They were much bigger than the largest North American Gray Wolf in his previous life, and even bigger than the extinct Dire Wolf.

They were even more ferocious and had thicker bones. This was because there were too many beasts that were stronger than them living in Montenegro Mountain.

For example, the Giant Bear of the Northern Territory whose strength was comparable to that of a knight, or the wild beasts at the level of a king in the Montenegro Mountain Range, such as the Silver Saber-Toothed Lion and the Armored Mammoth, whose strength was comparable to that of a grand knight.

Of course, Levi was only a Knight Attendant, so he did not dare to look for those powerful existences, nor did he dare to look for the large Mountain Wolves.

His target was three small wolf packs or a lone Mountain Wolf.

Anyway, with Sir Fred’s protection, even if the Giant Bear of the Northern Territory appeared, he would be safe.

As for those king-level beasts, they would only appear in the core area. Levi was only hunting at the edge, so it was basically impossible for him to encounter them.

In front of him, a fat and strong snow deer was looking for food. This was a common herbivore on Montenegro Mountain. When Levi was training in his Basic Archery, he would go into the mountains to hunt one every three to five days.

For a territory with low productivity, hunting deer meat was a good source of food. Most importantly, snow deer meat was really delicious.

Sir Fred was also an experienced hunter. He was in charge of keeping watch on the surroundings. Levi nocked an arrow with his bow, and he easily pulled the bow to the full with his great strength.

The effective range of this bow was 120 meters. Levi was now about 80 meters away from the snow deer. Separated by some dense forest, the deer had not discovered Levi yet and was busy eating grass.


With his archery at the max level, Levi naturally could not miss.

The arrowhead pierced deep into the snow deer’s head under immense force, piercing through its skull.

Soon, the snow deer fell to the ground.

“I’ll use it as bait. With the Mountain Wolf’s nose, I’m sure it will smell the blood soon.”

“Sir Fred, let’s go up the tree.”

Levi sat on a tree, waiting for the rabbit to come.

Time passed by.

Not long after, a wolf’s howl came from the forest not far away.


Immediately after, there were different wolf howls in response.


“Do you need me to make a move?”

Sir Fred asked.

Levi shook his head. “You can attack if I can’t defeat them. With my armor, there shouldn’t be any problem.”

After a while, four Mountain Wolves the size of calves appeared in the forest below. They sniffed the surrounding air vigilantly.

Fortunately, Fred and Levi were both experienced hunters, and Levi had maxed out his hunting skill, so he had already dealt with his scent.

In the end, the four wolves gathered around the snow deer’s corpse.

The strongest alpha wolf even started to dig its stomach.

Without the permission of the alpha wolf, the other wolves did not dare to eat even though they were drooling.

At this moment, a rope descended from the sky. Levi followed the rope and landed heavily on the ground in his armor. The snow seemed to be trembling.


The snow and Levi’s strong body allowed him to land steadily.

The vigilant Mountain Wolf immediately realized that something was wrong. After roaring for a while, it was unable to scare Levi away.

Under the leadership of the alpha wolf, the other wolves all charged at Levi.

They were extremely fast. Even experienced hunters could only run up the trees when they encountered them.

Golden Cross Slash!

The sword light of the cross slash stirred up ice and snow.

A Mountain Wolf was cut into four by the sword light, and its internal organs flowed all over the ground.

Killing in one blow was extremely simple and crude.

[Golden Cross Slash Mastery Proficiency +5]

This perfect cross-slash gave Levi a 5-point increase in proficiency.

This was something that had never happened before.

The alpha wolf looked at Levi in horror. With its high intelligence, it immediately knew that it was no match for the human in front of it and immediately fled.

“You want to run after eating my venison?”

The taste of the wolf meat was not bad either, so Levi naturally would not let it go.

The territory was too poor. Even if he was the lord, and if he wanted to eat freely, he had to hunt by himself.

Levi did not use his archery skills. Instead, he quickly chased after them.

Although he was wearing armor, his agility and speed were not much inferior to the Mountain Wolf in a short period of time. Very soon, he caught up with one of them. He used the Golden Cross Slash!

Another Mountain Wolf was dismembered, and its blood splattered onto its armor.

[Golden Cross Slash Proficiency +4]

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