Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

After killing the two wolves, Levi realized that the alpha wolf was gone.

Suddenly, Levi felt a huge force behind him.


It turned out that the alpha wolf had taken advantage of his lack of vigilance and ambushed him from behind.

Levi lost his balance and was pushed down. The alpha wolf pounced on him and bit his head. Levi’s basic combat skills were already at the max level. He instantly formed an elbow strike to protect his head and hit the alpha wolf hard. Then, he stood up again with another kip-up.

He held onto the big tree beside him and panted. He had underestimated the intelligence of these beasts.

The alpha wolf stopped running and started to distance itself from Levi as if it could tell that Levi was at the end of his rope.

Under its call, a few more wolves actually received a response and quickly rushed over.

Not long after, Levi was surrounded by five Mountain Wolves.

Even a Quasi-Knight could lose his life if he was not careful when surrounded by five Mountain Wolves.

“Five wolves.”

Sir Fred’s heart skipped a beat, and he was ready to attack at any moment.

“It’s only been two months, and you’ve already mastered the Vibration Force of the Golden Cross Slash. Young Master’s talent in swordsmanship is much better than I thought.”

The battle below continued.

Levi wore his armor and tried his best to dodge the Mountain Wolf’s attacks.

However, there were still too many wolves, so he couldn’t completely dodge it.

Some Mountain Wolves occasionally bit the armor that covered his entire body, but they were unable to break through his defense.

This was the strength of humans, and it was not Levi cheating. A knight’s battle was inseparable from armor. Whether it was chain armor, plate armor, scale armor, or composite armor, good armor was a knight’s second life.

Therefore, he used the armor to train himself with weights from the beginning. This way, even if he did not wear armor in the future, his agility and speed would increase by a level.

The Black Snake Breathing Technique was quickly circulated, and the energy in Levi’s body burned violently.

To use the Golden Cross Slash so frequently in such a short period of time was extremely taxing.

Levi decided to end the battle quickly. Frostmourne and his armor were already dyed red, and the ground was also dyed red.

In the end, the fearless Mountain Wolves were killed by Levi.

The crafty alpha wolf ordered its subordinates to die, and then it slipped away, only to be shot in the head by Levi.

He looked at the corpses of the Mountain Wolves on the ground. He had a clear understanding of his own strength.

In a head-on confrontation, he could now deal with more than five Mountain Wolves while wearing armor. If he did not wear armor, he could only deal with three at most. The strength of three Mountain Wolves in this world was even stronger than the Siberian Tiger in his previous life.

“This kind of combat effect is still a little weaker than a Quasi-Knight. After all, when fighting a knight, my armor’s advantage will be lost. My armor can only deal with these wild beasts.”

Levi analyzed the results of this battle. Overall, he was very satisfied with the actual combat training. Just the proficiency of the Golden Cross Slash alone had increased by 30 to 40 points, which was equivalent to one or two days of hard work under normal training.

“During actual combat, the use of sword technique and breathing technique is in a more efficient state than usual, so there was an increase in proficiency.” Levi guessed.

“However, safety always comes first. In actual battle, safety must be guaranteed. Otherwise, it’s better to take it slow.”

With the proficiency panel, Levi did not need to comprehend and breakthrough during life and death situations.

He had used up a lot of his breathing technique and sword skills just now, and the intense hunger struck him again. Levi was already familiar with the situation and quickly took out the dry rations he had prepared to relieve his hunger.

Sir Fred walked over and looked at the corpses on the ground.

“Let’s pack up and prepare to go down the mountain. The smell of blood here is too strong. It might attract a large-scale Mountain Wolf pack or other ferocious beasts.”

If it was a pack of wolves with hundreds of them, even Sir Fred would be dead if he was surrounded, let alone Levi. It would be useless even if he wore armor. Armor was not Iron Man’s armor, and it had weaknesses.

The fur of these Mountain Wolves was great material. It was the most suitable material to make leather jackets. Moreover, their defense was quite good, and the meat itself was also an important source of food.

After clearing out the unedible internal organs, Levi tied the corpses of the snow deer and Mountain Wolf to a sleigh that was made at the last minute. He and Sir Fred dragged the thousands of pounds of prey down the mountain.

Right after he left, more and more wolf howls appeared and gathered in the mountains.

Then, a mix of frost-white and black Mountain Wolves appeared at the place where Levi was fighting, filling up the clearing in the forest.

It was a super wolf pack of over a hundred Mountain Wolves. Even an official knight would have to flee at the sight of such a wolf pack.

These wolves formed a circle, lowered their heads, and whined in low voices. Then, a giant silver wolf with a shoulder height of more than 1.3 meters and a body size comparable to a polar bear slowly walked over. Around the giant silver wolf’s neck, there was a lion-like mane that was flowing in the wind, making it look extraordinary.

It was obvious that this was the leader of this pack of wolves. Judging from its size, it was far larger than a normal Mountain Wolf. It might be a mutant.

It looked at the various internal organs on the ground with a complicated expression. Then, it directly began to devour the corpses of its own kind.

In the cold winter, no food could be wasted.

After eating its fill, the wolf lay on a huge rock. Its sharp eyes looked at the traces of the sleigh and the blood stains in the forest. They were finally led to the foot of the mountain.

Smart wild beasts rarely took the initiative to fight against humans as it was unwise. However, in recent years, the snow had been heavier every year than in previous years, and the number of prey reduced. As the overlord of this area, it was becoming more and more difficult for the alpha wolf to feed more than a hundred wolves.

The livestock behind the human fences was undoubtedly very tempting.

After returning to the territory, the servants and soldiers looked at Levi, who had returned with a full load, and they cheered.

“Get ready to patrol because the hunt this time has caused quite a commotion. It might attract the wolves to take revenge. Get the blacksmiths to forge more arrowheads.”

Levi said coldly after resting for a short while.

The main fortifications of the castle had been repaired, and there were 50 militiamen under his command. Although their weapons were basically farming tools like pitchforks, and their defensive equipment was simple wooden shields, with the combat skills that Sir Fred had taught them, it was not a problem for them to deal with a Mountain Wolf… right?

Humans had extraordinary physical qualities, especially their endurance. Coupled with the tools they had, many ordinary beasts were not as terrifying as they thought.

This hunt had increased the castle’s meat reserves by a lot.

Levi could finally relax and cultivate the breathing technique for a period of time.

After sending off the Month of Vitality, the Month of Grass (April) came.

The chill gradually faded, and the temperature was warming up. The snow on the valley plains had already melted, and the green grass sprouted. It was full of vitality.

The serfs in the Black Water Valley began to sow the spring wheat. The militia also joined the team to cultivate and sow after training.

If the weather was good this year, they would be able to harvest in September.

Spring was in full swing, and the territory was thriving. The snow had subsided, and the passage to the outside world was also open.

On this day, Levi, who was cultivating the breathing technique in the castle, opened his eyes. Just three days ago, he received an unexpected invitation.

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