Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Levi Schneider.

[Black Snake Breathing Technique: Level 2 (5/5000)]


[Golden Cross Slash: Level 1 (1/1000). Special Effect: Elementary Vibration

After three days, the Golden Cross Slash was finally mastered.

However, Levi looked at the special effects column on his interface.

“Special effects?”

This was the first time Levi had encountered such a situation.

It was obvious that the Elementary Vibration referred to the Vibration Force mentioned by Sir Fred. This was the most powerful aspect of the Golden Cross Slash.

It was an extremely ingenious technique that allowed the knight’s sword to produce high-speed vibrations, thereby achieving the effect of cutting iron like mud.

“This also shows that this Golden Cross Slash is really very advanced. It’s only at level 1, but it already has a special effect. Even the level 2 Black Snake Breathing Technique doesn’t have a special effect.”

Levi was shocked. He did not know where Sir Fred had learned such a heaven-defying sword technique.

He now seriously suspected that the person who created this genius sword skill was at least a grand knight, or even the… legendary knight!

After learning the sword skill, Levi was very satisfied, and he wished he could work his brain to the limit.

He struck while the iron was hot and practiced the Golden Cross Slash a few more times.

He had only grasped the basic method of using the Vibration Force. He could only produce a very weak Vibration Force, and he needed a long time to accumulate it. In actual combat, he would be killed before he could use the Vibration Force.

Therefore, he still needed to practice diligently.

[Golden Cross Slash Proficiency +3]

[Golden Cross Slash Proficiency +2]


Perhaps it was because he had just mastered it, but there was a lot of room for improvement.

Every time Levi practiced, he would gain at least 2 points of Proficiency.

Levi only stopped when he was hungry.

After resting for a while and eating something, he met Sir Fred, who had just returned from training the militia.

“Young Master, you’ve mastered the Vibration Force?” Sir Fred asked when he saw how happy Levi was.

Levi nodded. It was not difficult to master the Vibration Force in three days. It was just average. There was a huge gap between the initial mastery and the peak perfection. Levi had just entered the rudiments. Moreover, Levi had a foundation in swordsmanship. He was a man who had maxed out his Basic Swordsmanship.

The Vibration Force was originally the lowest level of the Golden Cross Slash technique. Even if one’s talent in sword arts was not good, one could still master it if they were willing to spend time practicing.

The Ripple Force and the Revolving Force were getting harder and harder.

“Not bad.” Sir Fred smiled. “It took your father two days to master it.”

Levi suddenly felt a sense of defeat. He didn’t expect that his talent in swordsmanship was not as good as his father’s.

“Sir Fred, how long did you take?” Levi asked.

Sir Fred extended two fingers.

“Two days?”

“No, twice…”

“… Pretend I didn’t ask.”

Levi was greatly shocked. Was this a true genius of the sword?

He had practiced nearly a hundred times in three days before he could barely master it.

However, Sir Fred only practiced it twice.

At this moment, he deeply felt the difference between a genius and an ordinary person.

Even someone as strong as Sir Fred had been stuck at the Ripple Force level for 20 years.

He still did not see any hope of comprehending the Revolving Force.

If it was an ordinary person, Levi did not dare to think about it.

“Fortunately, I have the proficiency panel. As long as I work hard and live, one day, I will reach the Revolving Force realm.”

Levi calmed down.

“By the way, the people I sent to investigate the Wild Boar Gang have returned. Guess what?” Sir Fred narrowed his eyes and looked into the distance. He continued, “The Wild Boar Gang has joined the Wilderness Brotherhood.”

“Wilderness Brotherhood? No wonder that Wild Boar Knight was so impudent. It turns out that he has found a backer.” Levi sneered.

The Wilderness Brotherhood was considered a rather famous force in the north of the kingdom.

It was said to be an organization that believed in the Lord of the Wilderness. Most of the members were wandering knights, mountain bandits, and bandits who wandered the wilderness.

The Wilderness Brotherhood advocated the theory of “return to the wilderness, freedom of all things” and “everything originates from chaos, and everything will eventually end up in chaos”. They believed that all things originated from the wilderness of chaos, lived in chaos and disorder, and would eventually return to chaos. This was the best state for all kinds of frost to compete for freedom.

The Lord of the Wilderness was the incarnation of chaos in the human world.

For this reason, they advocated the overthrow of the tyranny of the church and the kingdom, the abolition of all power systems, the abolition of the aristocratic lord system, and the return to the original system similar to anarchism. Only in this state could all things continue to evolve under the creed of survival of the fittest, and finally everyone could become a god!

There was no doubt that this was definitely heresy. Therefore, the Wilderness Brotherhood was the main target of the church and the kingdom.

Originally, this organization had disappeared for a long time, but because of the turmoil caused by the Millennium Holy War three years ago, the kingdom and the church had no time to care about this small fry. Now, this organization had reappeared in the world.

“What do you want to do?” Sir Fred asked.

Levi said without hesitation, “Then let them take care of the old blacksmith Toby for us first as Little Blacksmith Milan’s skills are about the same. In a few days, arrange for more people to be apprentices for the young blacksmith. The production of weapons and equipment for the militia cannot be stopped.”

“Alright.” Sir Fred nodded. “The world is getting more and more chaotic.”

It was not that Levi was timid, but his current strength was still too weak compared to the Wilderness Brotherhood’s.

The Wilderness Brotherhood had existed for a long time and had taken in many gangs or wandering knights. If it were not for the fact that they did not have any grand knights, the number of knights in this organization would probably be incomparable to those earls.

After so many years of hiding, who could be sure that the Wilderness Brotherhood didn’t have a grand knight?

“I’m still too weak. If I had my father’s strength and directly charged into the Wild Boar Gang, I’m sure that the Wilderness Brotherhood wouldn’t dare to stand up for me.”

Levi mocked himself and returned to his daily training.

Holy Brilliance Calendar Year 1004, Month of Germinal (February).

It was supposed to be the season when all living things revived. However, the Black Water Valley was in the north. Although it was not as cold as the winter month, it was still covered in snow.

Levi was forced to live an isolated life. Fortunately, he had the experience of the Black Snake Breathing Technique and the Golden Cross Slash, which kept him busy forever.

Levi’s daily routine was to practice the breathing technique twice a day, morning, afternoon, and evening. The rest of the time, he would practice the Golden Cross Slash.

The breathing technique was the foundation, so it was definitely the most important. However, the breathing technique consumed too much of Levi’s energy and spirit. At the same time, it also consumed too much of the territory’s food. The food stored before winter would not be enough if he focused on cultivating the breathing technique. Levi really found it difficult to swallow the black bread.

However, at Levi’s current speed, he could practice the breathing technique six times a day and gain 15 proficiency points. He would be able to break through to the third level in about a year and advance to become a Quasi-Knight.

This speed was already very fast. It was not inferior to his genius father.

As for the Golden Cross Slash, Levi practiced it every day until his body reached its limit. Sword techniques were not like breathing techniques, so he did not have to worry too much about going crazy. Hence, his improvement was still very fast.

Of course, every week, Levi would give himself a day of rest to give his overloaded body a chance to catch his breath. It was also because of the transformation of his breathing technique that his body was abnormally strong. If it were an ordinary person, this level of training would have exhausted them to death.

Holy Brilliance Calendar Year 1004, Month of Vitality (March). All things were revived, and the grass grew, and the orioles flew.

Levi’s Golden Cross Slash successfully broke through to level 2. He opened the panel immediately.

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