Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Levi shook his head. “There’s no hurry. The snow has blocked the road, and we don’t know if this is a trap set by the Wild Boar Gang. Old Toby is a talent that the Wild Boar Knight values, but he’s not the kind of loyal person. In order to save his life, he will definitely obey the Wild Boar Knight and work for him. Therefore, he should be safe for the time being. Send someone to pacify Little Toby. During this period of time, send someone to inquire about the information of the Wild Boar Gang first, then we will make a plan.”

“Heh, after my father passed away, any Tom, Dick, or Harry has been wanting to step on the Black Snake family. What a headache.”


“Sir Fred, you can take a rest first. Teach me the real sword skills tomorrow. I can also try out the good sword made by Little Blacksmith Milan.”

Levi held his forehead. Under the dim candlelight, his pupils emitted a soul-stirring majesty. It was not the majesty of a noble lord, but a kind of pressure that transcended the mortal world as if it came from a legendary creature from a distant legendary era.

Sir Fred looked at Levi as if he was being stared at by a terrifying beast.

He looked at the oil painting hanging on the wall behind Levi. In the painting, a black snake surrounded the entire castle with a candle in its mouth. It was mysterious and solemn, and its eyes were fierce.

“Looks like Young Master’s talent is not bad. With this aura, his breathing technique should have made a breakthrough.” Fred muttered to himself in shock. From Levi’s eyes, he could see some of the glory of the Black Snake Knight.

He remembered that Baron Black Snake had taken three months to become a Sword-Bearing Attendant after he had mastered the breathing technique. Then, he became a Quasi-Knight in one year, a Knight in two years, and a Grand Knight in eight years.

The young master had only been exposed to the breathing technique for two months. During this time, he had spent half a month just to grasp the initial stage of the breathing technique. This kind of talent was not very outstanding, but he did not expect that his cultivation would become faster and faster. He actually had the momentum of catching up from behind.

Fred couldn’t figure it out either. In the end, he could only attribute it to his young master’s hard work. In the past two months, he had seen Levi’s hard work and was sincerely impressed. Not to mention nobles, even commoners were rarely able to work so hard.

“Young Master, the cultivation of a knight requires a certain degree of relaxation. Don’t give yourself too much pressure.” After he finished speaking, he slowly retreated and disappeared into the shadows.

Levi touched his longsword and looked at the proficiency panel in his mind, sighing in his heart.

“I just want to cultivate silently and be a self-sufficient little lord. I want to live a peaceful life. However, without strength, all of this is just wishful thinking.”


It was four in the morning on the second day of the new year. It was a long night, and the sky was still dark.

In the territory of Black Water Valley, whether it was the residents or the soldiers, they were all immersed in their dreams.

On the training ground, Levi put on his heavy armor and held Frostmourne in his hand. This was the name he gave to the knight sword he had just obtained to commemorate the world he could never return to.

Sir Fred pulled out his longsword Daybreak and said, “The sword skill I’m teaching you today is a sword skill that I chanced upon when I was traveling around the kingdom in my early years. This sword skill doesn’t have a name, so I call it the Golden Cross Slash.”

“The Golden Cross Slash essentially uses an extremely mysterious and exquisite technique to exert force and unleash power beyond your imagination. If your realm is high enough, you can master it and use it on heavy hammers, sabers, spears, or even a pitchfork, and not just with swords.”

“The Golden Cross Slash has a total of three realms: Vibroforce Slash, Ripple Slash, and Revolving Slash. The higher you go, the harder it is to comprehend.”

“There are three kinds of force-exerting techniques used here. The simplest is the Vibration Force, then the advanced Ripple Force, and the highest realm of the Revolving Force!”

“I’ve been cultivating this sword skill for more than twenty years. Up until now, I’ve only completely grasped Ripple Force. However, its power is already comparable to the best exquisite sword skill. Therefore, the quality of this sword skill completely depends on the user’s comprehension realm. If your talent is ordinary and you can only comprehend the Vibroforce Slash, then this is a relatively good shallow sword skill. But if you’re talented, and you’re able to comprehend the Revolving Slash, this will be a perfect sword skill that might even be at the legendary level.”

After Sir Fred finished speaking, Levi could not help but smile bitterly. “Even you have only comprehended the Ripple Force. In that case, is there really anyone who can cultivate this sword technique to the highest level of the Revolving Force other than the founder?”

Sir Fred smiled. “Young Master, don’t be discouraged. As long as you can comprehend the second stage and master the Ripple Slash, it will be enough. Your father only mastered the Ripple Force back then. Among the grand knights, his strength is already at the top level.”

Levi nodded. Of course, he would not give up. With the proficiency panel, he would be able to reach the highest level of this sword skill sooner or later.

Sir Fred held Daybreak in his hand, and he emitted a powerful aura. His entire body shook in a way that was almost like a phantom, and then this vibration was transmitted to the knight’s longsword.




The longsword hummed!

Daybreak’s sword radiance split into two, forming a violently vibrating cross-slash!


The black dragon wooden stake in front of Sir Fred, which was as thick as a bowl, split into four.

Then, he sheathed his sword in one go.

Levi was shocked. Although the black dragon wood was not as hard as steel, it was impossible for an ordinary person to cut through using a knight’s sword made with the forging techniques of this world.

Sir Fred could do it by transmitting the special vibration force to his knight’s sword.

This was the power of a knight, the power of a sword skill!

He was too strong!

Levi yearned for it. This was what he pursued.

Sir Fred’s face revealed a trace of pride. He had only used 30% of his strength.

If he went all out and used Ripple Force, he could even cut through the knight’s plate armor with the knight’s sword in his hand!

However, the damage to the knight’s sword was too great. It was simply a wastrel’s behavior. The Vibration Force was enough to deal with most enemies.

“This is the technique of exerting force. You might not understand it, so I’ll demonstrate it to you again.”

Sir Fred knew that even a genius swordsman would find it difficult to grasp the basic technique of the Golden Cross Slash on his first try.

Levi nodded. It was too fast, and he did not see it clearly.

Not to mention that it appeared on the proficiency panel.

The proficiency panel could only give him a little bit of experience when he had already mastered the basics. It could not make him a genius who could learn it in one go.

Just like that, after demonstrating it to Levi countless times, Levi gradually understood the basic technique of exerting force.

He began to try to swing his sword.

Practicing the sword was a process of constant repetition, learning, making mistakes, and comprehension.

If the technique of exerting force was slightly off, it would be impossible to form that so-called Vibration Force.

Sir Fred patiently taught Levi again and again.

Levi did not bother to cultivate the breathing technique these few days. He was fully focused on practicing his sword. He had to at least have a basic grasp of it and it would appear on his proficiency panel.

Due to his mediocre breathing technique talent, Levi was already prepared for long-term training.

On the third day, when Levi was practicing his swordsmanship, he suddenly felt a weak and rhythmic vibration from Frostmourne in his hand, just like the breathing of a human.

His face lit up. He had sensed it.

“Vibration Force! Although it’s very weak, it’s indeed Vibration Force. I’ve entered the basics.”

A new skill appeared on the proficiency panel.

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