Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 702 - Chapter 702: Legendary Wizard Tool (1)

Chapter 702: Legendary Wizard Tool (1)


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On the endless sea, Levi rode on his griffin and advanced carefully. He was on guard as he flew.

In this chaotic world, he might be targeted by dark wizards at any time.

Originally, they were not dark wizards, but perhaps because of the gradual collapse of order, they began to embark on the path of crime.

Levi only obtained a portion of the sea map of the inner sea region, which included the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh regions.

There were too few sea maps that included the entire Endless Sea.

It was not suitable to stay in Area 6. There was the Hundred-Eyed Demon Territory here, and there might be many demons hiding there. Moreover, this place was too close to Riptide City.

Now that she was determined to change her appearance and start a new life, Levi wanted to change places and start over.

“Moulin Rouge Wizard Market, Black Pearl Wizard Market, Green Water Ghost Wizard Market…”

These three wizard markets were relatively close to Levi. They were all in Area 5 of the inner sea region.

“Let’s go to the Moulin Rouge first.”

If he wanted to obtain cultivation resources, he definitely could not go to a deserted place. It was simply a fantasy to rely on himself to find cultivation resources.

Therefore, Levi’s main goal was still to go to the wizard market. He had been in seclusion in the outer sea region for too long and was somewhat isolated from this world.

He had to go to the wizard market to take a look at the current situation and study it. Next, he had to continue being a nomadic wizard or find a way to join a stable wizard organization.

Griffins were very fast. Pets like griffins were relatively common transportation tools among some middle-level and high-level wizards. They were not special.

Hence, Levi was not worried about being recognized as Lindt, the dark wizard. Moreover, to encourage the killing of dark wizards, the officials did not ask about                 spoils war from hunting dark wizards.

“But in the inner sea region, Mountain Giant Bo Gang and Wind Thunder Winged Dragon will be used less.”

Levi murmured in his heart.

Bo Gang was the death servant of the Thunder Dragon Family. It was not a problem for him to be in the outer sea region. There were a bunch of country bumpkins there, so they couldn’t recognize him.

However, in the inner sea region, with the Thunder Dragon Family’s power and status, there would always be some risks if they frequently used Bo Gang.

In fact, Levi originally wanted to go to a wizard market in the seventh district of the inner sea region. It was the closest to him.

However, he remembered that the Thunder Dragon Family was in Area 7. They were one of the major forces in Area 7. Without a doubt, they were the local tyrants.

If he went, he wouldn’t be walking into a trap, but he would still feel guilty.

In short, once he decided to stay in the inner sea region, Levi had to be more cautious than in the outer sea region.

The experts here could not be said to be like carp crossing the river, but they definitely far surpassed the outer sea region.

That day, Levi flew into the sky.

He traveled for a month.

He was getting closer and closer to the Moulin Rouge Wizard Market.

He looked at Spider Sensing and his hair stood on end. This was a warning.

His expression remained unchanged as he continued on his way as if nothing had happened.

The snake tongue breathed in and out, carefully collecting the aura within a radius of dozens of kilometers. “I have three men following me.” Levi’s expression turned cold.

About twenty miles behind Levi.

A small, shark-like wizard airship was flying quickly.

This was a Flying Shark Model wizard airship. The defense of this kind of wizard airship was average and it did not carry many people.

The only advantage was that it was extremely fast. If paired with Aether Stones, its speed was not much inferior to those expensive griffin mounts.

In the wizard airship, two men and a woman were drinking beer.

“Increase the horsepower and catch up to that wizard.” The female wizard was dressed in revealing clothes. Compared to a wizard, she was dressed in a wasteland style.

“Leader, if we go any faster, we’ll have to burn double the amount of Aether Stones.” The male wizard driving had an ugly expression.

“Burn it. After this, we’ll be able to make a huge profit.” The female wizard finished the beer in one gulp and took out a large number of Aether Stones from the storage bags of another male wizard, stuffing them into the fuel cabin of the wizard airship.

“Leader… this is my wife fund.”

“You’re daydreaming all day long. You’ve already stepped into this line of work, and you’re still hoping to get a wife? It’s already good enough that you can see the sun tomorrow. I’ll make it up to you after I finish this job.” The female team leader slapped the male wizard’s head hard.

“It’s getting closer and closer. That griffin’s maximum speed is ultimately inferior to our airship,” another wizard said.

“Cheer up. Since the other party can ride a griffin, he’s either a disciple of a big family or a Third-Circle Wizard. In short, he must have some skills,” the female team leader said.

“I’ll hold them back later. The two of you set up the Heavenly Net Array you bought. If you want to deal with such an enemy, you have to use an array.”


These three were a group of dark wizards active in Area 5 of the inner sea region.

Before the war between the dark and righteous wizards broke out, they were once members of a fourth-circle wizard organization in the inner sea region.

However, that wizard organization had been destroyed by the dark wizards. Even their leader had died an unnatural death.

After the three of them lost their organization, they became nomadic wizards and did not have any skills. The Aether Stones they usually earned were not enough to support the consumption of cultivation.

So he thought of doing some illegal things and formed a wizard pirate group called the Flying Shark Pirates, led by this female leader of the Third -Circle Wizards.

In any case, the world was in chaos now, and the Wizard Council was in a terrible fix. No one could care about them..

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