Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 701 - Chapter 701: The Dao of Humanity! (9)

Chapter 701: The Dao of Humanity! (9)


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Moreover, with his cultivation and talent, there was hope for him to advance to a primordial soul wizard in the future.

A hundred years was nothing to a Fifth-Circle Wizard or a primordial soul wizard.

Number 80, Middle Riptide.

It was now in ruins.

In the civil war, this place was implicated and razed to the ground. The original owner had no intention of continuing to repair it and just left it idle.

The Tower of Pharmacists at the side was also rebuilt after the war.

In twenty years, they had lost nearly a third of their pharmacists.

Outside the Tower of Pharmacists, there was a list of pharmacists who had either died or gone missing.

An ordinary-looking white-haired middle-aged man was staring at the name list in a daze.

[Second-Circle Pharmacist Grimm: From Area 9 in the outer sea region. Number… has been confirmed dead through the Soul Jade. Third-class military merits awarded.]

[Second-Circle Pharmacist Tommen: … has been confirmed dead through the Soul Jade. Third-class military merits awarded.]

[Second-Circle Pharmacist Levi: From Area 9 of the outer sea region, serial number… Suspected to be missing. He has been declared dead through the program and is awarded second -class military merit.]

[Third-Circle Pharmacist Huffman: From the first region of the outer sea region, halfling, serial number… confirmed dead. First-class military merit awarded.]

“Damn it, he’s already dead. What’s the use of giving him military merits?” Levi watched in silence.

“I was wondering why there was no notice for me to serve in the military for so long. It turns out that you think I’m dead…”

“When I received the official wizard’s notice, I didn’t record my spiritual power mark in the Soul Jade, so the military shouldn’t be able to determine if I really died.

“However, it shows that I’m dead… There’s a high chance that it was done by Huffman. His goal was to make me fake my death to escape the conflict that swept through the city.”

Levi murmured in his heart.

“Grimm and Tommen should really be dead. They have recorded their marks on the Soul Jade. Once they die, the officials will immediately know the situation.

“But what’s the use? We’re so insignificant that we’ll disappear into the dust. The big shots won’t care even if they know you’re dead.

“Thank you, Huffman. However, in this era, I’m too weak to avenge you. I hope you don’t hate me in the Underworld.

“Of course, if I live to the end and my fists are tough enough, I will find the people who killed you and… crush these big shots to death!

“Of course, an old man like you had better fake your death!”

Levi had been worried that he would be arrested for evading military service.

From the looks of it, Huffman had already settled everything for him.

Thinking of that shrewd and stingy halfling, Levi’s emotions were complicated.

He looked at the mansions of the big shots in the Upper Riptide. He clenched his fists, his veins bulging.

Then, he took a deep breath, turned around, and strode away.

Since he had already confirmed his death, there was nothing much to do in Riptide City.

Levi looked at his membership card.

He was still a righteous wizard and a member of the Gray Tower.

The information on it was all from a long time ago and had not been updated.

“Maybe it’s because of the war, but the membership card system seems to only exist in name. How can I tell if one’s a dark wizard in the future?” Levi felt a little emotional.

Of course, it was also possible that there was something wrong with his membership card.

In short, Levi was in a very strange state.

He wandered around the borders of dark wizards and righteous wizards. In the military, he was a dead person. In the future, he might need a new identity and change his appearance.

Worried that he would be recognized by some familiar experts, Levi did not stay in Riptide City for long.

He took out a sea map and casually found the location of the wizard bazaar in the inner sea region closest to him. He flew forward like cotton in the wind. “My goal in the next hundred years is to survive and become stronger..”

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