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Chapter 703 - Chapter 703: Legendary Wizard Tool (2)

Chapter 703: Legendary Wizard Tool (2)


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According to the grapevine, the reason why the war between the dark and righteous wizards could not be resolved was because of a long time. It was because among the twelve Legendary Wizards of the Wizard Council, there were already two factions.

One was a conservative faction that advocated continuing to operate following the old order.

The other was a reformer who wanted to completely change the order of the wizard civilization.

These two sects had been fighting in secret at the beginning, but now, it was about to turn into an open battle.

In other words, the Legendary Wizards were not united.

Someone took advantage of the chaos caused by the dark wizards to make a big fuss and wanted to split the Wizard Council.

In fact, just a few years ago, a piece of news that no one knew was true began to spread in the Endless Sea.

The Legendary Wizard Tool—Heart of Skynet in the Central Realm was actually destroyed under the eyes of the Grand Wizard.

What was the Heart of Skynet?

This might not be the most powerful legendary Wizard Tool, but it might be one of the most important Wizard Tool to the wizard civilization.

This Wizard Tool was the material guarantee of the membership card system. Relying on the powerful computing ability of this Wizard Tool, the Wizard World could collect and update all the Wizard information in real-time.

For example, to issue a recruitment order to a wizard, it had to be done through the Heart of the Skynet. Even the credit cards of many official venues could not do without this thing.

If a wizard died and his soul jade shattered, it would be bound to the Heart of the Skynet. That was why the Wizard Council knew about the death of those wizards.

Therefore, the Grand Wizard had been guarding this Wizard Tool personally all along.

Every once in a while, there would be Legendary Wizards taking turns to guard the place.

And something so important had inexplicably broken.

Only Legendary Wizards could do it.

In other words, there was a mole among the seven Legendary Wizards guarding the Wizard World!

Of course, the officials later refuted the rumor, saying that it was a rumor.

Some people asked why the contents of the membership card were not updated.

The officials said that it was because the Heart of Skynet had been operating for too long and needed fixed maintenance and repairs, so it would be suspended for a period of time. The exact recovery time was yet to be determined.

While the Heart of the Skynet was offline, the rulers of the Realm of the

Unbelievers issued traditional Identity Tokens to verify the identity of wizards.

There was no doubt that although the officials had refuted the rumors, no one would believe it.

From the looks of it, the wizard civilization might be facing a crisis more serious than any civilization invasion in the past.

This was because the cause of this crisis was not the outside, but the inside.

When a powerful wizard civilization could not be united, that was the most terrifying thing.

Therefore, the binding force of law and order had decreased over the years.

According to incomplete statistics, crimes such as burning, killing, and looting were also increasing year by year all over the wizarding world.

Someone said, “If the wizard civilization can’t end the civil war, our civilization might regress to the ancient wizard era…”

Some people also said, “The current civilization is called the era of order, but it’s actually just an excuse for those with vested interests. Some huge wizard families infiltrate the various ruling classes of the civilization and do all kinds of things.

The complicated nepotism and corruption in the parliament made it even more difficult for ordinary wizards to obtain resources than in ancient times. Their promotion channels were completely blocked.

They were also Children of Chaos, but some people from wizard families could advance to Third -Circle Wizards. As for the silent majority, they could only stop at the apprentice wizard level because of the extremely uneven resources!

“Everyone knows that there is no absolute fairness in this world. Since that’s the case, just like in the ancient era, everyone will speak with their own abilities. The fittest survive.”

In short, after the Heart of the Skynet was damaged, the Wizard World became even more chaotic. The hearts of the people also began to become active.

Some of the Magi who were proclaiming the revolution chanted slogans that were similar to “Nobles, generals, and ministers would rather have guts” and began to attack the old order.

The once incomparably huge and seemingly unbreakable Wizard Civilization was now riddled with holes. All kinds of systemic and social problems were exposed.

The appearance of the Five Sector Expedition and the Chaos of the Dark Wizards were also related to these problems.

A small group like the Flying Shark Pirates was just a small microcosm of the current chaos of the wizard civilization.

They had already successfully plundered many wizards in this sea area. Most of them were low-level wizards. Occasionally, they would attack some Third-Circle Wizards. Relying on the power of the array, they had also succeeded.

Not long after, the airship had caught up with Levi.

The female leader opened the cabin door and jumped out.

She cast a third-circle defensive field on herself.

At the same time, a wall of water formed by water appeared in front of Levi.

The wall of water began to gather around Levi.

Innate spell: High Water Wall.

Levi was like a cicada who had hit the south wall. With a bang, he bounced between the walls of water, unable to break through.

“Quick! Array!”

The female leader shouted.

The two male wizards put away the airship and muttered something. One array flag after another flew into the sky and spun around Levi.

In an instant, an inescapable net about a hundred meters in diameter formed and surrounded Levi.

“The third -circle trapping array that we bought at such a high price is really useful. We might be able to recoup our losses after doing this.” The female leader sneered.

Their team was professional, and they cooperated extremely well. Before Levi could react, he was already surrounded by her innate spells and third-circle arrays..

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