Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 700 - Chapter 700: The Dao of Humanity! (8)

Chapter 700: The Dao of Humanity! (8)


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The Dragon Demon Breathing Technique required transcendent creatures with the blood of the Musk Bull and the Ostrich Mountain Bird. It seemed that he could not find them in the Outer Circle Area. He might have to go to the inner sea region to find them.

“Then there’s the transcendent creature with the Undying Bird bloodline. The Black Flame Demonic Bird can’t even be considered a first-circle creature. It can no longer support the cultivation of my Death Ember Breathing Technique.”

In addition, the Sky Dragon had the third-circle Wind Thunder Winged

Dragon, the Scarlet Dragon had the level 2 Blood Clan Schinn, and the Golden Snake had Gustav and the Three-horned Dragon King. It was still enough for cultivation.

The outer sea region was too barren.

Levi was already at his limit to be able to collect all of this.

Another reason why they had to leave the outer sea region was because of spells.

Although Levi was already at the third -circle, the spell he used was still at the second-circle. Only the Glacial Sword Finger was at the third-circle.

He had obtained three third-circle spells from Clay, but other than the Water Screen Prison, he did not care about anything else.

Learning was also a waste of his brain’s memory.

The third-circle Spell Constitution was extremely huge and complicated. It was not something low-level spells could compare to.

Even if Levi could use low-level spell synthesis, the prerequisite was that Levi had countless low-level spell databases. Otherwise, it would be impossible to cook without rice.

As for his original spell, it would take a lot of time. What Levi lacked the most now was time. He had to be strong enough to create his own spell. He could only start when he was almost out of danger.

Levi did not even have an innate spell or a third-circle defensive field.

Also, he might have to go to the inner sea region to find the medicinal materials to purify the Golden Aberration Insect.

“It’s time to leave.”

He told the fur clansmen to pack up and prepare to move.

Golden Lion Castle.

“Sir Levi, I don’t know when we’ll meet again. I’m afraid we won’t be able to repay your kindness to the Golden Lion family in this lifetime…” Lyon cried.

Damn it. With such a thick thigh, how could he not cry when he was about to leave Lion King City?

“Sir Lyon, you don’t have to take it to heart. I’ve been indebted to your family for a long time. I believe in treating others sincerely. There are friends everywhere in the world. How can the family left behind by the Lionheart Knight be ordinary? I wish the Golden Lion Jostar Family a prosperous future!” Levi said.

“Senior, I won’t trouble you with you. I’ll work hard to cultivate. If you need me in the inner sea, Dinos Jostar will come back,” Dinos said solemnly.

“No problem. I hope you can grow up as soon as possible. I’ll see you in the inner sea region in the future,” Levi said.

Then, he left the Golden Lion Jostar Family.

“Commander, try my newly comprehended body technique.”

Emperor Mu descended from the sky and accumulated strength with his hands as a terrifying golden fluctuation brewed.

Levi smiled and raised his hand.

Emperor Mu was sent flying and fell into the sea in front of him.

Emperor Mu emerged from the sea and said, “Although it failed, I still have to say the name of this move.”

“What name?”

“Ape King Airwave Palm!”

“Isn’t it just vibrating the bloodline power between your palms at high speed and forming an air cannon?” Levi chuckled.

“Yes… as expected of the regiment commander. Sigh.” Emperor Mu was discouraged.

“Why don’t we change it to a nicer name?” Levi smiled playfully.

“What name? Leader, tell me. I’ll name someone useless, but it still depends on you. You’re a cultured person,” Emperor Mu asked expectantly.

“Turtle Sect Energy Art!”

After saying that, Levi waved his wizard robe and the griffin flew over. He sat on the griffin and flew high up.

“I hope that the next time we meet, you can reach my current realm. I have a feeling that the era of the Twilight Knights has begun.”

Emperor Mu looked at his commander who had disappeared.

“Turtle Faction Qigong… No, Turtle doesn’t sound good. I’m a Saint Ape. From now on, I’ll be called: Saint Ape Qigong!”

Holy Brilliance Calendar Year 1076, Month of Flowing Fire.

Riptide City.

It had been nearly 20 years since the change in power in Riptide City.

In twenty years, there might be a change in the dynasty in the human world. However, in the Wizard World, it was actually only a short period of time.

Afterwards, Blue Dragon Lady reported Sorrett’s seizure of power to the Wizard


After a long trial, he had overcome many obstacles.

The final result of the judgment was a misunderstanding.

It was understandable that he made a move because he thought that the Blue Dragon Lady was hiding a demon.

Of course, Sorrett’s actions were against the rules no matter what. The tribunal asked Sorrett to pay a huge fine and deprive him of his political rights for a hundred years. In the end, he was suspended for ten years.

This made Blue Dragon Lady feel helpless.

A mere fifth-circle Thunder Dragon Family had such extraordinary means in the inner sea region?

It was enough to make the Wizard Tribunal disregard the law.

The power behind the Thunder Dragon Family must have protected him.

Even though she was indignant, Blue Dragon Lady could not do anything about it. The dragon descendant priory could not interfere with the Endless Sea’s internal affairs.

Besides, although the Dragon School of Thought were all elites, they were only a niche faction. Compared to the Ocean School of Thought, they were nothing.

Fortunately, the Wizard Tribunal had also deprived Sorrett of his political rights for a hundred years. This meant that Sorrett did not have the qualifications to run for the Star Tower or any official organization in the Wizard Council for the next hundred years.

He returned to the Thunder Dragon Family and focused on the family. Now that he was the Clan Leader of the Thunder Dragon Family, his status was still


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