Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 699 - Chapter 699: The Dao of Humanity! (7)

Chapter 699: The Dao of Humanity! (7)


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In fact, they originally wanted to visit the Divine Light Knight when they had the time. If there was nothing wrong with her character, they would invite her into the Dusk Holy Temple.

However, they had been busy cultivating. In addition, the Divine Light Knight was traveling everywhere, so it was difficult to find her.

Unexpectedly, he met the other party here.

“Do the two of you… live in the outer sea region?” Denise asked.

“How do you know?”

“When I was in the East Pole Empire, a legendary knight told me that there were knights who were even stronger than legends in seclusion in the outer sea region.”

“It’s Knight Hogg, right?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Because he’s also a member of our organization.”

“Senior, I… I also want to join your organization. Do you have any requirements?” Denise said bluntly.

“There will be a period of assessment, but judging from your temperament and character, there shouldn’t be any problems with the assessment,” the Blood Knight said.

In the blink of an eye, half a year had passed.

When Denise finally passed the assessment and rode the Giant Whale to the rarely-seen Devil’s Sea, she saw the island hidden in the fog.

On the island, a holy temple stood majestically in the mountains.

The clouds parted. In the high mountains and valleys, water flowed and birds flew.

Young knights in plain clothes were training in various ways on the training ground in the mountains.

“Divine Light Knight, welcome to the Dusk Holy Temple! From now on, you are a member of the Twilight Knights,” the Blood Knight said.

“The knights naturally have a commander. I wonder who the commander of our knights is? Is he in the Dusk Holy Temple?” Denise asked.

She guessed that this leader should be the elusive peerless expert that Hogg mentioned.

“The commander is no longer in the human world. He has long stepped into a supreme realm that we can’t imagine, opening up a wider path for us knights.

“If you are fated to meet him in the future, you can call him… a supreme knight!”

“A supreme knight.”

Holy Brilliance Calendar Year 1076, Month of Flowers.

The 40th year of the Great Expedition.

On the Endless Sea, flames of war raged.

Yellow Earth Continent.

In Lion King City, Levi woke up from his Meditation Art cultivation.

He held the Klein Crystal Ball.

“Spiritual force: 105”

“Spell power: 4,200”

“It’s getting slower and slower. I have to prepare the ingredients for the third-circle meditation supplementary potion.” Levi muttered to himself.

He did have a potion formula that belonged to Rex.

However, there were no meditation supplementary potion ingredients in Rex’s legacy.

The few ingredients were all consumed by Rex.

“Eighty-six years old. I’m rushing down the path of a hundred-year-old man. The end of the first hundred years of my life is approaching.”

Levi could not help but stand up.

After this period of time in Lion King City, Levi had already grasped the Mixed Venom True Form that Clay cultivated.


Mixed Venom True Form: Level 4 (1/20,000). Special Effect: Mixed Venom (Level 4).

According to Clay’s notes, the level 4 Mixed Venom True Form body tempering technique was already comparable to a first-circle body-refining wizard, which was a legendary knight.

“Why do I feel that this body tempering technique is not difficult for me at all…” Levi was a little puzzled.

Logically speaking, even if he had the proficiency panel, even if he was talented, he shouldn’t have cultivated so quickly.

One had to know that this was Clay’s proud technique. He had used nearly a hundred years to cultivate to level 6.

Levi, on the other hand, had reached level 4 in less than two years.

“The only explanation is that my knight realm is too high, so it’s not difficult for me to cultivate such a similar body tempering technique.”

Levi willed, and black venom emerged from the surface of his body, enveloping him.

These asphalt-shaped Toxic Swarm had been completely tamed by Levi and had become a part of Levi’s strength without any discomfort.

“Is this symbiotic?” Levi murmured.

The venomous microorganisms on his fingertip kept condensing into a sharp black blade.

He opened the Special Effect on the proficiency panel.

[Mixed Venom (Level 4): Your body has a special mixed toxin. The effect of this toxin will increase as you absorb more types of poison.]

“It’s similar to my Scarlet Poison Body. I wonder if this thing can fuse with my

Scarlet Dragon Breathing Technique…”

Levi looked at the Scarlet Dragon Breathing Technique. So far, there was no reaction.

“They’re all body-tempering techniques. If I can’t fuse them now, I should be able to in the future,” Levi muttered to himself.

In any case, it was not difficult to learn this Mixed Venom True Form. He planned to practice it in the future.

Moreover, even if it could not be fused,

If he cultivated the Mixed Venom True Form to Clay’s realm, it would be very powerful.

Coupled with the cultivation of a third-circle senior wizard, he could be considered a top-notch expert below the fourth-circle.

“It’s time to leave. It’s already very difficult to improve in the outer sea region.” Levi sighed.

He had basically become a top-notch combatant in the outer sea region. Putting aside those Fourth-Circle Wizards, he was enough to be a king.

Unfortunately, this was far from enough.

“Even a primordial soul wizard will die. What right do I have to be complacent?”

Levi remembered the high-level wizard who had escaped with only his primordial soul.

“Right now, my path as a knight is still missing the most critical four-in-one strength dimension. The difficulty of the four-in-one is the Dragon Demon

Breathing Technique..

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