Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Levi Schneider.

[Black Snake Breathing Technique: Level 2 (1/5000)]


[Shield Skill: Level 1 (Maximum)]


Perhaps it was because Levi’s foundations were too good, and he had a senior official knight’s tutoring every day.

Advancing the Black Snake Breathing Technique to level 2 was far easier than Levi had imagined.

As for the Shield Skill, he had already reached his limit. The difficulty of this skill was far inferior to Basic Archery and Basic Sword Techniques. As a person who had obtained the maximum 10,000 experience points on Basic Archery, these were nothing.

From today onwards, Levi had stepped into the second stage of Knight Attendants: Sword-Bearing Attendant!

He was one step closer to his goal of becoming an official knight.

The next step was to become a Quasi-Knight with a level 3 breathing technique.

A total of 5,000 proficiency points were required. Levi estimated that it would take at least half a year to break through to the level of a Quasi-Knight.

He had been practicing the breathing technique for too long, so he needed to rest his body and mind. He had to relax to a certain degree when he cultivated. Otherwise, if he maintained a high-intensity and tense state, he would easily go berserk.

Now that he had become a Sword-Bearing Attendant, he already had the basic strength. Levi’s current physical fitness should be twice that of a normal man. With his bare hands, Levi could easily beat up five adult men with brute force.

This was already an exaggeration. One had to know that Levi was only thirteen years old, and he was still a child!

According to Sir Fred, as a senior official knight, his physical fitness was only five times that of a normal person.

This meant that the Black Snake Breathing Technique was indeed extraordinary.

However, Levi lacked actual combat experience and profound combat techniques.

Another important skill of a Sword-Bearing Attendant was sword techniques or combat techniques with other weapons.

Knights rarely used their fists in a fight, even though their fists could easily kill a person. However, as the saying goes, an inch longer is an inch stronger. Under the circumstances of having a weapon, using fists and feet to fight was too stupid. Moreover, a body of flesh and blood was definitely no match for weapons.

He would have to learn sword skills from Sir Fred. After all, even a genius like his father had to admit that Sir Fred was more talented than him in swordsmanship.

This could be seen from another name that Sir Fred had when he traveled around the kingdom in his early years: The Dawn Swordsman!

What a cool title!

There was no rush to learn sword skills. Today was the new year. Levi wanted to give himself a good day off and enjoy the happiness of being a noble.

At the banquet, Levi sat in the lord’s seat, and Sir Fred sat beside him.

Other than that, there were no other nobles who came. They were all from their own territory.

It was winter, and the road was blocked by heavy snow. Black Water Valley was in a remote location. Although there were three baron territories in the surroundings, Boulder Territory, Frost Wind Territory, and Silver Moon Territory, they were far away. Therefore, all year round, especially in winter, there was not much interaction between these lords.

Only during the summer would there be some trade within the territory.

All in all, the barons who could survive in this area were the more miserable ones. That was why the rise of Levi’s father was so legendary. He started from barren land in the north and made great contributions to the kingdom’s wars. The nobles in the neighboring countries knew about the Black Snake Knights and eventually became the lord of two rich lands.

However, Levi did not like to deal with other lords. It was best for everyone not to cause trouble and coexist peacefully to achieve a win-win situation.

At the outermost layer of the banquet were the shy, timid, and self-abased serfs. They enjoyed the same delicacies as the lord, but they did not dare to eat as much as they wanted for fear of angering the lord.

In the territory, Levi was their king and could do whatever he wanted to them.

At the same time, everyone was shocked. They didn’t expect the lord to be so mighty and majestic at such a young age. He didn’t look like a 13-year-old youth at all.

After three rounds of wine, Levi continued to eat by himself, enjoying the attentive service of the maids. The maids rubbed Levi’s incomparably thick male body, their faces turning extremely red.

These maids were all young farm girls who worked quickly. They were usually very lively when they chatted in private, but they were very reserved when they served Levi.

Suddenly, a short and stout youth came to Levi and knelt on the ground with a thud. He placed a long cloth bag in front of Levi. Levi recognized this youth. He was the son of the old blacksmith Toby in the territory. Levi called him “Little Toby”, and his name seemed to be Milan.

“Little Blacksmith Milan, what’s the matter?” Levi asked.

Milan opened the cloth bag and saw a knight’s sword shining with a cold light.

“My Lord, this is the best sword I made last year. I want to give it to you,” he said with his head lowered.

“Oh?” Levi took the sword. There were very few impurities on the blade of this sword. Whether it was forged from materials or sharpened, it was definitely of medium quality in this world with low productivity. It was worth one or two gold coins.

“It is indeed a good sword.” Levi was not stingy with his praise, so he accepted it without hesitation. The people in the territory were all his vassals. Their land and property also belonged to him, so he could accept it with a clear conscience. After all, he still had to protect their safety in this chaotic and dark world.

“By the way, how is your father’s health?” Levi asked with concern. He was not pretending. Old Toby was the most important blacksmith in the territory. The weapons and equipment used by the militia and the farm tools used by the serfs were all made by Old Toby’s family. They were the talents of the territory.

The young blacksmith Milan suddenly lowered his head and knelt on the ground. He sobbed and begged, “My Lord. Yesterday when my father and I were pulling ores on the mountain, we encountered the Wild Boar Gang. I ran away quickly, but my father was kidnapped. I had no choice but to seek your help.”

Levi’s expression turned cold when he heard that. “The Wild Boar Gang? The thing that I was most worried about still happened. I know about your father’s matter. I’ll handle it. Go home and wait for my news.”

Because of this small episode, Levi’s good mood today was ruined.

After the banquet, Sir Fred came to look for Levi with a murderous look in his eyes. “The Wild Boar Gang kidnapped Old Toby. It was obviously planned for a long time. After all, their gang has been developing recently and needs a lot of weapons, and Old Toby is an excellent blacksmith that they had set their eyes on. The leader of the Wild Boar Gang is the Wild Boar Knight Pyg. He used to be a blacksmith and was the junior brother of Old Toby. Later, he obtained a breathing technique from somewhere and was lucky enough to break through to an official knight. However, he shouldn’t be my opponent. Why don’t I take a team tomorrow and bring Old Toby back?”

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