Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 675 - Chapter 675: Fusion! (1)

Chapter 675: Fusion! (1)

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On the surface of the sea, the waves roared angrily.

Baron Deep Sea spat out a mouthful of burnt blood.

He stuck his hand into his chest and pulled out a trident that was about 20 feet long.

This scene was extremely strange.

He opened his wide mouth full of sharp teeth and looked at Levi with a terrifying smile.

“You have guts.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure had already disappeared from Levi’s sight.

Levi’s Spider Sensing flashed wildly as he activated his Intuition state!

The next moment, a trident pierced through the void in front of his chest and attacked quickly. There was no way to dodge it.


Before the trident could hit Levi. boundless blood fog exploded and filled the Sea.

Baron Deep Sea’s face froze as he looked at the trident in the air.

The blood fog suddenly dissipated and gathered above his head to form a giant that was 20 feet tall and burning with flames. The giant waved the flaming greatsword!

Gray Destruction Cross Slash!


Baron Deep Sea was hit by a terrifying force, and he blocked it with his trident.

He was smashed into the bottom of the sea.

There was a whoosh.

Baron Deep Sea had just appeared when a flash of silver light tore the world apart like lightning!

“Silver Sword—Eight Spinning Slash!”

Unyielding Silver Seat Owens’ sword slashed at Baron Deep Sea’s chest.

Crack! Flesh and blood flew everywhere.

However, the terrifying muscles clamped tightly onto Owens’s sword.

Baron Deep Sea sneered with an arrogant expression.

He struck Owens in the chest.

Like a cannonball, Owens was sent flying hundreds of meters.

If Levi hadn’t used the Great Black Sky Curtain to drag him back, who knew where he would have flown to?

Owens’s figure began to fade. He was Levi’s body that had been reconstructed with the vitality of the silver life coins.

Baron Deep Sea’s single strike stunned Owens.

“Foreigner, your strength is enough to be called an expert in Windmill Village!”

Owens wasn’t too afraid. Anyway, it didn’t matter if he died in the foreign world.

On the contrary, he was extremely excited. He brandished his greatsword again. As the greatsword spun, his entire body turned into a spinning top or a windmill. A tornado wrapped in seawater swept up on the surface of the sea.

“Silver Sword—Windmill Slash!”

Every strike of Owens’s had a name.

It was similar to the Black Tiger Fort. They were both powerful moves and did not have any basic attacks.

Levi had experienced this when she fought Owens before.

He was just like a young brute, shouting his moves and fighting all day long.

At the same time, the Sea Clan experts under Baron Deep Sea, Blade King Vandro, and Ghost Claw Butcher Jin led their subordinates to attack Levi.

“Raja, Bo Gang! Take them down!” Levi was not in the mood to fight these small fries.

As soon as the two behemoths appeared, the world changed color. Many Sea Clan experts began to run back, scattering like birds and beasts.

Who would have thought that this person in front of him had three-circles under him, and two of them at that?

With the two generals under his command, Levi was able to engage in a real battle with the Sea Clan Baron.

At this moment, the Sea Clan Baron was panting. He could not control his bloodthirsty and excited expression.

In his eyes, there was only Levi, the enemy that had made his blood boil again.

As for Owens, he was instantly killed by Baron Deep Sea and had already returned to the village.

Before he left, Owens said fiercely, “Foreigner, don’t run. I’ll come back again! Or come to the entrance of Windmill Village and fight me quickly!”

This guy claimed to be the strongest person in Windmill Village and was purely bragging. Levi was speechless. He had wasted one silver coin.

Of course, Owens was not useless. At least before he died, he had made the Sea Clan Baron’s injuries worse and completely angered this Sea Clan powerhouse.

Levi and Baghdad looked at each other for a moment before they disappeared.

Their physical bodies were too fast. The speed at which they erupted within a short period of time was even faster than the escape techniques of some wizards.


On the surface of the sea, two figures suddenly appeared!

Levi had already put away Frostmourne. Golden scales covered his entire body, and layers of defensive field protected him.

Golden Revolving Divine Palm!

The enemy was too strong. Levi did not use his wizard abilities at all.

He had just advanced to the Third-Circle Wizard Realm and did not have any innate spells. He only had a realm in the path of wizards, so his strength was average. It was not a problem for him to deal with ordinary Third-Circle Wizards.

However, facing this Sea Clan Baron who could hang Morpheus up and hammer him, Levi knew that he still had to use the path of a knight.

Besides, Levi hadn’t used his full strength in a long time.

He also wanted to take this opportunity to test his strength. Compared to the Sea Clan, which also focused on physical strength, who was stronger?

Elbow, leg, palm!

The two colossuses fought on the surface of the sea. Wherever they passed, huge waves were cleared and water splashed everywhere.

The Sea Clan, who had unintentionally gotten involved in the battle between the two sides, also died tragically on the spot.

The rumbling sound of flesh colliding was like thunder that lingered in one’s ears.

“Hahaha! Interesting! It’s been a long time since I’ve met a human wizard who can fight me in close combat!” Baron Deep Sea’s wild laughter echoed in the sea.

Levi remained silent. He and Baron Deep Sea were both naked and looking at each other with grave expressions.

It couldn’t be helped. In such intense close combat, ordinary clothes, even special robes, couldn’t withstand it.

Levi finally knew how important it was to have a pair of Hulk’s underpants..

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