Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 676 - Chapter 676: Fusion! (2)

Chapter 676: Fusion! (2)

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Thankfully, he had transformed the blood fog into a blood-colored armor that enveloped his body, preventing him from running around naked in broad daylight.

On the other side, Lady Whitewater also used her true trump card.

A spell that looked like a man-eating flower blooming in the sea with a diameter of 100 feet suddenly took shape and sealed the Evil Dragon Wizard inside.

“The third innate spell… You, you actually mastered the third innate spell?” The Evil Dragon Wizard sealed in it had a terrified expression.

In the battle just now, he thought that Lady Whitewater had only mastered two innate spells. He did not expect her to be a rare Three Talent Wizard!

Such strength was top-notch in the third-circle.

Lady Whitewater’s face was Dale. It was obvious that using the third innate

spell consumed a lot of energy.

This was the third innate spell, Gluttony Flower, that she had just mastered not long ago!

It could seal enemies and completely refine them.

In the man-eating flower, countless pale liquids with strong corrosion gushed out like a sudden tide, quickly drowning the Evil Dragon Wizard.

As soon as the white liquid touched his body, he felt his scales begin to soften and melt bit by bit, as if he had fallen into the most terrifying acid.

“I originally wanted to give it to Morpheus, but since you took the initiative to seek death, I won’t be stingy.” Lady Whitewater’s face was cold and arrogant, and her eyes were filled with killing intent.

This Delgo had humiliated her in every way possible, but she was determined. If it were any other witch, they might not be able to withstand it.

In the terrifying corrosive liquid, Delgo kept struggling, trying to break through the seal barrier of the Gluttony Flower, but to no avail.

Lady Whitewater continuously injected spell power into it, strengthening the seal of the Gluttony Flower and increasing the gushing power of the liquid. It didn’t take long for the corrosion to leave behind only some scales and bones.

She looked at all of this coldly.

“You’re asking for trouble.”

She looked at the battlefield of the Extreme Fire Ancestral Wizard and realized that the bald wizard had already fled when he saw that something was wrong. Now, he was nowhere to be seen.

The Extreme Fire Ancestral Wizard’s old face was covered in sweat and his spiritual force was exhausted.

“As expected of Lady Whitewater. Even powerful dragon descendant wizards are not your match.” The Extreme Fire Ancestral Wizard hurriedly smiled.

Lady Whitewater, on the other hand, had asked the other Second-Circle Wizards to clean up the battlefield. Now that Morpheus was dead, one of the two helpers died and the other ran away.

“Extreme Fire, follow me to the front to take a look. That unknown wizard seems to be fighting the Sea Clan,” said Lady Whitewater. If she called the Extreme Fire Ancestral Wizard, they could take care of each other.

Now that she didn’t know if the other party was friend or foe, it was a little risky to go alone.

The Extreme Fire Ancestral Wizard nodded and drank some potion to recover his spiritual force and physical strength. Then, he rode a beam of light and flew forward.

Before long, they arrived at the intense battlefield.

Two giant-like muscular monsters were using heaven and earth as the battlefield and the sea as the background. Their fists collided, and every time they collided, terrifying explosions sounded.

“This is… a body-refining wizard?” The Extreme Fire Ancestral Wizard said subconsciously.

“It’s possible, but it feels like another power,” Lady Whitewater muttered to herself.

She recalled that her master, the Flower Witch, had used the power of a legendary knight in her early years. That feeling was somewhat similar to the person in front of her.

Of course, Levi’s current knight realm had long surpassed that of a legendary Imight.

Therefore, even Lady Whitewater, who was very familiar with the Flower Knight, found it difficult to associate Levi’s power with that of a knight.

In her opinion, the person in front of her should be some body-refining wizard.

Unlike ordinary wizards, body-refining wizards had too many unorthodox methods.

The most mainstream and fastest ones were bloodline modification wizards.

However, the strength of such wizards was generally average.

In addition, there were many strange body-refining paths. They were all very remote and very few people learned them.

After all, body refining was not the right path for wizards. The fact that there was not a single body-refining wizard among the current Legendary Wizards and Great Wizards was proof.

The paths and factions that could not step into the path of Grand Wizards and Legendary Wizards could be classified as unorthodox.

The Venom Body Refinement Technique of the Hundred Poison Wizard was one of them.

Therefore, even Lady Whitewater, who was experienced and knowledgeable, could not explain Levi’s current situation. She only thought that it was an unknown body-refining path.

“Whitewater, should we attack?” The Extreme Fire Ancestral Wizard asked.

“There’s no need for that for the time being. This body-refining wizard is very powerful. He probably doesn’t need our help. I’m just afraid that if we help him, he won’t appreciate it.

“Moreover, we don’t know if the other party is a dark wizard. It’s not appropriate to help the Sea Clan or him. Let’s wait and see.” Lady Whitewater said.

The Extreme Fire Ancestral Wizard nodded in agreement.

Not long after, the two of them left this place and headed for Ocean Current Island to prevent other enemies from ambushing them again.

On the other side, Levi and Baron Deep Sea’s battle had reached its climax.

His Nine Swords Form had long dissipated. The Sea Clan expert’s body, which was even more terrifying than a third -circle defensive spell, was already bleeding profusely.

Baron Deep Sea had already gone crazy. Under Levi’s crazy attacks, he felt unprecedented pressure.


Levi’s punch, which contained the power of the Golden Revolving Slash, completely penetrated Baron Deep Sea’s body and came out from his back.

The Baron Deep Sea hugged Levi and tore his golden scales apart with his terrifying claws. He even tore Levi’s flesh and blood apart. Then, he kicked Levi away..

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