Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 674 - Chapter 674: Divine Tower! (6)

Chapter 674: Divine Tower! (6)

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‘F*ck, another one?

‘Are you done? There are so many human wizards. Are you not letting me go?!’ Morpheus was speechless when he saw the hideous and terrifying figure.

“Hehehe, Morpheus, how have you been?”

Baron Deep Sea’s fist came again, and Morpheus’ force field lit up.

At the same time, the second defensive field formed by the innate spell lit up.

With two layers of defense, Morpheus could finally withstand Baron Deep Sea’s punches.

“Not bad, Morpheus. Your strength has improved again,” Baron Deep Sea said with a cold smile.

“Why are you chasing after me?” Morpheus couldn’t help but ask.

“That’s incorrect. Everyone here will die today! It’s just that you’ll die first!” Baron Deep Sea’s tone was insolent.

Morpheus’ innate spell was activated, and light erupted with terrifying might. Baron Deep Sea might be extremely strong and invulnerable, but he couldn’t take it head-on.

The Sea Clan army attacked at the right time, putting a lot of pressure on him.

“Gentlemen, let’s end this quickly. Come here and help me kill this Sea Clan!” Morpheus shouted.

The battlefield was in chaos.

Lady Whitewater and the Extreme Fire Ancestral Wizard were also puzzled.

The sudden appearance of the Sea Clan made them heave a sigh of relief, but at the same time, they began to worry.

After the Sea Clan dealt with Morpheus, they would definitely come and find trouble with them. There was no doubt about it.

The flames of war turned from a war between two sides to a chaotic battle between three sides.

Both the dark and righteous wizards suffered heavy losses.

Baron Deep Sea came this time to take advantage of the internal strife among the wizards to defeat all the human wizards in Area 9 in one fell swoop.

There were not many such great opportunities!

“Everyone, I suggest that we join forces to kill this Sea Clan first. At this time, we should unite against the outside world.”

Seeing that he was about to be suppressed by Baron Deep Sea again, Morpheus’ eyes moved. He wanted to cooperate.

Lady Whitewater looked hesitant, clearly considering whether to agree to Morpheus’ request.

“No, that old ghost Morpheus doesn’t have good intentions. There’s a high chance that he invited this Sea Clan. Whitewater, don’t fall for it,” the Extreme Fire Ancestral Wizard hurriedly said.

Lady Whitewater was shocked. Yes, how could there be such a coincidence? The Sea Clan was definitely a trick designed by Morpheus. She definitely could not agree to it.

Morpheus couldn’t voice the bitterness in his heart.

Although he had just advanced to a third-circle senior, he had also mastered two innate spells.

However, Baron Deep Sea had been in the Sea Clan Baron realm for hundreds of years and had the bloodline of the Sea Clan’s emperor.

His brute force was stronger than most body-refining wizards.

Coupled with the siege of so many Sea Clans, Morpheus was about to collapse. “Damn it, I have to retreat first. As long as I’m alive, there’s hope.”

Morpheus took out his spherical third-circle Wizard Tool. The Wizard Tool flashed with light and there was a bang.

He activated the Wizard Tool at high speed and directly made it self-destruct.

Terrifying shockwaves swept out, and all the nearby Sea Clans were annihilated. Even Morpheus’ own sea beasts were blasted into minced meat. Baron Deep Sea, who was at the center of the explosion, had all his scales blown up. His flesh was badly mutilated, and he turned into a blood giant.

He endured the pain and looked at Morpheus, who had already fled far away. His eyes were cold.

“I’ll take revenge for today in the future!”

Morpheus didn’t care about his two teammates anymore. Baron Deep Sea’s sudden appearance disrupted his plan.

Morpheus quickly fled and was about to disappear without a trace.

Raging flames suddenly appeared on the surface of the sea in front of him. They rose and the seawater turned into white fog that rushed into the sky!

A majestic monster with three heads and six arms, clad in golden armor and wrapped in Hellfire stood between the heavens and earth as the insufferably arrogant Nine Swords slashed down!

Morpheus, who was running for his life, did not even know what was going on.

He was directly shattered and turned into ashes.

Levi, who had gotten his revenge, looked at the silver coin that appeared in his hand.

“Unyielding Silver Seat, Owens!” He chanted an incantation.

A Gray Swordsman in rusty armor slowly appeared behind him and stood side by side with him.

“You’ve finally summoned me. Tell me, who is my target?”

Owens scanned the battlefield with an excited expression and slowly drew his sword.

Levi had been busy breaking through in seclusion and had long forgotten about Owens.

He was bored to death in Windmill Village. Now, he could finally come out for a breather.

“Attack him.”

Levi pointed at the mangled Baron Deep Sea and said calmly.

Morpheus’ trump card had almost been used up by the baron. It did not take much effort to kill Morpheus.

There were so many people at the scene. What Levi was really afraid of was the ugly Sea Clan expert..

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