Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 49 - Chapter 49: The Arrival of the White Wolf and Slaughter in the Night!

Chapter 49: The Arrival of the White Wolf and Slaughter in the Night!

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Levi’s hand, which the thin sword had cut, was already numb and itchy.


He knew that the poison had started to take effect. He usually needed the corresponding antidote in his previous life, but he did not have such a thing now.

He used his black gas to push the contaminated blood out of his body. Then, he washed the wound with clean water a few times. Fortunately, he used the black gas as a defense, so the damage was not significant, and the poison was not too much.

The Black Snake Breathing Technique was indeed powerful. After forcing out most of the poison, the remaining did not have much effect on Levi. Soon, his palm regained its senses.

The Black Snake Seed in his heart was trembling, constantly consuming the energy in his body and transforming it into wisps of black gas to remove the remaining poison.

After replenishing his food and bandaging his wounds, Levi left the place in the dark.

If he was not mistaken, the assassin should have also been poisoned. Levi did not know if he had the antidote on him, but with his mid-level knight cultivation, that bit of poison was not enough to kill him.

Levi’s arrow did not hit the assassin’s vital organs. As a mid-level knight, he was sensitive to danger. His superb combat awareness and muscle memory allowed him to dodge the fatal attack at a critical moment.

However, Levi was sure that he was injured. Now was the best time to deal with him.

Bernard pushed open the door of the lonely mansion with a stagger. He closed the door and locked it. An arrow shot him in the back, almost piercing his heart.

“Baron Levi is a master archer with such fine archery skills. The intelligence didn’t mention this!”

Despite being so cautious, Bernard did not expect the failure of this assassination. Not only did it fail, he was also seriously injured.

It was not that he was careless, but the enemy’s strength was not what the intelligence reported.

“Fortunately, Levi was poisoned. It should be acting up now. He will probably die soon. Even if he doesn’t die, he should have lost his ability to move. It probably won’t be too late to kill him after I deal with the arrow in my back and bandage myself.”

Bernard endured the pain and pressed down on the tail feather of the arrow. The arrowhead pierced from the other side, and the pain almost made him faint.

The arrowhead could only be taken out like this. If he pulled it out, the barbs on the arrowhead would pull out his internal organs.

Bernard cursed, “D*mn it, little brat, when I’m done bandaging, I’ll make sure you die a horrible death!”

As a mid-level knight, beyond speed, his physique was not something ordinary people could compare to.

He could recover slowly if he treated this injury in time and followed up with medicine and nutrition.

All of a sudden, he sensed that something was wrong and flowed towards his heart. The leopard-like Life Seed above his heart started to tremble violently.

“Oh no, snake poison!”

Bernard was shocked and furious. He forced himself to calm down. Being agitated would only speed up his blood circulation and allow the poison to reach his heart faster.

Even if it were just a tiny amount of poison, the consequences would be unimaginable once it entered the heart.

“Shadow Lord, please bless your most loyal believer,” prayed Knight Bernard softly.

A black gas emerged from the Life Seed, sending the poison away from his heart.

Bernard was treading on thin ice and being extremely careful. This was completely different from when Levi had his palm cut.

After an extended period, a stream of poisonous blood spurted from the wound, and Bernard’s face turned pale.

He began bandaging his bleeding wound and taking medicine to heal his injuries. As an assassin, he naturally carried some life-saving drugs with him.

Knight Bernard muttered, “Phew, that was a blessing. The Shadow Lord still cares for me.”

Suddenly, the door fell with a bang.

A burly figure covered in white smoke used his large hands to straighten the white wolf mask on his face and appeared before Bernard.

“D*mn it! How is this possible?”

Bernard was shocked.

What responded to him was Levi’s short arrow.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Four straight arrows were shot like flowing water!



Knight Bernard screamed in agony. Arrows hit both his arms and legs. His limbs were in great pain, and he could not support himself. He lay on the ground with his back facing the sky. His face was still filled with disbelief.

The white wolf mask appeared above the knight. The eyes staring down at him were cold.

Levi’s Frostmourne slashed down.

Kacha kacha!

Knight Bernard’s limbs were chopped off, and blood flowed out.

Only that made Levi feel at peace.

“You! What do you want? Kill me!” Bernard did not faint. Instead, he endured the pain and shouted.

Levi stepped on Bernard’s lower bottom.

“Tell me who hired your people to kill me. If you want to die faster.” Levi sneered, “You don’t want your penis crushed by me?”

Bernard shouted, “You! You twisted thing!”


The next moment, a piece of meat detached from his body.

“Ahhh, you! You! Don’t… Ah!”

“I don’t know! I don’t know who wants to kill you! The organization’s Broker just handed me this mission. Our organization is highly secretive. Besides the Broker, the assassins don’t know who the employer is! Oh, right, the Broker will come to me tomorrow morning; you can ask him then. I swear on the

Shadow Lord that everything I said is true. I beg you, give me a quick death!

Kill me!”

Bernard’s heart was like dead ashes. He had already given up struggling. Without his limbs, he was no longer functional. Without his private organ, he was no longer a man.

Even if he was lucky enough to survive, he might as well die.

Levi chopped off Bernard’s head and dismembered him. He then piled the corpse pieces and threw them into the fireplace as firewood. He then began to rummage through the cabinets in the room.

Soon after, Levi found a locked iron box in an underground secret room in the room.

He used Ripple Force to cut open the chains.

A flash of golden light entered his eyes, almost blinding him.

The chest was filled with layers of golden coins.

Seeing so many gold coins, Levi’s eyes lit up, and his breathing quickened.

“I’m rich!”

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