Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 48 - Chapter 48: White Blade and Thunderous Arrow

Chapter 48: White Blade and Thunderous Arrow

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After leaving Graff’s mansion, Levi walked towards a nearby inn. He passed through a damp, dark alley and vaguely felt someone was following him. He turned his head to look, but there was no one.


He felt something was off and silently circulated the Black Snake Breathing Technique. The Black Snake Seed danced with his heartbeat, and wisps of black gas flowed into Levi’s arms. If Levi’s clothes and armor were lifted, one could see the black gas enveloping his forearm. It was ferocious and terrifying, like a dense mass of black snakes.

Suddenly, he raised his head and noticed a black shadow attacking him from above. A dark blue dagger came down from above and stabbed his face. The blade was so fast that Levi only had time to block it with his arms.

Slash! First, Levi’s clothes were torn apart. Then, the iron rings on Levi’s armguard cracked and fell to the ground. The next moment, a sharp object cutting rubber could be heard.

Bang! Levi was sent flying backward, falling into the trash pile behind him. The giant black rats within were frightened and fled in all directions.


Levi did not have time to look at the wound on his arm because, the next moment, sharp throwing knives tore through the air.

Levi’s Frost Wolf Breathing Technique was activated to its maximum. Black gas from the Frost Wolf Seed rushed to his legs. Like an arrow leaving the bow, he ran out of the rubbish pile with a bang, sending the rubbish flying in all directions.

He used the black gas to cover his palms and pushed away these flying knives.

Knives penetrated the roads on both sides.


With his Frostmourne unsheathed, he activated Golden Cross Slash and Ripple Force!

Frostmourne collided with the thin sword of the black shadow!

The black shadow snorted lightly. He felt a sharp pain in his hands holding the sword. The moment the swords collided, a strange force was transmitted from the other party’s long sword to his thin one, causing his light sword to tremble non-stop. It even tore his thumb and forefinger. The pain almost made him release the thin blade.

He immediately changed his tactics and stabbed his sword at Levi’s chest in a strange and tricky direction.

Levi finally saw the shadow. It was a man wearing black leather armor and a

night suit. On his face was a beak mask like the knight who had tried to assassinate him!

The Bird of Death’s Voice! It was this d*mned organization again!

He did not think about why the organization had found him again, nor did he have time to consider why his whereabouts had been exposed.

Levi’s Frost Wolf Breathing Technique and Black Snake Breathing Technique were circulated to their limits. The violent white steam directly broke through the obstruction of his clothes.

Staring at Baron Levi, who was almost bathed in white gas, Knight Bernard was shocked. Generally speaking, knights could roughly determine their opponents’ realm with their white gas.

Baron Levy’s white aura was not something that a low-level knight could possess. Usually, only mid-level knights could own it after more than ten years of cultivation.

However, the information clearly stated that Baron Levi was only sixteen.

D*mn it! Was he a sixteen-year-old mid-level knight?

Or was this not Baron Levi? Did he target the wrong person?

Even if it were a mistake, so be it!

He could not care less now. He had to bring back the head of the person before him!

In the blink of an eye, Bernard’s rapier attacks rained down on Levi like a storm, wanting to cut his opponent into pieces.

Levi had maxed out his Basic Swordsmanship, and his foundation was excellent. He blocked, provoked, and hacked. All kinds of movements were executed in one go, flowing like water. They were even more perfect than the experienced mid-level knight Bernard.

This shocked Bernard.

Levi was also shocked. This assassin was far more potent than the assassin who had tried to assassinate him.

He was like a black panther walking in the shadows, skillfully dodging Levi’s attacks and continuously counterattacking Levi with even more bizarre attacks.

In Levi’s opinion, this assassin’s strength was almost on par with Sir Fred’s when he was at full power. In other words, this was a mid-level knight.

A mid-level knight was one of the best among the knights.

After all, high-level knights and peak knights were rare.

For most people, becoming a low-level knight was the final destination.

The advantage of Levi’s excellent breathing technique, the Black Snake Breathing Technique, was revealed in the battle.

Although he was only a low-level knight, in terms of physical fitness, he was not weaker than the mid -level knight assassin. He was even more powerful than him.

In addition, he had cultivated the Frost Wolf Breathing Technique at the peak of the fourth level, so his attack speed and dodging techniques were not weaker than this assassin, who specialized in this skill.

Moreover, Levi’s Golden Cross Slash made it impossible for the assassin to display his true strength.

Every time he attacked, the ripple force made the mid-level knight feel like a bull had hit him. His hands and tendons felt like they were about to shatter.

Levi sneered. “Hah! Die!”

With a loud bang, the Black Snake Seed unleashed its full strength!

Sticky black gas covered Levi’s palm, allowing him to grab the blade of the mid-level knight with his bare hands.

“How dare you?!”

Knight Bernard was shocked. He did not expect Levi to dare to take the blade with his bare hands. Did he not want to live?

“Hah. You’re dying soon. My sword is smeared with Ring-tailed Sea Snake poison. You can’t withstand the sword’s sharpness even if you have the black gas defense!”

Bernard sneered. He watched as Levi’s palm started bleeding.

This guy was dead, for sure. Even a knight’s physique could not resist the

Ring-tailed Sea Snake poison. This poison was enough to put down a bull.

Levi did not care. He was indeed angered. This time, he had to figure out who was trying to kill him behind his back.

He grabbed the assassin’s thin sword and exerted force.

The assassin had to let go of his hands to avoid being stabbed.

He cursed, “Crazy! You’re crazy. You’re overloaded with your breathing technique. ”

He had used all his methods but was still not a match for the crazy person before him. Now that his weapon had been stolen, what was the point of fighting?

Immediately, he thought of retreating.

The assassination attempt had failed.

If he failed, so be it. As long as he stayed alive, there was hope.

Escape was the best strategy!

He immediately rolled and dodged Levi’s sword. Then, he stepped on the wall and climbed onto the roof.

The assassin’s movements were far too agile. Levi quickly approached an open area and watched from afar as the killer ran and jumped on the roofs.

Levi rubbed an arrowhead on the thin sword he had snatched, drew his bow, and nocked an arrow. The assassin was about to jump into a dark alley and slip away.

Levi accumulated his power.

The arrow was like wind and thunder, whistling as it came! The assassin cried out in pain and rolled down from the roof..

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