Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 50 - Chapter 50: Too Weak!

Chapter 50: Too Weak!

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Levi did not expect his assassin to be loaded!


He poured all the gold coins he had looted into a small bag. He estimated about 3,000 gold coins according to their weight!

“Is the assassin business so profitable? I might as well stop being a broken lord and become an assassin instead.”

Levi was slightly shocked. He did not know that Knight Bernard, a Silver Assassin, had completed many past assassination missions. As the mid-level knight with the highest success rate, a commission could give him dozens or even hundreds of gold coins. Even without the commission, he could still gain a lot of gold coins by stealing from his past targets and rummaging through their property. 3,000 gold coins were expected.

Bernard was bent on redeeming his territory. After earning so much, besides some necessary expenses, he did not waste a single cent!

It was not challenging for him to make money, just that the fastest ways were through illegal means.

Making money would not be challenging if a person could disregard morality, law, and even his own life. It only depended on one’s efforts.

3,000 gold coins weighed over 15 kilograms and were now all in Levi’s hands.

Ordinary people would struggle to carry such a heavy chest, but not Levi, due to his incredible strength.

Levi searched the assassin’s house again, hoping to find his breathing technique inheritance diagram.

Until now, this assassin’s speed was the fastest among all the enemies Levi had encountered.

If it wasn’t for the assassin’s lack of understanding about Levi, with his strength as a mid-level knight, Levi might have already died.

However, to Levi’s disappointment, he did not find the inheritance diagram and could only give up.

It was late at night. The cold wind was chilly, and the night crows were cawing.

Levi held Frostmourne with one hand and sat at the long table in the assassin’s house. He ate the rations he had brought while waiting silently.

He had recovered from his previous shocks and returned to his peak state. The minor injuries he had suffered previously did not affect him at all.

He was happy that his family’s ancestral breathing technique was defensive. When encountering such a sudden attack, the defense was the key.

As time passed, Levi remained wide awake.

Before dawn the next day, light footsteps sounded on the streets outside the gate.

Levi’s eyes twitched, and his muscles tensed. He was like a leopard ready to attack.

A hesitant figure walked into Bernard’s mansion. He looked at the broken door and the bloodstains in the courtyard, full of confusion. It was the Broker who was in charge of contacting Bernard.

“What happened to Bernard? Did his house get robbed when he went on a mission last night?”

The black-robed figure had yet to react to the situation.

A figure as imposing as a demon god had already blocked the door. He wore a white wolf mask, and the sword in his hand was covered in blood. He said in a

cold voice, “You’re finally here. It’s your turn to die!”

The Broker reacted and exclaimed, “You! Are you Levi? You didn’t die? Where’s

Bernard? You killed Bernard!”

However, what greeted him was a cross-shaped sword light that cut through the darkness and brought light!


The sword filled with Ripple Force was aimed straight at the Broker.

Brokers provided intermediary services to the Bird of Death’s Voice.

They were also members of the organization but were not in charge of assassinations, so they were not very good at combat. But even so, this Broker was an official knight.

He pulled out his sword and swung it at Levi.


Just one strike!

Under the Ripple Force’s effect, the Broker’s sword flew out of his hand. The Ripple Force engulfed his entire body, and it was intolerable to him.

He did not have Knight Bernard’s strength; even Knight Bernard had met with misfortune. He knew that he was no match for Baron Levi!

Flee! He had to flee!

Baron Levi’s strength was too terrifying. He had to tell the organization about this. There was no need to waste the lives of the organization’s members on him!

Unless the major client paid more money and invited the rare Gold assassins or even the Five Shadows to take action personally, the Silver and Bronze assassins would only be sending themselves to death!

He must have also killed the Fantasy Goblin Knight!

However, how could Levi let his only lead escape? He jumped like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey.

The explosive speed brought by his level 4 Frost Wolf Breathing Technique was not to be underestimated. Although he was not as fast as the assassin, his rate was more than enough for the Broker!

Levi grabbed the Broker’s shoulder with one hand and pressed down hard!


Levi’s heavy blow pressed down on the Broker, and his head struck the ground. He spat out blood, head oozing blood.

They were official knights, but Levi was significantly more powerful!

“Too weak! Too weak!”

Levi roared in rage as his sword pierced through the shoulder blade of the Broker, nailing him to the ground.

“Now, tell me, who sent you to assassinate me?!” Levi narrowed his eyes and gave off a dangerous aura.

“I’m sorry, I can’t comment.”

This Broker was quite stubborn. Even in this situation, he still refused to speak.

He was a death warrior trained by the organization. He was loyal and passionately believed in the Shadow Lord!

Only such a person could take on the critical role of a broker.

Levi slowly slid Frostmourne across his chest, causing his internal organs and flesh to dangle out of his body, blood flowing.

The Broker’s face was pale as he used his last breath to say, “Kill me. The Shadow Lord will resuscitate me, and I will make a comeback. I will become the cursed shadow that will never dissipate!”


He waved Frostmourne and sliced the Broker in half.

“Keep silent if you wish. You have so much nonsense!”

Then, he searched through the Broker’s body, hoping to find some valuable clues. In the end, as he expected, he found nothing.

“Hah, you’re not going to say anything? If you have the guts, come and send more people! Come on! Sooner or later, I will catch you! ”

Levi’s eyes were bloodshot as he slashed his sword. After countless slashes, the Broker turned into minced meat, which was thrown into the fireplace. Sizzling sounds were heard.

Surrounded by the smell of roasted meat, Levi needed to go outside. He took a deep breath of the cold and fresh air outdoors and ate some dry rations to calm himself and regain his rationality.

By the time he fully recovered, the sky had already turned white. The first ray of dawn shone on Levi’s face, covered in blood and sweat. He washed himself in the bathroom and looked silently at himself in the bronze mirror.

Then, he confirmed that there was nothing valuable in this mansion.

He took out the pine trees that Bernard had stored for heating and piled them all up in the mansion.

He then spared a fire using flames from the fireplace. The raging fire devoured everything, and his figure disappeared from the mansion where the murder had happened..

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