Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 47 - Chapter 47: The Mysterious Human Heart

Chapter 47: The Mysterious Human Heart

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Levi’s expression changed as if he did not want to participate when hearing their target.


An adult Earthly Dragon Beast was a grand knight-level fierce beast. It was genuinely invulnerable. Although there were five official knights and a military-grade Armor-Breaking Crossbow, one could only hope to destroy such a beast. If something unexpected happened, they might lose their lives.

Levi needed ambergris, but it did not mean he could not cultivate the breathing technique without the Black Snake Secret Medicine. At most, he would need to spend more time.

He was only 16 years old. If he had become a grand knight before 30, he would not be inferior to a genius like his father.

Therefore, there was no need to take this risk.

If the so-called wealth would have to come from danger, how would it be different from gambling?

Levi did not like gambling. He wanted to do things with certainty.

With the proficiency panel, he could just slowly work on himself.

Seeing Levi leave, Graff shouted, “Your Excellency White Wolf, don’t go. Since I dared to hunt the Earthly Dragon Beast, I naturally have sufficient confidence. I’ve been observing that Earthly Dragon Beast for several years. Just a month ago, it fought with a grand knight of the Tuva Empire and suffered serious injuries. That grand knight also escaped with serious injuries. I paid a great price to borrow this Armor-Breaking Crossbow from the military, and I even invited three official knights with extraordinary abilities, like Sir White Wolf. With so much preparation, I can’t say I’m 100% confident, but I’m 70% confident we can kill the Earthly Dragon Beast!”

“How about this? After this, I will give you two bottles of ambergris.”

Graff had finally met a genuine master archer, so he did not want to give up. Levi’s archery skills were crucial to his mission.

Although the Armor-Breaking Crossbow was powerful, it had to be accurate. That was why Graff had tried recruiting knights with excellent archery skills from the Shining Tavern. However, after seven days, all he had gotten to know were scammers. It was not easy for him to meet a real master archer like Levi, and he did not want to wait any longer.

He was worried that if he continued waiting, given the Earthly Dragon Beast’s powerful body and self-healing ability, it would have recovered from its injuries.

Since the Armor-Breaking Crossbow differed from ordinary bows and arrows, as long as there was a master archer like Levi, the accuracy of the Armor-Breaking Crossbow would be multiplied.

As long as the Armor-Breaking Crossbow could accurately hit the Earthly

Dragon Beast’s vital organs, there was still hope for the five knights to kill the Earthly Dragon Beast. To put it bluntly, it was just a beast. How could it compare to humans who had tools and intelligence?

Levi stopped in his tracks and hesitated for a moment.

“Swear on the Heavenly Father that you’re not lying to me. Is the Earthly Dragon Beast injured?” Levi didn’t believe it.

“On the Heavenly Father, I, Graff, will never lie,” swore Graff.

In this world, due to the church’s brainwashing, people generally believed that Gods existed. Therefore, if one swore before God, there was still a certain degree of credibility. This was the state of the world here.

Levi’s heart skipped a beat. He was unsure about leaving in the beginning. After all, when he saw the Armor-Breaking Crossbow, he knew that his role in this mission to kill the Earthly Dragon Beast was to shoot long-range arrows.

It was not that dangerous. He just wanted to see if he could take the opportunity to extort from Graff. Otherwise, he would leave.

From the looks of it, Levi had achieved his goal.

“Alright, then I’ll say it. I’ll only be responsible for what I should do. If I encounter any danger, I’ll run away.”

Levi made it clear in advance.

“No problem. You need to shoot the vital organs of the Earthly Dragon Beast with the Armor-Breaking Crossbow. You don’t need to participate in the rest. As for the ambergris, I’ll distribute it to you after the task is completed. I don’t have any ambergris on hand now,” Graff hesitantly said.

Levi asked, “Sure. When do we start?”

“Tomorrow noon. The Red Spider Knights will need to prepare a highly toxic medicine to be smeared on the arrowheads,” said Graff.


Then, Levi turned around and left.

“Your Excellency White Wolf! Tomorrow, we’ll meet at the western exit of

Icewind City. We’ll head to the Earthly Dragon Beast together.”

Then, Graff watched Levi’s figure disappear at the end of the street.

The Black Rhino Knight wiped his giant shield and sword and sneered, “Ha, looks like he’s a disciple of a great noble who came out to gain experience. He certainly cherishes his life.”

“I can feel the youthful and lively aura on that White Wolf. Although he’s wearing a mask, he shouldn’t be that old. It seems that he has just advanced to an official knight. However, to do so at this age, he shouldn’t be an ordinary noble. He should at least be the son of an earl. If he’s the eldest son, marrying him might be a wise decision,” said the Red Spider Knight proudly as she lazily stretched.

“Graff, will you give him two bottles of ambergris? An adult Earthly Dragon Beast’s gland can produce only about 20 bottles. If that guy can get two bottles by shooting an arrow without much risk, I’ll need four. I’ll be fighting a seriously injured Earthly Dragon Beast head-on,” said the Black Rhino Knight with a dissatisfied expression.

“I’ll be in charge of luring the Earthly Dragon Beasts. I’ll also be in great danger,” the Green Falcon Knight added.

“Can you kill the Earthly Dragon Beast without me concocting the poison? I want five bottles,” said the Red Spider Knight, crossing her arms.

Graff sneered, “I’m just trying to calm him down first. He’s just a noob who’s out training alone. How can I give him two bottles? As for you guys, don’t ask for too much. After all, only I know the location of the Earthly Dragon Beast, and only I can get this Armor-Breaking Crossbow. If you don’t want to do it, you can leave. Anyway, it was only challenging to find a master archer. A bunch of wandering knights in the Shining Tavern want to do your jobs. I gave you the mission because we have cordial relationships. Don’t let me down.”

The three knights stayed silent when Graff refused. It was difficult for wandering knights like them to make money, so they naturally did not want to give up this opportunity. As long as this mission was completed, they could earn many gold coins from ambergris..

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