Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 46 - Chapter 46: Black Rhino Knight and the Earthly Dragon Beast!

Chapter 46: Black Rhino Knight and the Earthly Dragon Beast!

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“What a coincidence!”


This bounty commission was tailor-made for him.

Levi even suspected that this quest was bait to lure him in.

This mission was issued seven days ago.

Logically speaking, with the rarity of ambergris, this mission should have been accepted long ago.

However, the fact that the mission was still there seven days later could only mean that the person who issued the mission had high requirements for archery.

Although he did not know what to do, Levi still accepted the mission as it was the only way for him to obtain ambergris. If he failed, he could give up and pay a small fine.

Not long after, the person who issued the quest came to Levi.

When Levi saw him, he was amused. It was the knight who had sold him ambergris.

In the end, it was he who could provide ambergris.

Fate was wonderful. Levi could not help but sigh.

However, this person did have access to ambergris.

The knight did not recognize Levi and asked severely, “Sir, have you seen the mission requirements? The archery skills demanded for this mission are incredibly high.”

The knight had a doubtful look on his face. After all, during this period, no less than ten people claimed to be master archers. After testing them, however, he found they were all liars and did not meet his requirements. “Won’t you know if my archery is good or not after you try it?”

Sensing his doubts, Levi said calmly.

“Alright, follow me.”

Then, the knight left the Shining Tavern. Levi thought for a moment and followed.

In the wilderness outside the Icewind City, this knight found a space and specially bought three snow rabbits from the hunter. These snow rabbits were alive and kicking.

“To confirm whether your archery meets my requirements, I need to test you,” said the knight.

“No problem.”

The knight nodded and opened the cage.

The three snow rabbits dashed in three different directions.

Not long after, they ran nearly a hundred meters.

“You can shoot now. If you can shoot two of them, you will pass,” said the knight. It seemed that he did not hold much hope.

If shooting one snow rabbit was tricky, striking a second one would be a Sisyphean task for most knights.

The snow rabbits were running too fast. If one had not learned the Instant Shot skill, the second rabbit would have been gone after killing the first one.

Levi did not waste any time aiming. He casually shot an arrow at a snow rabbit about to burrow into the bushes before him. He did not even look at the result of the hand and immediately drew his bow again to shoot a second arrow. This arrow was aimed at a snow rabbit running to the left. This snow rabbit had already run 100 meters away.

Then, under the knight’s shocked gaze, the arrows instantly killed the two snow rabbits.

As for the third rabbit, Levi withheld his arrow. Although he was confident of striking it, it would be unnecessary. Passing was enough. If he shot too many, it would expose too much of his strength.

He believed that this result was enough to convince the knight.

Sure enough, the knight reacted and could not help but cheer, “Your archery skills are indeed superb. You have already met my requirements. I will tell you about our mission.”

The knight introduced himself, “I’m Graff, a bounty hunter. May I know how I should address you?”

“You can call me White Wolf. I’m a free knight,” responded Levi.

To put it bluntly, a free knight was a wandering knight.

Some knights who did not have a fief liked to use the fancy term “wandering knights” on themselves. It was similar to how the unemployed people in his previous life wanted to call themselves freelancers or authors.

Graff did not say anything. The man called himself the White Wolf and did not want to reveal his identity. Judging from his manners and attire, it was evident that he was a noble knight and not a wandering one.

However, he was not interested in the man’s identity. He only needed his superb archery skills to help him accomplish something big.

Graff brought Levi to a mansion he had bought in Icewind City.

When Levi arrived, he found three knights in the mansion. One of them was more than two meters tall, and it was evident that he had cultivated a strength-based breathing technique. Beside him was an exaggerated long shield estimated to weigh more than a hundred pounds.

One of the other two was a rare female knight. In this world, men were superior to women. Under normal circumstances, whether it was the noble or royal family, it was rare for women to learn breathing techniques, so real female knights were rare.

This female knight was much smaller. She wore light leather armor wrapped around her petite but fiery figure. Coupled with her curly blonde hair and slender legs, she was eye-catching.

The last one was a middle-aged man. His weapon was a spear, and he was feeding his beloved horse in the stable.

The three of them were all official knights. They were all gathered in Graff’s mansion. It was obvious that they were here for Graff’s bounty mission.

“Your Excellency White Wolf, allow me to introduce you to the other three teammates of our operation. This strong man who is as strong as a mountain is the Black Rhino Knight. The beautiful and elegant lady is Red Spider Knight, and the gentleman feeding the horse is the Green Falcon Knight.”

“This time, we have gathered five official knights to ensure this operation is foolproof,” said Graff with a smile, looking confident. Levi asked, “What is the goal of our operation?”

Up until now, Graff had not said what he wanted to do.

Graff shook his head. He came to a warehouse in the mansion and opened the door. Inside, there was a machine that occupied a lot of space.

When Levi saw it, his expression changed slightly. This was a military Armor-Breaking Crossbow used in large- scale wars. It was rumored that it could tear through plate armor and even destroy weak city walls. “Our target this time is an Earthly Dragon Beast,” responded Graff.

Levi immediately turned around and left..

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