Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 45 - Chapter 45: Five Shadows of Death!

Chapter 45: Five Shadows of Death!

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The middle-aged noble was named Bernard. His father was once a baron in the North.


When he was very young, his terrible gambling father sold his baron fief, and the whole family moved to Icewind City.

This made him full of hostility towards his father. Because of his father, he could not become a noble of the feudal land and could only live in the crowded Icewind City. With lowly civilians.

Therefore, he had been working hard on his cultivation since he was young and had successfully become an official knight. He had cultivated the breathing

technique passed down trom his ancestors to the highest realm and killed his gambling father.

When he was young, Bernard accidentally came into contact with the faith of the Shadow Lord and quickly became a believer. With his strength as a mid-level knight, he joined the Bird of Death’s Voice and gradually became a Silver Assassin.

The assassin system of the Bird of Death was divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Shadow Assassins.

Gold, silver, and bronze assassins all needed to be assessed and evaluated. It was similar to a title. Generally speaking, one could become a bronze assassin if one had the strength of a low-level knight and had completed five successful assassination missions. The silver medal required the power of a mid-level knight and fifteen successful assassinations. The gold medal needed the strength of a high-level or peak knight and more than 30 successful assassinations.

As for the Shadow-level Assassins, there were only five of them, Imown as the Five Shadows of Death. They were the closest existences to the Shadow Lord and his representatives in the human world!

At the same time, they were also five genuine Grand Knights!

No one knew the true identity of the Five Shadows because the members of the Bird of Death’s Voice organization and the Five Shadows were always in a one-way relationship.

On the surface, they might be wealthy merchants, or they might be counts or even grand dukes. In short, they were highly mysterious.

“Fantasy Goblin has been a Bronze Assassin for so long, but he still failed. Baron Levi is quite strong, so we can’t underestimate him.”

Night gradually came, and the stars appeared.

Bernard wore his night suit, and his entire body merged perfectly with the darkness. According to the information provided by the Broker, he sneaked toward Levi’s location.

Bernard’s nickname in the organization was “Shadow Hunter,” which was related to the breathing technique he cultivated. He did not develop the Siren Breathing Technique. Instead, he produced the Bloodline Breathing Technique passed down in his family: Shadow Leopard Breathing Technique. It was a technique that was highly agile and stealthy.

In Bernard’s opinion, the Fantasy Goblin Knight’s failure was most likely due to carelessness and underestimation. Otherwise, how could Baron Levi, who was only in his teens, be a match for an official knight good at assassination?

Bernard muttered, “After completing this mission, I can stop. After saving over 3,000 gold coins, I should be able to redeem our family’s fief.”

He had waited for this moment for far too long.

Levi bought a “Nameless Wine” cup in the Shining Tavern to commemorate the Thousand Faced Knight.

The lady boss rested her chin on her hand and drank wine in boredom.

The knights, sworders, and masked nobles chatted in the tavern.

Not long after, a burly knight in armor walked in. It was the knight who had traded with Levi.

He was the Wild Boar Knight that Sir Fred mentioned, the leader of the Wild Boar Gang.

He was now a member of the Wilderness Brotherhood, and his status could be high.

The Wild Boar Knight frowned as he approached Levi. “Why was the supply a little low some time ago?”

“I was a little busy a while ago,” answered Levi.

The Wild Boar Knight looked at White Wolf Geralt and said in a low voice, “I can feel that you seem stronger than before.”

Levi did not say anything. Instead, he asked, “Did you bring the money?”

Seeing that the White Wolf Geralt had no intention of talking to him, the Wild Boar Knight did not get angry. Instead, he took out the money and showed it to Levi. The gold coins in the bag made a crisp sound.

Levi brought the Wild Boar Knight to the delivery point outside the city and handed over the goods.

After all, too many armors and weapons were involved, and it was inconvenient to enter the city. Therefore, Levi later made an appointment with the Wild Boar Knight. The two sides would trade at a place Levi chose outside the town and only meet at the Shining Tavern.

With his current strength, he did not have to worry about being robbed by him.

The Wild Boar Knight asked someone to load the goods into the truck and said, “The quality of your armor is not bad. I can tell that you are a very talented blacksmith. If you join my organization, we will give you more helpers and a blacksmith like you a stage to display your talents. Perhaps you can become a legendary Blacksmith Master like the Flaming Hammer.”

Levi shook his head and said, “There’s no need.”

The Wild Boar Knight left resentfully because he knew there was no hope of inviting Levi.

Levi told his soldiers, “You guys return to the territory first. I still have some things to do.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Levi returned to the Shining Tavern. When trading with the Wild Boar Knight, Levi felt that the Wild Boar Knight, who had once regarded domineering, was alright. He was confident that he could kill him if they fought.

However, that was unnecessary. Even if the Wild Boar Knight was his enemy, he could bring him benefits. There were no eternal friends, only lasting benefits.

During his extended stay at Shining Tavern, Levi did not find the knight who sold ambergris. He planned to remain in Icewind City for a few days. Levi would have to think of other ways to get ambergris if the knight did not come in these few days.

Levi did not know that a Silver Assassin had targeted him from the Bird of Death’s Voice.

Bored, Levi decided to look at the quests on the Bounty Pane to see if he could obtain ambergris through bounty quests.

Not long after, he saw a related quest related. It was a noble also hunting for ambergris, issued three months ago, but no one has completed it.

Seeing this, Levi’s expression turned ugly. There was a high chance that he could not buy ambergris through bounty commission. Ambergris was getting harder and harder to obtain these days. It was all that d*mn White Horse Knight’s fault. He had only advanced to “legendary” but monopolized all the ambergris!

“I might have to visit the Tuva Empire in two days.”

Levi did not want to go to the Tuva Empire unless it was essential. Unknown risks could always arise in unfamiliar environments.

While disappointed, he found a quest on the Bounty Pane that lit his eyes.

[An official knight is needed for a mission. The requirement is excellent archery skills.]

[Reward: 1 bottle of ambergris (convertible into gold coins of the same value)]

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