Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 44 - Chapter 44: Forging the Fourth stage! Please Read It!

Chapter 44: Forging the Fourth stage! Please Read It!

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Levi panted heavily and smiled, “Thank you, Fred.”


Wisps of faintly discernible black gas pervaded the muscles of his legs. This was the black gas born from the Frost Wolf Seed.

This black gas allowed Levi to move faster than ordinary people, allowing his dodging and movement techniques to reach a new level.

“Not bad. I’m one step closer to becoming a better warrior.”

Levi stretched his muscles and bones. The Frost Wolf and the Black Snake Seeds lay dormant in his heart.

Vaguely, Levi could see that the Frost Wolf Seed was being suppressed by his Black Snake Seed. It was like the instinctive bloodline suppression of a creature, or rather, the suppression of a superior over a subordinate.

There was also suppression between breathing techniques.

Breathing techniques born from excellent levels would also suppress the shallow levels.

This was a pattern that Levi had discovered after cultivating multiple breathing techniques.

“The Frost Wolf Breathing Technique has reached its limit. Next, I’ll prioritize the Siren Breathing Technique recorded in that booklet. The Giant Bear Breathing Technique can also be put on the agenda.”

Levi muttered, “Breathing techniques that can shrink bones and change body size are rare. They are handy to me.”

With his current realm and experience, he could not use shallow breathing techniques for too long.

It would not cost him too much to develop new breathing techniques.

Moreover, the special effects of these breathing techniques were beneficial to Levi.

After returning to the castle, Levi went to the Forging Area.

“Young Master Levi, this is the steel helmet I forged. Please take a look.” Little Milan showed Levi the results of her forging.

Levi said amiably, “Hmm, not bad. You’re now a mature Official Blacksmith. I’m rather busy with work, so I’ll need you to pay more attention to the forging industry in the territory. If we can exceed the quota this year, I’ll ask the butler to give us more money at the end of the year.”

“Thank you, my lord.”

Little Milan was flattered and went back to work.

Levi also found a place to continue forging armor.

He wanted to raise his Forging skill to the fourth level in one go.

About a week later, after spending a lot of time forging, Levi’s Forging skill had finally reached Level 4.

[Forging: Level 4 (222/20000). Special Effect: Fine Grade Certainty. Wind Axe.]

[Wind Axe: You could create a gust by wielding the axe. You are extraordinarily skilled. Your forging efficiency is extraordinary.]

“Is this the special effect of level 4?”

“Not bad. This way, the future production of weapons and equipment will increase greatly. I’m closer to saving money to arm a cavalry.” Levi muttered to himself as he looked at the special effect.

He was already at level four, but it was still not his limit.

This meant that this skill was profound.

Levi could not help but think of the Blacksmith Master, the Flaming Hammer, Hagrid Eamon.

He wondered what proficiency level the legendary blacksmith’s forging was.

Levi sighed regretfully, “It’s a pity that the legend has died. There’s no longer a publicly known Blacksmith Master in the kingdom.”

After reaching the fourth level of forging skill, in the remaining time of the First Moon, besides cultivating breathing techniques, Levi spent all his time developing armor.

With the unique effect of level four forging, his forging efficiency doubled.

His forging efficiency was already far higher than ordinary blacksmiths.

In the time it took for Little Milan to forge one set of armor, Levi could generate six sets of armor. The difference was prominent.

Just like that, two months flew past without him realizing it. Levi forged iron and practiced cultivation. He had successfully mastered the Siren Breathing Technique, and now it was time for him to gain experience.

With the arrival of the Month of Germinal, the winter snow began to melt, and the coldness slowly faded. Tiny green buds began to emerge in the frozen soil, and the breath of spring descended on this valley.

On this day, on a muddy path, Levi led a small group of soldiers, and an old cow pulled a cart full of weapons and defensive equipment covered in hay.

In the past winter, the Black Water Valley had produced 30 sets of armor. Levi kept half of the best quality ones to equip his team.

He planned to sell the rest in Icewind City in exchange for gold coins and repurchase some ambergris.

Currently, there were still fifty soldiers in the Black Water Valley. However, the difference was that these fifty soldiers had become full-time soldiers instead of nart-time militia-

With their significant earnings from forging, Levi estimated that the annual income of the Black Water Valley would increase by many times this year, quickly reaching 400 to 500 gold coins.

This year, his forging efficiency again increased with his newest level. Levi was confident that his territory’s financial income would exceed 1,000 gold coins, an income many northern barons could not reach.

In Icewind City, a middle-aged noble in elegant clothes enjoyed dinner in a luxurious and dignified noble mansion. He elegantly cut the beef in front of him with a knife and fork, enjoying the delicious food quickly.

At some point, a figure wearing a black robe and a hood suddenly appeared behind him in the shadows of the candlelight. He was the Broker of the Bird of Death’s Voice organization, responsible for delivering information and intelligence.

“The Fantasy Goblin Knight who tried to assassinate Baron Levi has been missing for almost half a year. However, according to the intelligence we received from our spies in the Black Water Valley, Baron Levi is not dead. This means that the Fantasy Goblin Knight is likely dead, or for some reason, he gave up on the assassination and lost contact with us.”

“Now, that big client is doubting the professional ability of our organization. Therefore, Lord Pale Shadow has decided that you will continue to carry out the Fantasy Goblin Knight’s failed mission and restore our organization’s reputation. Since you are a veteran silver-medalled assassin, the big client raised the commission amount to 300 gold coins.”

“This is a deposit of 100 gold coins. Lord Pale Shadow has high hopes for you.

You must be careful this time to ensure success.”

The nobleman, enjoying the delicious food, took the bag of 100 gold coins from the Broker and shook it gently. The sound of metal clashing against metal was so beautiful.

He asked softly, “Where is this Baron Levi now?”

“He’s in Icewind City. According to the spies, he’s wearing a white wolf mask, so it should be easier to find him,” responded the Broker.

“I got it. Wait for my news.”

The middle-aged noble waved his hand, and the Broker disappeared into the darkness.

The middle-aged man carefully put the 100 gold coins he had just obtained into the iron box in his house and locked it up. More than 3,000 gold coins were inside, which was his savings for the past decades.

He tidied his clothes in front of the bronze mirror, picked up his sword, and blew out the candles in the room.

Lord of Shadows, may this assassination be completed flawlessly..

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