Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 43 - Chapter 43: Beginner’s Speed, Like a Leopard!

Chapter 43: Beginner’s Speed, Like a Leopard!

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Levi did not know if he was the only one with two Life Seeds, but there were not many, even if such people existed.


After his excitement, Levi opened his proficiency panel.


[Frost Wolf Breathing Technique: Level 4 (Maximum), Special Effect: Beginner


“Hmm? This was a maximum of Level 4? As expected, shallow breathing methods were fragile.”

Levi suddenly felt a little disappointed. Now he finally understood how important a good breathing technique was.

The fourth level of the Black Snake Breathing Technique was the beginning of becoming an official knight. There was still a lot of potential to further developed in the future.

The Frost Wolf Breathing Technique was at the fourth level. It was the beginning of becoming an official knight, yet also the end.

There was no way to break this limit so far.

This was the maximum level of the cultivation technique itself, and Levi could not bypass it for now.

Therefore, at most, the Frost Wolf Knight was a low-level knight unless he changed his breathing technique.

Levi muttered, “Nonetheless, I didn’t train for nothing. I still obtained the

Beginner Speed.”

[Beginner Speed: Your attack, movement, reaction speeds, and other attributes related to agility are three times the average human standard. You will be able to dodge some enemy attacks more quickly.]

“Three times the speed of an ordinary person. Not bad. I’ll test it out later.”

Levi thought that this effect was alright from the introduction. He had achieved his goal of learning this breathing technique.

He looked at his other skills. Black Snake Breathing Technique and Golden Cross Slash were still far from breaking through. There was no hope for development in the short term.

Due to his busy digging and training in the past three months, his Forging skills had been delayed. Otherwise, he would have been at level 4 by now. This directly led to a decrease in armor production.

However, there was nothing he could do about it. Levi only had 24 hours a day and still had to eat, drink, and sleep. It was not possible to be good at everything.

Levi thought, “I’ll go out after I’ve forged to the fourth level and sell a batch of armor for 800 gold coins.”

After all, he was about to reach level 4 and wanted to see what effects level 1+ Forging would have.

After returning to the castle through the tunnel, Levi brought Sir Fred to an open space. He planned to test the effect of [Beginner Speed] he had just obtained.

The test this time was conducted in terms of running, attack and reaction speeds, and many other aspects so that Levi could have a preliminary understanding of his current strength and avoid situations where he misjudged his strength during actual combat.

Running speed was the best test. Levi first measured a track of about 100 meters, Then, he leaned forward, and the muscles on his legs bulged. Wisps of white gas spread out from his pores, and even a faint hissing sound of steam could be heard.


Levi started timing himself silently.


He shot out like a phantom, like an arrow leaving the bow.

Sir Fred looked at Levi and was slightly surprised. Even as a middle-level Imight, he could tell that Young Master Levi’s explosive speed was extraordinary.

Five breaths. Five seconds.

Levi ran a hundred meters.

A hundred meters away, Levi was panting, but he quickly returned to normal.

“100 meters, five seconds!” “This is too ridiculous.”

Levi was slightly shocked.

He vaguely remembered that when he was in university in his previous life, the passing time for the loom sprint was 14-9 seconds, and the highest score was

12.5 seconds.

He did not know the average running speed of ordinary people in this world, but because of malnutrition, except for a few knights, the overall rate was probably not as good as in his previous life.

Bolt was a monstrous sprinting genius in his previous life. He broke the world record, which was 9-58.

Only a few animals, like cheetahs, could sprint faster than him in the entire mammalian world. However, their endurance was not as good as his. Due to the underdeveloped cooling system, it was difficult for cheetahs to run at their limits for more than a few minutes.

As for him, although he was still slower than the cheetah, he estimated that he could last for about ten minutes in that extreme state.

“Too powerful. This is only a shallow breathing technique but is powerful when cultivated to the limit.”

Levi was excited.

“How fast will I be if I can find an Excellent or Perfect speed-type breathing technique and cultivate it to the maximum?”

“Alright, alright. Stop fantasizing and continue the test.”

Next, Levi planned to test his attack speed and dodging ability.

All martial arts were invincible. The fastest speed was the only way to long success!

The Frost Wolf Breathing Technique was a speed-type breathing technique that trained one’s agility and flexibility in many aspects.

“Fred, now you can use your strength to spar with me. You don’t have to worry about hurting me anymore. I want to see what my true strength is now and what my limit is!” said Levi confidently to Sir Fred. Sir Fred smiled, “Young Master, you said so yourself.”

“Come, attack me fiercely!”

Then, Levi unsheathed his sword. His Frostmourne was ready! “Alright, if you want out, just tell me to stop, Young Master.” Sir Fred’s expression was solemn as he pulled out his Daybreak!

Then, he attacked Levi.

Sir Fred did not use the Golden Cross Slash. This sword technique was purely a killing move. He used Basic Swordsmanship.

Levi also used Basic Swordsmanship.

The two official knights moved around in the open space, attacking like a storm. Both sides moved aside to confront each other calmly.

The sound of slashing echoed throughout the castle.

Unknowingly, Levi and Sir Fred had exchanged hundreds of moves, and both sides seemed to be evenly matched.

“Fred, don’t give in to me. In a real battle, the enemy won’t give in to me,” said Levi solemnly.

Fred smiled bitterly and said, “Alright then. But I’m almost at my limit. Young

Master, your strength is not much different from mine as a mid-level knight.”

Then, Sir Fred suddenly exerted his force. The Serpent Vulture Breathing Technique he cultivated was also good at speed, and its rate was even faster than Levi’s Frost Wolf Breathing Technique.

Serpent Vultures were birds of prey that preyed on various ferocious venomous snakes. They had long eagle claws and were capable of dodging the attacks of venomous snakes known for their speed.

Therefore, even if Levi did his best, Sir Fred could deal with him quickly. Of course, the most important reason was the difference in their realms. After all, Sir Fred had been a knight for more than ten years and was a mid-level knight, while Levi had only just stepped into the realm and had not accumulated enough experience.

In the end, Fred put away his sword and gasped for breath. He sighed, “Congratulations, Young Master. Your strength has already far exceeded my expectations. It won’t be long before you can surpass my old bones..”

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