Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 42

Chapter 42 – Extreme Frost Wolf, Second Life Seed

Chapter 42: Extreme Frost Wolf, Second Life Seed

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“Wild Boar Knight?”

“That’s right. When the Wild Boar Gang took away Old Toby, I investigated this person, so I shouldn’t be mistaken. I didn’t expect him to appear in Icewind City so openly after joining the Wilderness Brotherhood,” said Sir Fred.

Levi was also amazed. He did not expect that himself selling his weapon to his potential enemy.

After all, the Wild Boar Knight had stolen Old Toby, and Levi had always wanted revenge.

“The Wild Boar Knight didn’t recognize you, did he?” asked Levi.

Sir Fred responded, “No, we were all wearing masks. After I saw that it might be Wild Boar Knight from afar, I asked our militia to trade with him.”

After all, he made his name as Dawn Swordsman. If he met the Wild Boar Knight directly, even wearing a mask, there was a slight chance he would be recognized. Sir Fred was still very cautious.

Sir Fred asked hesitantly, “Will we still trade with the Wild Boar Knight in the future?”

Levi thought momentarily and said, “Although the Wild Boar Knight is my enemy, I’m still very cool about payment. Let’s not alert the enemy for the time being. Let’s continue the transaction first. We’ll find a more suitable time to fall out.”

Sir Fred asked again, “Then do we need to do something to the armor that we sell? For example, we can sell some armor that looks the same but has a problem with the quality. Otherwise, wouldn’t this deal increase the enemy’s strength?”

“There’s no need. The Wild Boar Knight is an official Blacksmith. If I do something, he will likely discover it and become suspicious. There’s no need to worry too much about boosting the enemy’s strength. After the Wild Boar Gang joins the Wilderness Brotherhood, the enemy they face is not us, but the church, the kingdom, and the entire aristocratic ruling class.”

“With the size of the Wild Boar Gang, it’s impossible for them to utilize many weapons and equipment. There’s a high chance that he prepared them for the Wilderness Brotherhood. That must be it. Previously, Wild Boar Knight invited me to join a mysterious organization when he met me. It was highly likely that he wanted to pull me in and forge armor for them.”

“All in all, we are not the Wild Boar Gang’s target. The weapons and equipment we sold to them are just a drop in the ocean to the Wilderness Brotherhood.”

“In that case, we might as well let nature take its course and earn money from the Wilderness Brotherhood first. When the time is right, for example, when the rebels of the Wilderness Brotherhood rise, we’ll fish in troubled waters and snatch back Old Toby and all the things we sold to the Wild Boar Gang!”

Levi sneered, “Take this money as compensation for the Wild Boar Gang taking away Old Toby.”

What Levi did not lack was patience.

With the proficiency panel, the speed of his cultivation was far faster than usual

As time passed, the difference in strength between Levi and the rest of the world would only grow.

What Wild Boar Gang? What Duke of Montenegro?

Once he became a legendary knight, whether it was his strength or the followers gathered by his powerful emotional appeal, he could destroy them.

Levi was only fifteen years old.

Time was always on his side.

It was the first month of the year 1007 of the Holy Brilliance Calendar.

In the Black Water Valley’s Black Snake Castle, three months after the assassination, Levi finally built his shelter in the castle.

To be more precise, the shelter was not inside the castle but in the mountains behind the castle. A tunnel connected to the court led to the underground level of Levi’s palace, where the Black Snake Breathing Technique was hidden.

The shelter was not very big, only 20 square meters. Levi had dug it out bit by bit. For confidentiality and safety, he did not even ask the serfs for help. He had used the Golden Cross Slash to dig this out.

Sir Fred was the only one who knew he was busy with this. He was speechless.

Levi’s shelter had a lot of dried meat, food, and clean water. It looked like a doomsday shelter.

The small space in the shelter gave Levi a sense of security, similar to how he felt when he was hiding under his blanket when he was young.

Levi was half-naked on the shelter’s ground and practicing breathing techniques.

Suddenly, Levi opened his eyes. His gaze was like lightning, and he exhaled a mouthful of white gas. The white gas shot like an arrow about ten feet long. He stood up, his bones cracking as he revealed a satisfied smile.

He ate some food to replenish his nutrients.

His aura seemed to be stronger than it was three months ago. His muscles were more perfect and well-proportioned. Even the governor of his previous life, Arnold Schwarzenegger, paled compared to his body.

His skin was a light bronze color that stood out from the standard white. He was almost 1.9 meters tall, and his arms were probably as thick as the thighs of many adult men. One could imagine the power contained in them.

It was hard to imagine that he was only a sixteen-year-old child.

Levi was delighted with his majestic and masculine appearance. This was what his idea of a man should look like. He was no longer a skinny little boy.

Besides digging tunnels and building shelters, Levi’s training did not slow down during these three months, especially his Golden Cross Slash training that hones digging and crushing stone skills. His proficiency increased at a crazy rate, by 4,000 points in three months. The progress bar of 20,000 points was one-fifth completed in three months.

As for the Black Snake Breathing Technique, due to the enhancement of the Black Snake Secret Medicine, his proficiency had also increased by 5,000 points. At this rate, with a constant supply of the Black Snake Secret Medicine, Levi could upgrade the Black Snake Breathing Technique by 5 levels by the end of this year and become a mid-level knight.

However, Levi had already used up the Black Snake Secret Medicine. If he wanted to level up quickly, he would have to think of a way to obtain ambergris.

Therefore, he decided to end his seclusion and leave the house again. He wanted to find a way to get more ambergris at once.

Besides the Black Snake Breathing Technique, his Frost Wolf Breathing Technique also improved rapidly.

Levi’s aura was more potent because his Frost Wolf Breathing Technique had just broken through to Tier 4.

With the foundation of the Black Snake Breathing Technique and an ample supply of secret medicine, it was easy for Levi to condense a Life Seed again. In addition, his Frost Wolf Breathing Technique was already at the shallow level.

The difficulty of cultivating this breathing technique was on a completely different level compared to the Black Snake Breathing Technique.

With all these conditions combined, Levi had only practiced this breathing technique for half a year since he started and had already advanced from level 1 to level 4.

After this breathing technique reached level 4, on the surface of Levi’s heart, next to the Life Seed “Black Snake Seed,” formed by the Black Snake Breathing Technique, a black wolf-shaped mist developed beside the Black Snake mist.

This wolf-shaped mist was the Life Seed condensed by Levi’s Frost Wolf Breathing Technique: “Frost Wolf Seed.”

That’s right; there were two Life Seeds in Levi’s body!

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