Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 41

Chapter 41 – Thousand Faced Knight

Chapter 41: Thousand Faced Knight

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Nameless Thousand Faced Knight.

He was probably the most mysterious legendary knight in history.

No one knew his name or when he became a legend, and no one had seen his appearance.

His title was simply Thousand Faced Knight.

This was how it was deeply imprinted in the hearts of many people in the future.

This was a nameless legend.

If the Thousand Faced Knight founded the Bird of Death’s Voice, then this organization was mighty.

Levi asked, “Fred, who do you think might want to get rid of me?”

“It’s most likely the Duke of Montenegro,” said Fred after some thought.

Levi said, “But the Duke of Montenegro had the chance to get rid of me six years ago.”

Sir Fred responded, “That’s different. Six years ago, it was the time of the Holy War. Your father had just died. It would have been easy to cause some unnecessary trouble to get rid of you at that time. But now, six years have passed. The Black Snake Knights have turned into the dust of history. As the heir of the Black Snake Knights, you have long disappeared from everyone’s sight. It is the most appropriate time to find a killer to eliminate you and prevent future troubles. However, the Duke of Montenegro probably did not expect that in just six years, you have grown from a child to a real knight.” Levi wondered, “Could it be Abraham from the Church?”

“It’s possible, but the probability is not high. If the Church wanted to make a move on you, there’s no need to go through so much trouble. After all, to the duke, killing a noble for no reason would require him to be wary of the kingdom’s laws and the rules between nobles. However, to the church, they were the law in the presence of Heavenly Father. Moreover, Abraham only recognizes money. We agreed to give him money, so he would not do this.” Sir Fred’s analysis made sense to Levi.

From the looks of it now, it was highly likely that it was the Duke of Montenegro.

After all, these people had occupied Tulip Hill and Storm Hill for so long. But there was still a grudge that made them concerned.

That was him, the son of the Black Snake.

Although he appeared weak and incompetent, he could not rule out the possibility that the fallen nobles would rise and take revenge, just like in the legends. As long as there was a slight possibility, it would cause trouble for the Duke of Montenegro.

It had been six years since the Holy War, and no one remembered the Black Snake Knights. No one cared about a minor baron in such a remote area. At this time, it would be appropriate to hire an assassin in his territory and kill him without anyone knowing

“Heh, it’s quite difficult to be a noble. I’ve tried to show that I’m not interested in power. I’ve tried to keep a low profile and live as much as possible in my world. I don’t get involved in worldly disputes, but some big shots are always used to looking at me with the eyes of power. They treat me as an imaginary enemy, a weed that gets in the way by the roadside and wants to pull me out.”

These big shots could do anything with a flip of their hands. They were far-sighted, scheming, high and mighty, and looked down on everyone.

Levi, an ordinary person who was not good at power struggles, could do only one thing.

He would silently increase his proficiency until his strength was enough to change everything. Then, he would crush their heads and trample on their dignity!

Sir Fred looked at the red-eyed Levi and suddenly said, “Young Master Levi, although you’ve advanced to an official knight, you’re still far from being able to fight the Duke of Montenegro. Even the Earl of Blood and the Earl of Silversilk are grand knights, let alone the Duke of Montenegro, one of the seven Northern Seven Flying Cavalry. They are far stronger than us in terms of personal and military strength. You can’t be rash.”

“Don’t worry, Fred. I know what I’m doing. From now on, we’ll live as usual.

We’ll keep half of the defensive equipment we forge monthly.”

“If we can, I want to buy warhorses and train our militia into real cavalry. A fully armed, well-trained, agile cavalry team can also greatly increase our strength.”

Levi told him about his plans. Cavalry was a must.

In this era of cold weapons, cavalry was essential. An official knight might be able to deal with ten well-trained ordinary soldiers alone, but he could not deal with a team of ten cavalry.

A warhorse that weighed hundreds of kilograms, coupled with its heavy armor, brandishing its spear, hammer, and greatsword, would bring terrifying impact.

If Levi had a 50-man cavalry, he could take down more than two-thirds of the barons. If he had a few hundred cavalry, he would not be afraid even if it was an earl’s territory. As for a few thousand cavalry, the impact would be unimaginable.

During the Millennium Holy War, the Jade King launched a war against the Tuva Empire. In the king’s name, he only recruited more than 20,000 cavalry from the nobles.

In short, although knights were influential in this world, the number of troops, equipment, and especially cavalry determined the direction of large-scale wars.

Levi originally had no intention of expanding his army. At first, he only wanted to earn money for his cultivation.

However, he realized that he was wrong. Once he sat in this position, he would have to face diverse challenges all the time.

He had to develop his military strength to protect himself!

Levi’s route was to take the fine route and get a fully armed cavalry first.

The construction of the cavalry and the issue of weapons and equipment would eventually fall into place by relying on the territory’s forging industry. However, the warhorses that the cavalry needed gave Levi the biggest headache.

As far as Levi knew, a high-grade pure bloodline Alpine Warhorse would cost 80 gold coins.

If Levi wanted to form a complete 50-man cavalry unit, ignoring the weapons and armor, the warhorses would cost several thousand gold coins.

And this was the cost of buying them. Warhorses needed to consume tens of kilograms of feed every day. To ensure nutrition, the meal must be mixed with human food. They would burn a lot of money in total.

However, when he thought about the possible dangers in the future, Levi felt that he still had to do it, but he had to be wise about his spending.

Ultimately, it was a problem about earning enough money.

Sir Fred suddenly said, “I agree with Young Master’s idea about the cavalry. In the future, cavalry is indispensable to reclaim the Black Snake family’s territory. However, our finances cannot support the cavalry at this stage. Oh, right, there’s something else that I think I need to tell you. I think I know who the knight you traded with is.”

“Who is it?”

“Wild Boar Knight..”

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