Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Ripple Force.

The second realm of the Golden Cross Slash.


It was a technique that was more advanced than the Vibration Force.

It was not until the moment he mastered this power that Levi realized how wonderful the world of swordsmanship was.

“Sir Fred once said that if I mastered Ripple Force, it’s equivalent to mastering a sword skill that’s at least at the excellent level.”

“With my excellent-level Black Snake Breathing Technique, excellent-level Golden Cross Slash, and Level 3 Frost Wolf Breathing Technique, I wonder how strong I am. Fred should be back soon. I have to spar with him.”

“However, I have only mastered the elementary level of Ripple Force. Fred has been immersed in Ripple Force for more than ten years. Perhaps he has mastered the advanced level of the skill. I can’t be arrogant.”

Levi felt relieved. The emotions that he had been suppressing for too long were finally released after he had broken through in his breathing technique and Golden Cross Slash.

“The knight stage can be divided into four stages: low-level knight, mid-level knight, high-level knight, and peak knight. I’ve just broken through, so I should only be a low-level knight. However, my true strength should be at the mid-level.”

Levi wanted to test his own strength, but no one in the territory was a match for him.

Furthermore, it was difficult for Levi to use a killer move like the Golden Cross Slash on his own people.

“Forget it. I’ll do forging and stabilize my realm first.”

Currently, Levi had already treated forging as a way to improve his mood and strengthen his mental state.

Forging was a skill that tested patience and concentration.

In Levi’s opinion, breathing technique cultivation and forging complemented and promoted each other. It was especially suitable to cultivate together.

The furnace started to burn, and the bellows started to blow. The dagger that Levi had obtained from the unknown assassin was reforged.

Crackling, crackling, ping, ping, ping.

Beneath the blast furnace, Levi was sweating.

Time passed slowly, and a pitch-black dagger gradually took shape under Levi’s tempering.

After a series of quenching and other processes, a dagger appeared in Levi’s hand.

[Forging Proficiency +2]

Compared to the previous dagger, which had a strange and curved shape, the shape of Levi’s recast dagger was closer to the bronze short sword from the Warring States Period in his previous life.

Levi fiddled with it for a while and even tried to use the high-level technique of exerting force like Ripple Force. In the end, he succeeded.

As Sir Fred had said, the Golden Cross Slash was more like a force-exerting technique than a sword technique. If it reached a certain unfathomable realm, even a hammer or even a Gatling gun could exert Ripple Force.

However, Levi could only use the Ripple Force through such sharp weapons.

He also realized that compared to his sword, Frostmourne, this dagger could withstand the torture of the Ripple Force more easily.

“It’s still a problem with the material. Frostmourne is only made of ordinary iron. Although the workmanship and quality are good, it’s obviously not enough to use Ripple Force as I wish.”

“If only I had those high-tech alloys from my previous life.”

“When I have the chance in the future, I’ll still have to use better materials to forge a personal sword for myself.”

After the forging was done, Levi returned to the castle and began to build a secret room that belonged to him.

The next morning, Sir Fred brought a group of people back to Black Snake Castle.

“How’s the situation?” asked Levi with a smile.

“Young Master Levi, I’m glad I didn’t fail you.”

Sir Fred dismounted and handed a bag to Levi.

Levi opened it and saw a bottle of ambergris and a pile of gold coins.

“Thank you, Fred.”

With that, Levi’s heart was finally at ease.

Thinking about it, it made sense. As an official knight, Sir Fred would not get into trouble unless he took the initiative to cause trouble.

“Does the Jade Chamber of Commerce have ambergris in stock now?” Levi asked.

Sir Fred shook his head. “No, the people from the Chamber of Commerce said that the ambergris has been out of stock for a long time. I only found out the reason after asking around. The Dragon Breathing Technique practiced by the White Horse Knight and other royal families also requires ambergris as a secret medicine ingredient. It would have been fine in the past, but because of the Millennium Holy War, the Tuva Empire, which is the main producer of ambergris, has banned the export of ambergris to the Emerald Kingdom. The number of Earthly Dragon Beasts in the Emerald Kingdom is pitifully small, almost extinct, causing ambergris to become increasingly scarce.”

“If this continues, we might have to go to the Tuva Empire to get ambergris in the future.” Sir Fred said.

Levi frowned. He did not expect that the war would affect him in such a way.

“However, the ambergris I have now is enough for me to use for a period of time. I’m not in a hurry, but I still have to find a way to solve it. The Black Snake Secret Medicine is very helpful for cultivating the Black Snake Breathing Technique. Not only can it increase my cultivation speed, but it can also continuously strengthen my physique. I can’t stop taking the medicine.”

Levi pondered.

“Right, it seems like you’ve already become an official knight, Young Master Levi.” Sir Fred asked with a smile after returning to the meeting hall.

“That’s right, Fred. A few days ago, I officially became a knight and condensed the Life Seed.”

Levi did not hide anything from Sir Fred. Sir Fred was someone he could trust. If he wanted to betray him, he would have died countless times.

“Becoming an official knight in three years. Your speed is not inferior to a genius like your father. If your father saw your current achievements, he would be so happy. Unfortunately…” Sir Fred sighed.

“If only the old master was still alive.” He could not help but mutter.

After the master and servant were feeling sad, Levi told Knight Fred about the assassination that night.

Sir Fred blamed himself for not being by Levi’s side, which led to the assassination.

Then, he held the beak mask and said slowly with a serious expression.

“This is the Bird of Death Mask.”

“Bird of Death?”

“Yes, according to the rumors, the Bird of Death is a black divine bird that stands on the shoulder of the God of Death. The Bird of Death looks like a crow, and people will die once it opens its mouth. There is an organization, and its members will walk in the human world with the appearance of the Bird of Death. They will accept huge commissions from others and assassinate anyone, whether they are civilians, nobles, or even the royal family.”

“This organization is extremely mysterious. In the history of the kingdom, their shadows can be seen in some major events.”

“This organization is called the Bird of Death’s Voice. Rumor has it that the founder of this organization is a Legendary Knight.”

“Who is it?”

“The Thousand Faced Knight, Nameless!”

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