Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Up until now, all the breathing techniques that Levi knew were related to various creatures, and these creatures often became the family emblem of the nobles, engraved on their coat of arms.

For example, the Black Snake of the Schneider family, the Rock Bear of the Rock Bear family, the Silver Frost Wolf of the Frost Wolf family, the Black Whale of the Montenegro Mountain family, and the Emerald Dragon of the royal family.


All breathing techniques were related to these creatures that did not actually exist in this world.

In order to publicize their noble bloodline, the major families would make up all kinds of legends and make their family emblems the protagonists of these legends.

For example, the Black Snake family’s “Black Snake with a Candle”. Levi had been influenced by his father since he was young. The “Black Snake with a Candle” was a snake of hope that brought light to the chaotic and dark world, the Holy Snake of Salvation!

However, after cultivating some other breathing techniques and seeing some unbelievable phenomena, Levi had some guesses in his heart.

However, he still needed to see more breathing techniques in the future or even become a legendary knight to verify these guesses.

The dagger that the Fantasy Goblin Knight used to assassinate Levi was a short dagger that was about a foot long. The end of the dagger was curved like a snake’s tail.

“There’s a high chance that this dagger has been smeared with poison. I have to be careful. The workmanship of this dagger is actually just so-so, but the material is very good. It seems that some rare metal has been melted into it. I can remelt it and make a short dagger that suits me. This way, it will be convenient for me to defend myself.” Levi muttered to himself. With his current level 3 Forging, this was not a problem.

“This mask is a bit like the beak mask from the Black Death in medieval Europe. It has a high probability of preventing poisonous gas.”

“And this bag of lime is too sinister. Luckily, I reacted fast enough and didn’t give this person a chance to attack. Otherwise, I would really be in danger.”

Levi examined the killer’s tools one by one and felt that the power behind him was not ordinary.

“When Sir Fred comes back, I’ll ask him. He has been to many places since he was young and is knowledgeable. He might know something.”

After a sleepless night, Levi did not dare to sleep, so he decided to cultivate the breathing technique instead.

After the assassination attempt, Levi became even more vigilant.

He felt that it was not safe to sleep in a bedroom that was easy to find. He decided to build a shelter in the castle that only he and Fred knew the location of. He would store supplies and set up some alarm mechanisms in the shelter. He would sleep there at night.

In order to survive in this dark era, it was not too much to be cautious.

In the morning, after Levi finished practicing the breathing technique, he heard the noise of the militia outside. He walked out and found the corpse of a soldier lying there. It was already cold.

“My Lord, someone killed Polk last night.”

One of the militia captains looked terrified and incredulous. His soldiers had died silently in the cold night, and he didn’t even know it.

Levi knew that the assassin had most likely killed them when he snuck in.

“Cremate Polk and send some food and money to Polk’s wife,” Levi said to the butler.

“No matter who the murderer is, I will find him and give my people an explanation.”

“Also, increase the patrols in the future. Stay alert at night! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Levi’s gaze was cold as he looked at the soldiers.

He didn’t tell these people what happened last night. And after what happened, he couldn’t guarantee that there was no mole among his men.

This assassination attempt did not stop Levi’s progress. Since his breathing technique was at a bottleneck, he began to focus on cultivating the only sword technique he had mastered, the Golden Cross Slash!

After this crisis, Levi learned the importance of strength.

If he didn’t advance to a knight, what could he do even if he discovered the assassination? It would still be a dead end.

It was precisely because he had cultivated the excellent-grade breathing technique that he possessed strength that surpassed that of an ordinary knight. In addition, he had also cultivated the Frost Wolf Breathing Technique, which made up for his lack of speed and agility. That was why Levi had survived.

Levi felt that he had taken the right path.

He wanted to cultivate more breathing techniques to strengthen his physical body in all aspects, including speed, strength, physique, endurance, and defense. He wanted to master more combat techniques and life-saving methods to make himself a completely multi-talented warrior. He wanted to have an invincible panel and become a man who had an invincible buff the moment he appeared.

Perhaps the level of his breathing technique was very low, but by relying on sheer numbers, Levi felt that one day, he might be able to become truly extraordinary through his physical body!

After two days of crazy training, on a sunny morning in the training ground, Levi’s arm shook quickly, and all the power in his body gathered. A whip-like sound broke through the air, and the Frostmourne in his right hand swept through the air, creating circles of ripples.

Then, a force that was many times more powerful than the Vibration Force was transmitted from Frostmourne to a metal plate that was half a finger thick.


It was as if Frostmourne has torn through a layer of leather.

With Frostmourne’s sword tip as the center, the iron plate began to crack and roll outward as if it had been penetrated by an armor-piercing bullet, revealing a fist-sized hole.

Frostmourne’s blade also wailed. It seemed that even the sword itself could not withstand such a force.

[Golden Cross Slash Proficiency +4]

[Golden Cross Slash has broken through to level 4. Special Effect: Elementary Ripple]

Levi was overjoyed.

“Ripple Force! Hahahahaha!”

“Tsk tsk tsk, this is the power of my Ripple Force!”

Levi’s excitement was indescribable.

This terrifying lethality was almost like cutting through iron.

This was the Ripple Force that Fred had mentioned.

Levi had actually mastered it in just three years.

“Of course, the biggest credit is still the proficiency panel. With my talent, it will take me at least fifteen years to master Ripple Force. Even Sir Fred took a long time to master it. My talent is far inferior to Sir Fred’s.”

Levi knew his limits and was not arrogant.

“My current achievements are all the credit of the proficiency panel!”

Levi sighed in his heart.

With a thought, he opened the proficiency panel.

Levi —

[Black Snake Breathing Technique: Level 4 (56/20000)] Special Effect: Basic Defense

[Frost Wolf Breathing Technique: Level 3 (321/10000)]

[Golden Cross Slash: Level 4 (1/20000). Special Effect: Advanced Vibration, Elementary Ripple

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