Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Although this was not the first time Levi had killed someone, it was his first time killing someone in his own bedroom.

He looked at the corpse on the ground and took off the black metal mask. The head that was split open could no longer be seen clearly.


“How unlucky. I have to change rooms to sleep in tomorrow.”

“But I really don’t know this person. He should be an assassin hired by my enemy. The problem is, I’m just a teenager who has never provoked anyone. Who would send someone to kill me?”

For a moment, Levi began to recall his life where he had been kind to others.

In the end, he could only think of two people who might have motives to kill him.

One was Priest Abraham. After all, he had just rejected the church a while ago, and he had not treated the high and mighty priest nicely. It was indeed possible that he would kill him.

The second possibility was the Duke of Montenegro and the two earls closest to him, the Earl of Silversilk and the Earl of Blood.

After all, these people had occupied his territory. Although he might not care on the surface, these people knew that if he really grew into a person like the Black Snake Knight one day, he might take back his territory. Therefore, they might as well go all out and kill the Black Snake family completely.

“But if that was the case, why did they let me go back then? This doesn’t make sense.” Levi muttered to himself.

“Or, it was done by that old dog Abraham.”

“In short, other than these two, I don’t think I have any conflicts of interest or grudges with anyone else.”

“Could it be the work of the Wild Boar Gang? They stole my people before, and now they want to kill me?”

“However, the Wild Boar Gang is an evil force in the underground world. They shouldn’t hire assassins. They’re not afraid of losing their reputation.”

Levi paced back and forth in the room, feeling a little frustrated.

“I’ve been so low-key and tolerant. Why, why do you still want to kill me?”

“No, I have to think of a way to find out who wants to harm me. Once I find out, and if I can defeat him, I have to get rid of this person. Otherwise, I won’t be able to sleep or eat in peace.”

His castle was surrounded by high walls, and soldiers were patrolling it.

This killer was able to sneak in so easily, so his strength was definitely not weak. Moreover, he was good at stealth.

Thinking of this, Levi took out a knife and cut open the assassin’s chest. On the assassin’s heart, there was an illusory black gaseous object that looked like an octopus lurking on it. Countless capillaries were rooted in the heart.

“Hehe, Life Seed! As expected, this person is an official knight!”

“The mastermind behind this must be extraordinary if they sent an official knight to deal with me.” Levi’s expression was uncertain.

Following the killer’s death, the octopus-shaped Life Seed began to slowly dissipate.

Levi watched silently. This was his first time dissecting an official knight.

As expected, similar to the situation in his body, there was a similar Life Seed in his heart.

However, his Life Seed was in the shape of a snake, while this Life Seed was in the shape of an octopus.

Levi took off the assassin’s clothes and searched for some clues.

In the end, he found a booklet in the inner lining of the killer’s clothes.

There were only a few pages in the booklet, and the cover was a figure hidden in the shadows. The style was dark and strange.

“The Tribute of Shadows.”

Levi muttered in his heart and opened the booklet.

The content inside was similar to some religious books. The entire book introduced a god.

Shadow Lord.

“Shadow Lord? Never heard of it.” Levi shook his head.

Although the number of gods in this world wasn’t a lot, there were still quite a few.

In addition to the [Heavenly Father] that the Church of Holy Light believed in, there was also the [Mother of Earth] of the Church of Earth, the [Snow Goddess] of the Church of Winter, the [Lord of Storm] of the Church of Storms, the [Eternal Fire] of the Church of Eternal Life, the [King of Ten Thousand Dragons] of the Church of the Dragon, and the [Lord of the Stars] of the Church of the Stars. These seven were the seven orthodox gods that the people of the seven kingdoms believed in.

The reason why the seven orthodox gods were called orthodox gods was that the churches they belonged to had great influence in the seven countries, and they called themselves orthodox gods.

Other than the seven orthodox gods, Levi knew of the [Lord of the Wilderness] of the Wilderness Brotherhood, the [Lady Silence] of the Silent Monastery, and the [God of War] that some war enthusiasts believed in.

Therefore, it was normal that Levi did not know about the Shadow Lord.

In essence, this Bird of Death’s Voice was an organization with very few people. There were not many people who believed in the Shadow Lord, so it wasn’t widely spread.

In the past, Levi would not have cared much about these gods, but after confirming the existence of wizards, he realized that some myths and legends might not be as simple as he thought.

If this world could have wizards who mastered supernatural powers, why wouldn’t there be more powerful gods?

Levi was still very respectful toward the gods.

Although he did not believe in these things, he respected the beliefs of others, but the premise was that they did not harm him.

After Levi finished reading The Tribute of Shadows, he discovered that on the last page of the booklet, there was actually an inheritance diagram of a breathing technique.

The inheritance diagram was similar to the breathing technique inheritance diagram that Levi had previously obtained. However, in the middle of the small person’s images was a turbulent sea. In the middle of the sea was a huge sea monster that looked like an octopus. It was a bit like the sea monster legends that had been circulating in parts of Europe in his previous life: North Sea Kraken.

“There are people who carry the breathing technique inheritance with them?”

Levi found it funny.

What he didn’t know was that the Siren Breathing Technique was the most common breathing technique used by the members of the Bird of Death’s Voice organization. This organization would give some manuals with the Siren Breathing Technique to the children of civilians who they thought had potential but didn’t have the ancestral breathing technique. They would train their killer skills from a young age and provide resources for them to practice the Siren Breathing Technique. This way, they could ensure that the organization had fresh blood at all times.

The Siren Breathing Technique was a breathing technique that was extremely suitable for assassination. It emphasized the flexibility and agility of the body. When cultivated to the level of an official knight, it could even change a person’s body shape through a principle similar to the Bone Shrinking Technique. If it was combined with some makeup techniques, it could even change one’s appearance.

In fact, if the Fantasy Goblin Knight had not underestimated his enemy and gotten too close to Levi, catching him off guard, even if Levi was an official knight, it would not have been so easy to kill the Fantasy Goblin Knight.

Levi put away the [The Tribute of Shadows], which contained the breathing technique inheritance diagram, along with the crow’s mouth mask, the dagger, and other assassination tools.

Levi tore the worthless killer’s corpse into pieces and threw it into the burning fireplace. He watched the corpse burn in the fire while it crackled and emitted a charred smell. Vaguely, Levi seemed to see the shadow of eight claws dancing wildly in the flames and gradually disappearing. When he focused his attention, all that was left was a charred skeleton.

“Heh, breathing techniques are really strange.”

Levi’s heart was calm.

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