Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 37

Chapter 37

The three brothers rushed toward the stranger at the same time.

This was the order that Levi had been instilling in them. If any stranger did not enter through the main entrance, they would be killed immediately.


The Fantasy Goblin Knight’s body tensed up.

“Damned beasts, how dare you attack an official knight.”

“If you were adults, I would leave without looking back if there were only one of you, let alone three. But now, you’re just a bunch of little fellows.”

The Fantasy Goblin Knight’s Siren Breathing Technique was rapidly circulating. The Siren Breathing Technique was a shallow non-bloodline breathing technique. The focus of this breathing technique was speed and flexibility. Other than that, it had another function which was that it had extremely strong flexibility like the eight-clawed Siren. He could change his body shape by shrinking his bones, and increasing his flexibility and agility.

The Fantasy Goblin Knight shrunk his bone to make his body smaller and more powerful. This gave him a huge increase in speed and agility.

He was like a nimble gopher, moving freely between the three brothers’ attacks, dancing elegantly.

Although the three brothers’ attacks were swift and fierce, they basically couldn’t touch the Fantasy Goblin Knight.

“I told you, you guys are no match for me. If I wasn’t in a hurry, I would definitely use my [Ring-Tailed Sea Snake Dagger] to make you three beasts bleed to death.”

The Fantasy Goblin Knight quickly jumped over the bear pen and disappeared into the night.

The three brothers roared in the direction where the Fantasy Goblin Knight had disappeared, but they were clumsy and could not get out.

However, the commotion still alerted the patrolling soldiers. When they rushed over, they looked at the anxious three brothers and did not know what had happened.

Thinking that the three brothers were hungry, the soldiers hurriedly went to find food for the three brothers. At the same time, they strengthened their patrols and vigilance.

On the other side, after the Fantasy Goblin Knight got rid of the three giant bears, he elegantly tidied up his clothes and put on a black crow mask that looked like a crow’s mouth.

This was the Bird of Death Mask, the standard mask of the Bird of Death’s Voice organization. Firstly, it was to prevent people from seeing the face clearly. Secondly, this mask also had anti-gas and dust-proof effects. This way, when the killer used quicklime or other poisonous gas to attack the target, he would not accidentally hurt himself.

What was professionalism? This was called professionalism!

Bird of Death’s Voice, an absolutely professional assassination team!

The Fantasy Goblin Knight did not only do this job for money. He had been in this job for more than ten years and had already earned thousands of gold coins through assassination missions. This was more than many small nobles, enough for him to live out his old age and the rest of his life.

But he didn’t do that. He liked this kind of life where he danced on the edge of a knife, and the money he earned was squandered by him.

Killing people was such a wonderful thing. Every perfect assassination was like creating a beautiful music piece of death.

The Fantasy Goblin Knight could not help but hum a warm nursery rhyme from his hometown.

“Little white rabbit, cute little white rabbit. I’m going to pluck your fur.”

“Little white rabbit, obedient little white rabbit. I’ll pull out your head first.”

“Little white rabbit, a kind little white rabbit. Then I’ll pull out your tail.”

The Fantasy Goblin Knight used his skilled lockpicking skills to gently open Levi’s door. There was almost no sound during the process.

A qualified killer had to learn how to use stealth.

He walked to Levi’s bedside like a musical talisman.

On the bed, Baron Levi was lying on his side, sleeping with a blanket over him. His breathing was steady, and his expression was relaxed. He was snoring softly, and it seemed like he was sleeping soundly…

The Fantasy Goblin Knight pulled out his dagger and gently smeared poison on the blade.

“Dying in your sleep is the kindness bestowed upon you by the Shadow Lord. Goodbye, Baron Levi.” The Fantasy Goblin Knight thought.

The sharp dagger stabbed toward Levi’s heart.

This sharp dagger would crush Levi’s heart, and for safety’s sake, even if he did not die from the first strike, the super poison from the [Ring-Tailed Sea Snake] would quickly spread throughout Levi’s body through his blood, killing him.

However, in the next moment, a pitch-black palm grabbed the Fantasy Goblin Knight’s right arm and snatched his dagger.

All of this happened too quickly. It was as if Levi had not slept at all and had long been prepared.

The Fantasy Goblin Knight felt as if he was being grabbed by a huge force. The Siren Breathing Technique he had cultivated was at the shallow Level. Although it was much stronger than the average person, it was still nothing compared to Levi’s excellent-level Black Snake Breathing Technique.

He grabbed the Fantasy Goblin Knight’s collar and stood up. His 1.8-meter-tall body stood on the bed and pulled the Fantasy Goblin Knight up. He was wearing two layers of chainmail vest and a piece of heart armor with a black snake pattern engraved on it. Levi had always slept like this. This was the only way he dared to sleep. Therefore, even if the Fantasy Goblin Knight stabbed his heart, it wouldn’t harm him.

“You want to harm me?”

Levi had indeed been sleeping, but after he was awakened by the three brothers’ roars, he did not fall asleep again. He was only pretending to be asleep.

According to his training requirements for the three brothers, if they found someone climbing over the wall, they had to roar. Therefore, Levi guessed that someone had sneaked into his castle, and those who could climb over the wall and enter the castle were most likely experts, and it was very likely that they were coming for him.

He pretended to be asleep to see what the infiltrator was up to.

As expected, a stranger in black came to his room and actually wanted to assassinate him!

He looked like he was sleeping, but in fact, he was already prepared to face the enemy.

The Fantasy Goblin Knight’s left hand turned into a claw and clawed at Levi’s face. Levi cultivated the Frost Wolf Breathing Technique, so he dodged the Fantasy Goblin Knight’s attack very quickly.

Then, he grabbed the Fantasy Goblin Knight’s arm and twisted it. With a crack, the Fantasy Goblin Knight’s arm broke. He was in extreme pain, but that was not the end. Levi grabbed his other arm and twisted it.

Then, Levi jumped down from the bed and threw the Fantasy Goblin Knight onto the hard floor and the floor cracked. Even as an official knight, all the ribs in the Fantasy Goblin Knight’s body were broken. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

His mind was a mess. With Baron Levi’s speed and strength, he was definitely an official knight!

And it seemed that he had been an official knight for a long time!

Wasn’t Levi only fifteen years old?

That burly figure, that devil-like muscles, that explosive power, and that black palm that looked like a demonic claw.

Damn it! Was this 15 years old?

He had prepared a lot of backup plans, but at this moment, he was caught off guard and was directly beaten by Levi until he was paralyzed.

Levi was worried that the person who had appeared in his bedroom and tried to assassinate him would have other means to harm him, so he planned to knock this person out first. After he had complete control over him, he would ask who sent him to assassinate him.

Then, he subconsciously punched the Fantasy Goblin Knight’s head with all his might.

In the next moment, there was a crack.

His head cracked.

Levi stood rooted to the ground and thought, “Oh no, I just advanced to an official knight. I didn’t control my strength well.”

The killer died just like that?

Damn it, was he that strong?

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