Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 36

Chapter 36

An official knight was extremely important to any noble force in the kingdom.

Even if Levi did not have a territory, he could still rely on his own strength to join the territories of other nobles and become their knight.


However, Levi, who was already used to being a lord, naturally did not want to be a slave to others. In his previous life, he had enough of being a dog to capitalists.

In this life, he did not want to live at the mercy of others like in his previous life.

“It’s time to celebrate my breakthrough to a knight. I won’t cultivate today. I’ll have the twin maids give me a massage tonight.”

Under all kinds of pressure, Levi was like a machine that never stopped, crazily cultivating, working hard, forging, and making money.

Although this was extremely fulfilling, humans were not machines after all. They would eventually get tired.

Today, he felt that it was time for him to relax for a few days. In the next few days, he did not plan to cultivate the breathing technique. He would sleep and practice the Golden Cross Slash.

A balance between work and rest was life.

Cultivation was not the goal. Longevity and freedom were the goals. Cultivation was just a tool.

At night, Levi soaked in the bathtub and broke through to become an official knight. He expelled a lot of toxins, and the twin maids massaged his muscles from both sides.

“Young Master, your body is too hard and rough. My hands are hurting.” Ariel pouted, inadvertently revealing some of her breasts as she said in a delicate voice.

“If you’re tired, take a rest. Your sister will continue. The two of you will take turns.” Levi closed his eyes and enjoyed his rare peaceful life.

After a peaceful night, Levi returned to his bedroom to rest after his bath.

“I hope Sir Fred’s trip will be successful.”

Levi was still worried about Sir Fred, not about the goods worth hundreds of gold coins.

Sir Fred was the only family that Levi had left in the world, and he did not want to lose him.

Just like that, Levi fell into a deep sleep.

The starry night was silent.

In the dark night, a figure covered in black night clothes sneaked into the Black Water Valley like a ghost. He came to the side of the Black Snake Castle and stood in the valley. He looked at the towering castle built against the mountain and muttered to himself.

“The location of this castle is not bad. It is easy to defend and difficult to attack. Unfortunately, to me, it is just a decoration.”

“After waiting for seven days, the Serpent Vulture Knight has finally left.”

“Hehe, Baron Levi, I, Fantasy Goblin Knight, will take your head without hesitation.”

The man in the night suit was wearing simple leather armor and was extremely agile. He was Fantasy Goblin Knight and an emotionless assassin. He came from an assassin organization with members all over the kingdom, Sound of a Dead Bird.

This was an organization similar to the assassin guild. They were scattered all over the country and took orders from the five top leaders of the organization.

The target of the assassination could be a commoner, a noble, or even an official knight or a member of the royal family. As long as one gave enough money, there would be some powerful assassins who would complete the mission for them.

The Fantasy Goblin Knight was one of the assassins. He mainly did assassination missions in the area around Icewind City. He had received an assassination mission from a broker a while ago. The client had a very high status. He didn’t even know who the client was, but he didn’t care.

As long as the money was in place, even if the target was an official knight, Fantasy Goblin Knight would find a way to get rid of him.

As a wandering knight, the Fantasy Goblin Knight had no worries. After killing someone, he would flee thousands of miles away. No one could catch him.

Ever since his debut, he had completed many assassination missions perfectly.

The assassination list included a baron, three noble disciples, a countess’ wife, and even two official knights.

Therefore, he did not think it would be difficult to assassinate Levi. After all, Levi’s squandering and cowardice was well-known in some circles that were familiar with the Black Snake Knight.

However, a truly dedicated killer would go all out even if he had to kill a hundred-year-old woman.

Therefore, the Fantasy Goblin Knight was fully armed with hooks, daggers, poison, quicklime, and everything else.

He carefully approached the castle. There were soldiers patrolling below the castle.

Under the cover of the night, he observed his surroundings and decided to climb over the wall with the least soldiers. He would then find Levi’s bedroom and quickly assassinate the sleeping Levi. Then, he would bring Levi’s head to collect the commission money.

“Perfect plan.” The Fantasy Goblin Knight sneered in his heart.

He found the wall with the weakest defense. There was only a sleepy soldier under this wall.

He slowly approached and relied on his movement technique and agility to circle around the soldier’s back.

“Shadow Lord.” The Fantasy Goblin Knight didn’t believe in the Heavenly Father but in a very unpopular Shadow Lord.

This god’s authority was slaughter, deception, and shadow. He was the object of faith for most assassins and a small number of schemers and politicians.

After that, he cleanly dealt with the soldier. The soldier was just an ordinary person. Although he had received training, he was still far inferior to an official knight like the Fantasy Goblin Knight.

The corpse of the soldier quickly turned cold in this season of the northern wind.

The Fantasy Goblin Knight didn’t care about the corpse. He would have disappeared into the wilderness before the sun rose tomorrow anyway.

He used the grappling hook to climb over the high wall and gently jumped down. He landed perfectly and elegantly patted the dust off his body before raising his head.

He found three huge shadows curiously sizing him up.

These three shadows were Little White, Little Gray, and Little Fatty.

The back of this wall with the weakest defense was the bear pen of the three brothers!

The Fantasy Goblin Knight had never thought that he would one day sneak into the castle and face three bears.

“Damn it, Levi, that damned b*tch. He actually raised bears in the castle. Shadow Lord, these aren’t ordinary bears, but Giant Bears of the Northern Territory, even though it doesn’t look mature yet.”

The Fantasy Goblin Knight exclaimed in his heart.

The three brothers were also dumbfounded. When the Fantasy Goblin Knight was outside, they smelled an unfamiliar smell approaching the castle.

Levi’s training for them included familiarizing themselves with the scent of every soldier and servant in the castle. This way, if any strangers approached, they would be able to sense them immediately.

Therefore, the Fantasy Goblin Knight thought that his infiltration was flawless, but he didn’t know that he had been discovered by the three brothers.

Now, he had to face the attacks of three Giant Bears of the Northern Territory. Even though they were still cubs, this made the Fantasy Goblin Knight, an official knight, feel a little nervous.

” Damn it! After this mission is completed, I will ask for more money!”

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