Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 35

Chapter 35

The Life Seed was just a name, not a real seed.

The snake-shaped black mist on the surface of Levi’s heart was the Life Seed cultivated from the Black Snake Breathing Technique. It could also be called the Black Snake Seed.


The capillary-like things at the end of the black mist were completely connected to Levi’s blood circulation system through his heart.

From then on, the energy that Levi obtained from eating would be circulated through his blood, promoting the growth and strengthening of the Life Seed on the surface of his heart.

The black gas emitted by the Life Seed would also flow through Levi’s blood circulation system. Under the effect of the breathing technique, it would flow into Levi’s limbs and bones. This was the circulation of black gas.

The Life Seed was like a new organ in his body, and with a thought, Levi could control any organ that he wanted.

Faint black gas flowed out of the Life Seed, and finally, it passed through the blood and reached a small area on Levi’s arms.

At the same time, Levi saw a snake-shaped black gas crawling on the back of his forearm. He felt his muscles tighten.

His muscles began to harden in a short period of time. He touched them. The texture was similar to that of a car tire. It was rough and tough.

“The Black Snake Breathing Technique focuses on defense. This defense will first be reflected in the small area on the back of the forearm. This way, even when faced with the enemy’s cold weapon barehanded, the hardened area on the forearm can be used to block and defend.”

“I wonder if I can transfer it to my palm.”

Levi tried, and in the end, he managed to transfer this small piece of black gas to his palm with great difficulty. The black gas on his forearm disappeared.

This discovery made Levi ecstatic.

When he tried to move it to his left chest, he failed.

With his current realm, this black gas could only move in the small area of his forearm and palm.

If he wanted the black gas to spread to more places, he would have to constantly strengthen the Life Seed. In the end, if he could reach the same realm as his father, the black gas would basically cover his entire body. Even the bottom could be covered by the black gas and become a real big black spear!

After eating and replenishing his stamina, Levi opened his proficiency panel.

Levi —

[Black Snake Breathing Technique: Level 4 (1/20000), Special Effect: Basic Defense]

“The Black Snake Breathing Technique has broken through to level 4. It finally has a special effect.”

“Basic Defense: By covering part of the body with black gas, it can resist blunt attacks to a certain extent and reduce the damage of sharp attacks.”

Levi looked at the description of the effects of Basic Defense and decided to experiment with it.

Only by thoroughly knowing one’s own strength would one be able to fight better in actual combat.

Since Sir Fred was not around, Levi thought for a moment and went to the bear pen of the three brothers.

At this moment, the three brothers were happily leaning against the rockery, eating delicious fish meat in a paralyzed posture.

“Little White, come here,” Levi called out to Little White, who was the calmest of the three brothers.

When Little White heard the voice, it immediately ran over and stood up happily, wanting to give Levi a loving hug.

Now that the three brothers were almost three years old, they stood three meters tall. Levi, who was more than 1.8 meters tall, looked like a dwarf in front of Little White.

Little White’s weight had reached an astonishing 800 kilograms. In his previous life, it was already about the same weight as a large adult male brown bear.

Each brother would have the strength of a Quasi-Knight. If Levi had not just advanced to an official knight and his strength had not been greatly enhanced, he would have been pushed down even if Little White had deliberately used less strength.

“Alright, alright, stop licking. You’re going to lick my skin off.” Levi laughed and put down Little White.

“Come, Little White, use your claws and attack me with half of your strength,” Levi ordered.

Little White whimpered, clearly not understanding the situation. It did not understand why Levi wanted it to attack him.

Little White shook his head like a rattle-drum, not daring to make a move.

“It’s okay. This is my order. Come on.”

Levi patted Little White’s head. Little Gray and Little Fatty also came over to watch the show.

Little Fatty looked eager to try.

“Go to the side. Your attack is neither light nor heavy.” Levi waved at Little Fatty, who left helplessly.

In the end, Little White mustered up its courage and got into a battle stance.

Levi did not use his knight’s sword either. He was half-naked and did not even wear any leather armor.

“Come on!” Levi waved his hand, and Little White rushed over.

The bear paw brought the wind with it as it charged toward Levi.

“Good timing.”

Levi circulated his Black Snake Breathing Technique, and the Life Seed in his heart quickly sent the black gas through his extraordinary blood circulation to his palms.


Levi was sent flying backward. He flipped a few times and deflected the terrifying impact.

He used his palm to meet Little White’s bear paw.

Although he was an official knight, he was not a strength-type. His strength was several times that of an ordinary adult, but it was still impossible for him to be a match for the Giant Bear of the Northern Territory, which weighed 800 kilograms as a cub, even if it only used half of its strength.

Levi stretched his muscles and opened his palm. Looking at the black rubber-like palm, scratches appeared. These scratches cut through the black protective film, but they did not hurt Levi’s flesh.

“Hahaha, again.”

Levi had a happy expression on his face as he once again fought with Little White.

A man and a bear fought in a primitive melee.

Xiao Gray and Little Fatty were cheering for Little White.

In the end, Little White panted heavily and sat on the ground. It was obvious that it could not take it anymore.

Although Levi was a little tired, he could still fight.

If the black membrane on his palm was broken, he could use the black gas to repair it. As long as the black gas in the Life Seed was not exhausted, it could recover indefinitely.

And after his test, under the full strength of the battle.

The black gas in his Life Seed could last for about five minutes.

Although it wasn’t long, it was enough.

On the battlefield, many things could be done in five minutes.

However, in general, the black gas did not increase Levi’s strength as much as he had imagined. After all, with the armor, he could not use the black gas.

“That’s enough. With my current strength and the Golden Cross Slash that’s about to reach level 4, it’s definitely not something an ordinary official knight can compare to.”

Levi muttered to himself. He put on his clothes, bid farewell to the three brothers, and returned to his bedroom.

The Black Snake Breathing Technique required a total of 20000 proficiency points to break through to level 5. Although an official knight was powerful, it was only the beginning of the knight’s path.

The difference between an official knight and a grand knight was even greater than the difference between a knight attendant and an official knight.

In the entire Emerald Kingdom, there might be thousands of official knights, but there were no more than a hundred grand knights.

There was still a long way to go on the road of gaining experience!

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