Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Levi —

[Black Snake Breathing Technique: Level 3 (Maximum, the limit can be broken)]


[Frost Wolf Breathing Technique: Level 3 (234/10000)]

[Golden Cross Slash: Level 3 (9527/10000)], Special Effect: Advanced Vibration]

[Beast Taming: Level 3 (Maximum), Special Effect: Wild Heart]

[Forging: Level 3 (6666/10000), Special Effect: Fine Grade Certainty]

Levi looked at the proficiency panel, feeling a sense of accomplishment.

The first was the Black Snake Breathing Technique. Under the effect of the Black Snake Secret Medicine every day, Levi took two-thirds of the time he had originally expected to reach the limit of level 3. However, this was not the limit of the Black Snake Breathing Technique.

However, there was an important stage that could not be bypassed before the Black Snake Breathing Technique could be upgraded from level 3 to level 4. That was the condensation of the Life Seed. Once the condensation was successful, Levi would become an official knight and have amazing results.

As for the Frost Wolf Breathing Technique, due to its lower quality, the cultivation of the breathing technique was similar. In addition, Levi was already a Quasi-Knight, so it was not difficult for him to cultivate it.

This Bloodline Breathing Technique was difficult to learn in the early stages. Once it was recorded on the proficiency panel, it would be very easy to cultivate.

The Frost Wolf Breathing Technique’s effects were also particularly remarkable.

Levi’s flexibility and agility were far beyond what he had before. Some time ago, he had specially gone to the deeper parts of Montenegro Mountain and found a wolf pack made up of more than ten Mountain Wolves to test his strength.

As a result, without wearing any armor, Levi used the perfected level 3 Black Snake Breathing Technique and Frost Wolf Breathing Technique, as well as the level 3 Golden Cross Slash, killing ten Mountain Wolves easily.

This was already far beyond the standard of a Quasi-Knight. If an ordinary official knight did not wear armor, they could only deal with a dozen Mountain Wolves at most.

Therefore, Levi estimated that his strength was above that of a Quasi-Knight and was not weaker than an ordinary official knight. However, he did not have a real opponent to verify his strength.

When Sir Fred sparred with Levi, he always unconsciously gave in to Levi, making it difficult to test Levi’s true strength.

As for his sword skill, Golden Cross Slash, he was on the verge of breaking through. If everything went well, he would be able to break through to level 4 in the upcoming Month of Northern Wind and master the Ripple Force that Levi had been looking forward to for a long time!

On this day, Levi stood on the city gate tower and watched Sir Fred lead a team, pulling a carriage and setting off into the distance.

It was time to deliver the goods to the knight from Icewind City. During this period of time, Levi had prepared a total of 12 sets of armor. He kept five sets and distributed them to the five strongest militiamen under his command. As for the other seven sets, he let Sir Fred lead the team to deliver the goods to Icewind City and also to buy ambergris.

Originally, Levi was the one who did all this himself, but he felt that these few days were the golden time for him to condense his Life Seed, so he did not want to delay any longer.

Therefore, he could only let Sir Fred go in his place. However, with Sir Fred’s reliability, Levi believed that nothing would happen.

“I still have over 300 gold coins in my account. After selling this batch of goods, I should be able to earn another 300 gold coins. 600 gold coins should be enough for me to cultivate for a period of time.” Levi muttered to himself.

After watching Sir Fred’s team disappear on the horizon, Levi turned around, returned to the castle, and closed the door.

Next was the most important moment.

After cultivating the breathing technique for more than two years, he had finally reached the most crucial step from a Knight Attendant to a Quasi-Knight.

Once he succeeded, Levi would no longer need to be as timid as before.

Although an official knight was not invincible, it was enough to deal with most enemies in this world.


In the bedroom, Levi, who had recovered to his peak condition, prepared food and water in advance. Looking at the picture of the Black Snake on the wall, he began to condense the Life Seed according to the experience that Sir Fred had imparted to him!

From the perspective of Levi’s previous life, the Life Seed was similar to the Dantian in his previous life. However, the Dantian was located in the abdomen, while the Life Seed was located near the heart.

Levi’s Black Snake Breathing Technique was circulating at a speed far beyond normal. He was performing the posture of the Black Snake Breathing Technique over and over again, like a python that was ready to attack. His twisted and knotted muscles contained infinite power.

A large amount of white smoke rose from Levi’s body. He could feel that the water content in his body was rapidly decreasing, but this was not the time to drink water.

Levi endured the extreme discomfort caused by dehydration and continued to circulate the breathing technique. His blood became thicker and thicker. He felt that if this continued, he might… die. However, at this critical moment, Levi was not willing to forcefully stop the fight.

“I must succeed!”

He used the proficiency panel to work hard bit by bit. How could he fail at the last step?

Levi shouted in his heart!


As Levi circulated his breathing technique to its peak, a powerful aura surged from his limbs and bones like a tide, flowing through his blood circulation and surging toward his heart.

An intense pain came from his left chest.

The pain was too painful!

Heartache in the literal sense!

Levi knew that this was a crucial step in condensing the Life Seed.

If this aura had not entered his heart, Levi could have given up. At most, he could find an opportunity to condense it again in the future. However, once this aura reached his heart, there was no longer the possibility of giving up.

If he didn’t succeed, then… die!

The surging power would blow up the knight’s heart and blow up his organs.

Many people were simply not determined enough and died at this step!

The more shallow the breathing technique, the easier it was to make mistakes in this step.

Fortunately, the Black Snake Breathing Technique was an excellent breathing technique, so the danger was much lower. The success rate of condensing the Life Seed was also much higher.

Levi’s cultivation was based on his proficiency panel. He had to take one step at a time, and his foundation was very solid. In the end, after enduring the intense pain for five minutes, Levi, who was pale, finally heaved a sigh of relief.

He wiped the sweat off his forehead and laughed loudly. From the millennium to the present year 1006, six years had passed. From a Page, a Knight Attendant, to a Quasi-Knight, and then to the present.

He, Levi, was now an official Knight!

Although Levi did not have x-ray vision, after becoming an official knight, he could vaguely sense that there was a black snake-like gas on the surface of his heart. It was indistinct and winding. At the end of this gas, countless capillary-like things spread out, crawling all over Levi’s heart and connecting with all the blood vessels on it.

“Black gas.”

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