Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 31

Chapter 31

However, even with the church’s arrival, Levi believed that he was a well-behaved person.

As long as he did not provoke the church, they would not do anything to him.


It was just that he couldn’t afford to miss out on paying the tithe and various other church taxes like before because the Emperor was far away.

It couldn’t be helped. The church was the one who set the rules of this world.

Regardless of whether the gods were real or not, the seven orthodox churches were well-deserved giants.

In the Emerald Kingdom, the Church of Holy Light was the sky.

“In the end, it’s because I don’t have the strength. If I had the strength of a Grand Knight, I would be able to stay away from worldly disputes and protect myself anywhere in this world.”

“And if I become a Legendary Knight, just like the Shining Tavern that is rumored to have a Legendary Knight overseeing it, I will directly open the black market in the cities and territories in the various kingdoms. You won’t be able to say anything if I don’t pay taxes to you.”

In an era where miracles did not appear, Legendary Knights were gods in the mortal world.

Therefore, Levi’s goal was clear.

He also wanted to become a Legendary Knight and become a god in the human world.

In the blink of an eye, the Month of Flowers had passed.

According to Sir Fred’s intelligence, the church had acted quickly.

They had just sent away the masters of Rock Hill and Frost Wind Territory, and then they started to order the serfs in the territory to build a church that was even more magnificent than Levi’s castle.

At the end of the Month of Flowers, Levi practiced the Frost Wolf Breathing Technique step by step according to the legacy scroll.

“It’s already been a month. I’ve only been cultivating the Black Snake Breathing Technique for half a month. Does the Bloodline Breathing Technique really require a bloodline?”

Levi was unwilling to accept this. Logically speaking, he should be able to learn the basic level of the breathing technique in a few days. However, he had been cultivating the basic level of the Frost Wolf Breathing Technique for a month and still had not learned it.

This made him a little discouraged.

“I’ll hold on for another month. If it doesn’t work, I’ll try the Giant Bear Breathing Technique. If the second technique doesn’t work either, I’ll give up. That magic armor can only be melted into mithril and reforged into ordinary armor.”

Levi muttered to himself. It would be a lie if he wasn’t disappointed.

However, this month was not a fruitless one. With the help of the Black Snake Secret Medicine, his Black Snake Breathing Technique’s proficiency increased by 1,000 points in just one month, which was more than twice the normal rate of cultivation.

According to this speed, he could become an official knight before he finished the Black Snake Secret Medicine. The prerequisite was that he had successfully condensed the Life Seed.

The proficiency of Golden Cross Slash had also increased by more than 1,000.

He had also made a breakthrough in forging. This month, he had been forging armor plates. This was a delicate job, much more difficult than forging a knight’s sword.

As it was his first time forging, Levi was not very familiar with it. Coupled with the fact that he had a lot of things to do recently, it took him a month to finish the main parts of the armor.

On this day, Levi was hammering on the forging table in the castle again.

He used the cold forging method to forge the armor. The knight had asked Levi to design something similar to plate armor. This kind of armor was relatively easy to make, and it was better than the cumbersome chain mail.

Moreover, only this kind of plate armor could defend against crossbows and longswords on the battlefield. Chainmail could only defend against some ordinary bows and arrows, but it was lighter.

Levi’s upper body was bare, revealing his strong muscles. The last part of the plate armor, the breastplate, was also gradually taking shape under his repeated tempering.

In the end, with the notification of proficiency, Levi’s set of plate armor, which was specially designed for that knight, finally took shape.

As for Levi, he could be considered an Official Blacksmith.

[Forging Proficiency +101]

The sharp lines, the rough beauty, the heavy temperament, and the metallic fragrance made Levi admire his masterpiece with satisfaction.

“Not bad, not bad. Let’s set the price at 25 gold coins per set.” Levi thought to himself, Under normal circumstances, the market price of this kind of plate armor is about 20 gold coins.

However, with the buff of [Fine Grade Certainty], the quality of his own equipment would definitely be better than those forged by ordinary blacksmiths. It was not expensive at all to sell them for 25 gold coins.

Only nobles and knights had the money to buy a full set of armor that was worth twenty oxen. It was already good enough for an ordinary Quasi-Knight or an attendant to have a part of it.

It couldn’t be helped. The most important reason was that this world’s productivity was backward, and iron production was extremely low.

After transmigrating to this world, Levi realized how blissful he was in his previous life.

Even though he was a noble, his happiness was far from what it was in his previous life.

The comfort and convenience brought by technology would only become precious once he lost it.

“I’ve gained hundreds of Forging Proficiency Points just by forging this plate armor. This is really a big project.”

“Once I forge a few dozen pieces, I should be able to advance to level 4. I wonder if the special effects will change.”


[Black Snake Breathing Technique: Level 3 (5011/10000)]

[Golden Cross Slash: Level 3 (5427/10000)]. Special Effect: Advanced Vibration]

[Beast Taming: Level 3 (Maximum). Special Effect: Wild Heart

[Forging: Level 3 (2008/10000). Special Effect: Fine Grade Certainty


Levi looked at the proficiency panel. Although there was no change in the number of levels compared to a few months ago, the progress bar had made significant progress.

As soon as he put away the armor, he saw Sir Fred walking over. He had been waiting here for a while.

“Sir Fred, what is it?” Levi asked after putting on his clothes.

“Young Master, the people from the church are here.” Sir Fred shrugged and said.

“How many people came?”

“Just two. A priest and an official knight.”

“Then let’s go take a look.”

Levi put on his noble attire. For safety, he wore a layer of chainmail underneath.

Ever since he learned about the dangers of this world, Levi had been wearing a two-layered chainmail when he slept. There was also a piece of heart-protecting armor on his chest. It was very uncomfortable, but it was safer.

Outside the castle, a priest in a white holy light robe was accompanied by a church knight in silver armor. He stood outside the castle gate and waited for the master to open the door.

“Sir Abraham, Baron Black Snake is really rude. He actually made us wait in this poor place for so long.” The slender knight said unhappily.

As an official knight of the church and a member of the Radiant Knights, he was respected by everyone wherever he went.

The priest glanced at the knight and said calmly, “Knight Glimmer, don’t be impatient. Your weakness will be caught by the enemy.”

As the castle gates opened, Levi and Sir Fred slowly rode out on their horses. Levi had a smile on his face as he dismounted and gave a standard noble salute.

“Dear Priest Abraham, I sincerely welcome you to Black Water Valley. ”

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