Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 32

Chapter 32

Black Water Valley, in the meeting hall of the castle.

Priest Abraham sat upright, and Knight Glimmer stood straight beside him.


Levi sat opposite Priest Abraham, with Sir Fred protecting him. Levi looked a little reserved and afraid, and these small expressions were captured by Priest Abraham, who was good at observing people’s expressions.

“As expected, he’s still an immature youth.” The priest muttered to himself. Before he came, he had naturally done the investigation of the surrounding nobles. He paid special attention to Black Water Valley, where a big shot like the Black Snake Knight had appeared.

He had heard that this little baron was timid and afraid of trouble, and now that he looked at it, it was indeed the case.

Priest Abraham coughed and said seriously, “Baron Levi, I’m here to buy Black Water Valley.” Priest Abraham said straightforwardly.

In this era, the church itself was a super overlord. Through various annexation methods, the territory directly controlled by the church was second only to the royal family. Many local churches and monasteries directly or indirectly controlled many manors and land.

One of the most important methods of annexation was to buy their territories from the fallen nobles.

Hearing this, Sir Fred’s expression changed and he looked at Levi.

Levi was not in a hurry to refuse. If the other party offered a good price, then it did not matter if he sold it. He just lowered his head and remained silent.

Priest Abraham smiled and continued, “2000 gold coins. This price is twice the price I offered to the heirs of the Rock Bear family and the Frost Wolf family. It’s mainly out of the respect the church has for the Black Snake Knight.

“I also know that the annual income of Black Water Valley is less than 100 gold coins. This amount of money is enough for Baron Levi and Sir Fred to live comfortably for the rest of your lives.

“Baron Levi should also be aware that a remote and poor land like the Black Water Valley was destined to not develop into a fertile land. The natural conditions here limited the development of this place.

“Rather than that, it would be better to sell it to us and let the church manage it.”

After saying that, Priest Abraham looked at Levi with a smile, calm and confident.

He believed that this famous “coward” and “prodigal” wouldn’t refuse such an excellent offer.

However, the current Levi was no longer the same as before. With his own forging skills, he could earn back 2000 gold coins sooner or later. Why would he sell the land? It was easier to sell land than to redeem it!

Under normal circumstances, the nobles in this world would not trade their territories, which were the foundation of their status, unless they were desperate, such as the heirs, Baron Frost Wolf and Baron Rock Bear.

Using 2,000 gold coins to buy Black Water Valley was a little low. Although the valley was remote and backward, it was huge. Even though most of the land was steep and uncultivable, the church was going too far to buy it for 2,000 gold coins.

The most important thing was that Levi had already established absolute prestige in this territory. This was an intangible value that could only be exchanged for long-term management. Even if he used the money given by the church to buy a new territory, it meant that he had to start from scratch and readjust. The time cost was too high.

“I’m sorry, Priest Abraham. Our Black Snake family has already lived here for 200 years. Every brick and tile here is filled with the feelings of our family. Every citizen here also treats us as their masters. As their lord, how can I abandon them?” Levi shook his head and refused. Sir Fred heaved a sigh of relief.

This was the backbone that the descendants of the Black Snake family should have. They couldn’t protect Tulip Hill and Stormy Hill because there were too many interests involved in those two territories. With their strength, they really couldn’t participate. However, the Black Water Valley was the ancestral land and the last territory of the Black Snake family. They absolutely couldn’t lose it.

Moreover, even if it was Tulip Hill and Stormy Hill, Levi was still the owner of those two territories in name. It was just that he did not have any real power. However, if Levi had the strength one day, he could take them back. With this name, it would be justified to take them back.

However, if the title deed was sold and the ownership of the land was transferred to the church, it would completely belong to the church. If they wanted to get it back, they would either have to buy it back from the church or wage war against them.

These two choices were impossible.

“Oh, Baron Levi, are you not going to consider it?” Priest Abraham said with a smile, but his tone was unquestionable.

To be honest, a small baron actually dared to reject him. This made Priest Abraham a little impatient, but he was very good at hiding his emotions.

“I’m sorry, but if the priest’s purpose is to take away the last territory of our family, I can’t agree. Even if I agree, my people won’t agree.” Levi looked nervous, but his tone was firm.

Although he was still weak now, this did not mean that he had to make endless concessions on issues related to his core interests.

The Wild Boar Gang had snatched away Old Toby, who was only a blacksmith. The territory could still operate without him, but without the territory, how could he cultivate the breathing technique? Without the territory, he would have to spend a lot of money on his clothes, food, accommodation, and transportation. Moreover, he had no source of income. He couldn’t possibly work as a blacksmith for others. 2,000 gold coins might seem like a lot, but it was actually not worth it.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this for now. However, I welcome Baron Levi to come to the Silver Moon Territory to discuss this matter with me at any time. Let’s move on to the second matter, about the tax arrears in the Black Water Valley.

“Baron Levi, you should know that you have three territories under your name, all of which need to pay taxes to the church.

“After your father passed away, the church gave Tulip Hill and Stormy Hill the most preferential tax policies in order to take care of the Black Snake family. As for the Black Water Valley, the church has always turned a blind eye because of its remote location.

“Baron Levi, you should know that according to the rules, the church can levy taxes on all territories under the Heavenly Father, regardless of whether the church has previously levied taxes on them. There is no time limit for the tax to be levied. The church can decide whether to levy taxes on them or not.

“In other words, from the time your family took over the Black Water Valley until now, the church has had the right to collect taxes for the past two hundred years. It’s just that the church didn’t do so before.

“Baron Levi, what do you plan to do with the taxes that Black Water Valley owes?”

Priest Abraham asked calmly. The meaning behind his words was self-evident.

“We will pay the taxes that we should pay,” Levi replied. He sneered in his heart. He could not enjoy the tax benefits that the church had given to the Black Snake family. After all, the income from those two territories was not for him.

To put it bluntly, because of the death of his father, a top-notch expert, in this era of chaos and greed, all kinds of large and small forces wanted to divide the last bit of things his father left behind.

It was not a bad idea for the church to buy the land. At least they would pay for it. At that time, the situation in Tulip Hill and Storm Hilly was much more severe than now. The minions of the Duke of Montenegro threatened Levi directly or indirectly.

“The feeling of being weak is really unpleasant!”

Even though they were unhappy, they couldn’t directly refuse paying taxes.

If he rejected this, it would mean that Levi had completely rebelled against the authority of the church. Levi was not afraid of Abraham, a mere priest.

He was afraid of the Church of Holy Light, which was a huge force formed by monasteries, churches, clergymen, and complicated networks all over the country. This included the most powerful armed forces of the Church of Holy Light: Radiant Knights!

A force made up of hundreds of official knights and seven grand knights, the invincible sword of the church, was enough to flatten all forces in the kingdom that dared to resist them.

Levi had the proficiency panel. Becoming a wizard might be unknown, but becoming a grand knight or even a legendary knight was a sure thing as long as he was alive.

Therefore, he knew that he had to endure some things. Priest Abraham had turned buying land into paying taxes. To be honest, it was already a “benevolent” action among the people in the church. He had given Levi a way out.

“Alright, thank you for your cooperation, Baron Levi. This is the total amount of taxes that we have calculated for the past few years for Black Water Valley. In view of the great contribution of the Black Snake Knight to the cause of the church, we have already waived the huge late payment fee for the tax arrears. We will only take the principal. Please pay it, Baron.” Priest Abraham handed over a tax bill. He had obviously prepared it long ago.

First, he would discuss buying the territory with Levi. It would be best if he agreed.

If he didn’t agree, then fine. He could pay the taxes he owed immediately.

Levi took the tax receipt and looked at the amount on it. The corner of his eyes could not help but twitch.

“1000 gold coins.”

This old fellow had traced back to a hundred years ago.

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