Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 30

Chapter 30

“Young Master, you’re finally back.” Sir Fred opened the city gate for Levi to welcome him.

“Nothing happened in the territory while I was away, right?” Levi asked.


“Everything is normal in the territory. Did your trip go smoothly?”

“It’s alright.”

After exchanging pleasantries with Sir Fred, Levi returned to his room.

This time, he had spent all the gold coins at the bottom of the metal box. Levi had become a pauper again overnight.

“But I gained a lot this time.”

Two bottles of ambergris, two Bloodline Breathing Techniques, a stable sales channel for weapons and armor, and some miscellaneous books.

Levi had basically achieved his goal for this trip.

Now, everything was ready. All that was left was to concoct the secret medicine.

The next day, Levi had a good night’s sleep, and the sky was bright.

The concoction of the Black Snake Secret Medicine did not require any technical work. This was different from the alchemy in his previous life. It did not require any fire refinement.

He only needed to mix them according to a fixed ratio and then knead them into small pills.

Therefore, Levi successfully concocted 200 secret medicine.

If too much of the secret medicine was mixed, the effect of the ambergris would be diluted too much, resulting in it not being effective.

According to the formula, these two bottles of ambergris could be used to make about 200 pills.

If he took one pill a day, it would be enough for Levi to cultivate for the next half a year.

After concocting the secret medicine, Levi swallowed it. After preparing the food, he could not wait to start cultivating the Black Snake Breathing Technique.

His breathing technique cultivationhas been delayed since he spent two days outside.

About an hour later, Levi completed one round of breathing technique cultivation.

[Black Snake Breathing Technique Proficiency +10]

“Taking the secret medicine is really different. Under normal circumstances, I can only increase my proficiency by 1-2 points by circulating the breathing technique once. With the secret medicine’s enhancement, my proficiency increased by several times. Unfortunately, at the level of a Quasi-Knight, I can only take one secret medicine a day. I can’t take more than that. Going too far is as bad as falling short.”

After taking the Black Snake Secret Medicine, he could clearly feel that when he was circulating the Black Snake Breathing Technique, there was a cold current flowing through his body. This cold current seemed to be the effect of the Black Snake Secret Medicine. With the support of this cold current, Levi maintained a high level of concentration and was in an extremely efficient state of cultivation.

After cultivating the breathing technique, wisps of white gas began to spread out from the pores of Levi’s body. After the white gas passed, some black stains were expelled from his body.

“The… the Black Snake Secret Medicine actually has such an effect, expelling some of the impurities in my body.”

After eliminating the toxins, he took a shower and felt relaxed.

Levi took advantage of the fact that he was still in a good state to practice the Golden Cross Slash.

[Golden Cross Slash Proficiency +3]

“That’s right. The Black Snake Secret Medicine seems to be able to help people maintain a high level of concentration, thus increasing their efficiency and entering a state of enlightenment. Therefore, not only the breathing technique but also the cultivation effect of the sword skill is far better than usual. This is good stuff.”

Not only that, Levi did not know if it was his imagination, but he felt that after consuming the Black Snake Breathing Technique, his physical fitness had improved slightly. He guessed that it might be a special effect brought about by the first time he consumed it.

After practicing the breathing technique and the Golden Cross Slash a few more times, he completed today’s cultivation mission.

Then, Levi took out the Frost Wolf Breathing Technique and the Giant Bear Breathing Technique that he had bought at the auction.

These two breathing techniques were both shallow breathing techniques, and they were also Bloodline Breathing Techniques. Among all the breathing techniques, they were the least valuable.

Levi was the first to open the Giant Bear Breathing Technique legacy scroll.

On the goatskin parchment, there was a picture of a small person similar to his own Black Snake Breathing Technique. The small person was in all kinds of different postures. If the Black Snake Breathing Technique was strange, then the posture of the Giant Bear Breathing Technique small person had big movements. It was more like some fierce fist techniques from his previous life.

In the middle of these small people was a huge bear the size of a small mountain. The huge bear roared at the sky and emitted a wild aura.

This was the clan emblem of the Rock Bear family [Rock Bear].

“It’s obvious that the Giant Bear Breathing Technique is a breathing technique that focuses on strength. This is a complementary technique to my Black Snake Breathing Technique.”

Levi then looked at the other Frost Wolf Breathing Technique. The contents of the legacy scroll were similar to the Giant Bear Breathing Technique. It was nothing more than a few small figures in different poses, surrounded by a silver-white giant wolf in the middle. This was the Frost Wolf family’s crest, [Silver Frost Wolf].

Levi noticed that the appearance of this giant wolf was actually somewhat similar to the Mountain Wolf King he had killed. It was not just its appearance, but its expression and aura.

However, since the Mountain Wolf King was already dead and had turned into ashes, it did not matter if it was related.

“Frost Wolf Breathing Technique is a breathing technique that focuses on reaction speed and agility. Not bad. If I can learn these two breathing techniques, with Black Snake’s as the main defense, Rock Bear’s main strength, and Frost Wolf’s main speed, wouldn’t I be a Polygon Warrior?” Levi smiled.

“Let’s start with the Frost Wolf Breathing Technique. My strength is still alright. I have the armor and the Black Snake Breathing Technique for defense, so I don’t lack them for the time being. What I lack the most now is speed and flexibility. All martial arts in the world are invincible, only speed is invincible!”

“Let’s see if I can put the Frost Wolf Breathing Technique into the proficiency panel first. As long as it can enter the panel, let alone a breathing technique, even if it’s a God’s forbidden spell, I’ll think of a way to bring it to the maximum level as long as I have the time.”

The proficiency panel was Levi’s greatest reliance.

It seemed that this cheat was ordinary and could only reflect proficiency.

However, this was the most awesome part of the cheat. It meant that some extremely difficult things were all reflected through the proficiency of data.

On the other hand, Levi only needed to play games to increase his proficiency.

Where there is hard work, there must be something to be gained, and there must be feedback.

Cultivation was no longer blindly based on experience and rough perception. Instead, there was a clear reference and a detailed goal to continuously advance.

It was not something that could be completed in a day or two if one wanted to learn the basics of breathing techniques.

It took Levi half a month to learn the Black Snake Breathing Technique.

Although the Frost Wolf Breathing Technique was at the shallow level, it would still take some time for Levi to fully understand the postures of the pictures.

Levi did not stay idle while he was cultivating the breathing technique. It was as if his energy was endless. Whenever he had free time, he would go and forge. He was going to study the blueprint that the knight had given him and try to forge armor. In three months, he would have to hand over a batch of goods.

As the days passed, Levi’s life was extremely fulfilling. In the courtyard of the castle, the three brothers were also growing up happily. As a huge amount of food entered their stomachs, their bodies were expanding at a speed visible to the naked eye. After a period of time, they would grow a little bigger.

Year 1006 of the Jade Calendar, the third day of the Month of Flowers.

Levi also learned from Sir Fred that his two neighbors, the heirs of Frost Wind Territory and Rock Hill, had sold their ancestral fiefs and moved to Icewind City, becoming the lowest landless aristocrats. The buyer of the fiefs was the Church of Holy Light.

It was said that the church wanted to build a new church in the Silver Moon Territory so that the Holy Light of the Heavenly Father could warm the people in this extremely cold land.

Levi cursed in his heart.

He always had a premonition that his peaceful life would be broken by the arrival of the church.

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