Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Holy Brilliance Calendar Year 1006, the last day of the Month of Vitality.

The Shining Auction was held in the Shining Tavern as promised.


The auctioneer was the beautiful and sexy lady boss.

She wore revealing clothes and came to the center under the hungry gazes of the brawny men.

The auction officially began.

Levi wore the white wolf mask and sat in the last seat.

With his wealth of 100 gold coins, he should only be able to buy one item at this auction. After all, those who could come to the Shining Tavern were all rich people in the Northern Region. In this era where nobles were everywhere, and these titles were common, who was not a noble?

Every month, there would be ten items on auction, and they were usually entrusted by the members of the tavern. According to Levi’s knowledge, one could become a member of the Shining Tavern by paying 100 gold coins in one go, and the membership would be valid for five years.

During the period of validity, members could enjoy free admission, and service fees for auctions would be waived.

Levi knew that many of those d*mn rich nobles were members of the tavern. For example, his father was a noble Shining Member when he was alive, but unfortunately, membership could not be inherited.

The first item was a knight’s sword. With Levi’s current level 3 forging skills, he could tell that the craftsmanship of this knight’s sword was very exquisite, far superior to his own. It should have been made by a master, and its design was simple and unadorned, a little like the craftsmanship of the past.

“This is the sword of a grand knight of the Vigikode family from a hundred years ago. It was forged by the craftsman, ‘Flaming Hammer’ Hagrid Eamon. It’s a divine weapon. Whether it’s for real combat or collection, it has a high price. The starting price is 10 gold coins, and each increment must be no less than 5 gold coins.”

With the lady boss’s charming voice, the atmosphere was ignited.

“Oh my god, the first item is already so awesome.”

“The Flaming Hammer, a famous craftsman in the Northern Territory a hundred years ago. He was once the royal blacksmith. His products must be the best.”

A blacksmith who knew the industry exclaimed.

Levi was also surprised. In the past year, he had learned about the history of forging in the kingdom from Little Milan and some forging books. The Flaming Hammer was definitely an amazing blacksmith.

In essence, blacksmiths were not divided into realms like knights. However, people still divided blacksmiths into three ranks according to their fame and the quality of their forging.

The current Levi was a Blacksmith Apprentice. However, as a level 3 blacksmith, he should be considered an advanced apprentice. He was only one step away from completing his apprenticeship and becoming an Official Blacksmith when he would be able to forge armor.

Above Blacksmith Apprentice was an Official Blacksmith. Little Milan’s father, Old Toby, was one. The armor worn by Sir Fred and Levi was made by Old Toby. Unfortunately, Old Toby was snatched away by the Wild Boar Gang, but Levi would get him back sooner or later.

Those who had reached the peak of their forging career and were recognized as forging masters by the nobles and knights of the kingdom were called Blacksmith Masters.

Such a person would receive a large number of commissions every day. Countless noble knights would beg to have a divine weapon forged for them. They had a noble status, and they were definitely treasures in any force.

The difference between an Official Blacksmith and a Blacksmith Master was comparable to the difference between a Knight and a Grand Knight.

In the end, this knight’s sword made by a Blacksmith Master was bought by a rich noble at the price of 100 gold coins.

No matter how good the knight’s sword was, it was definitely not worth a hundred gold coins due to the limitations of technology in this era. It could only be said that the value of the Blacksmith Master’s brand was too great.

Levi was also determined to continue forging. Once he became a Blacksmith Master, he should be able to achieve freedom in wealth.

The second item up for auction was a knight’s plate armor made of the best ghostly iron produced in Rocky Mountain. It was said that a thumb-sized mithril had been melted into it. Compared to ordinary iron, ghost iron had much higher performance in all aspects, but its melting point was also extremely high, making it very difficult to forge.

Mithril, on the other hand, was a legendary material. It could only be produced in places where meteorites fell from outer space. According to Witch Gullwig, mithril was an extraordinary material recognized by wizards. It was the most cost-effective material for conducting Aether.

This knight armor was sold for 480 gold coins.

“This trashy plate armor is far inferior to my Frost Giant Magic Armor, and it can be sold for a few hundred gold coins. Mine is made entirely of mithril, so its value can’t be measured in mortal gold coins.”

Finally, it was time for the breathing technique segment that Levi needed.

“Everyone, the breathing technique that we are auctioning this time is a package of two. They are the Frost Wolf Breathing Technique of the Frost Wolf family and the Giant Bear Breathing Technique of the Rock Bear family. The starting price is 100 gold coins, and each increment must not be less than 1 gold coin.”

“Although these two breathing techniques are shallow quality, as breathing techniques of nobles, they still have some collection value. If there are breathing technique collectors present, you can consider them.”

The lady boss seemed to be worried that these two breathing techniques would not sell, so she spared no effort in promoting them.

Hearing the lady boss’s words, Levi’s expression changed. He did not expect that the item being auctioned was the breathing technique of his two neighbors.

“It seems that the descendants of my two neighbors, Frost Wolf Knight and Rock Bear Knight, have been reduced to selling their ancestral breathing techniques for a living after their father died. However, these two breathing techniques are only at the shallow level. Moreover, they are Bloodline Breathing Technique. Other than me, no one else would buy them…”

At the auction house, the other nobles and knights began to discuss.

However, after a while, there were only scattered bids.

In the end, when Levi raised the price to 120 gold coins, no one else bid.

Levi successfully bought two Bloodline Breathing Techniques for 120 gold coins.

This price was reasonable.

If it was a non-bloodline breathing technique, even if it was a shallow one, it would cost at least a few hundred gold coins.

The Bloodline Breathing Technique was a priceless treasure to the disciples with the noble bloodline, but to most outsiders, it was of little value.

After all, they couldn’t be used for cultivation. They could only be used for collection. Even if the nobles had money, they wouldn’t spend it like this. Especially in this era of war, money should be used on weapons, defensive equipment, and necessities like food.

After the auction ended and Levi received the breathing techniques, he hurriedly left the auction site. He changed into a new set of clothes and went to the Jade Chamber of Commerce to prepare the other ingredients for the secret medicine. Other than ambergris, the other ingredients were very common. As for the snake blood required for the secret medicine, Levi bought a basket of White Crystal Snakes, which were unique to the cold climate of the Northern Territory.

In addition, Levi also strolled around the library and bookstores in Icewind City. He spent a lot of money buying anything that might be related to wizards.

After that, Levi hurried through the night. This time, he took a more remote mountain path. Other than encountering some wolves along the way, he did not encounter any bandits.

Year 1006 of the Holy Brilliance Calendar, the second day of the Month of Grass.

When the travel-worn Levi arrived at the Black Water Valley, Sir Fred, who was in the castle, finally relaxed when he saw Levi return.

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