Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 28

Chapter 28

There was still some time before the Shining Auction, so Levi found an empty space and started setting up his stall.

There was no need to pay for the booth fee. It had already been paid in the glass of wine in the tavern’s entrance ticket.


“How rich is this Shining Tavern? In the true sense, it’s as rich as a country.” Levi placed the knight’s sword that he planned to sell in front of him, feeling envious.

Compared to the Shining Tavern, the Jade Chamber of Commerce was nothing. Levi estimated that this tavern in Icewind City could earn hundreds of gold coins a day just from the cost of the wine alone. In a year, it would be tens of thousands of gold coins. This was almost the annual income of a high-level earl.

Levi’s father had wanted to invest in the Shining Tavern, but even with his identity as a grand knight, he could not find a way to invest in it. Moreover, the Shining Tavern has never seemed to accept new shareholders.

“Buddy, how much is this sword?” A person wearing the same white wolf mask stood in front of Levi’s stall.

“Fine quality longsword, two gold coins per piece. No bargaining. We can accept custom orders and large quantities of purchases. You will need to provide a design for custom orders.” Levi said in a low voice.

“It’s a little expensive.” The man turned around and left.

Levi was not in a hurry. He was still very confident in the knight’s sword that he had created. 2 gold coins were definitely not expensive.

Those who could enter the Shining Tavern were basically local big shots or knights. Levi believed that there would be people who knew what was good for them.

Not long after, a muscular knight wearing an iron helmet stood in front of Levi. A heavy meteor hammer hung from his waist. Judging from his aura, he was obviously an official knight. “Buddy, I heard that you accept the custom production of weapons and armor.”

Levi raised his head, and the expression under the white wolf mask changed slightly.

“It’s another official knight, and his aura is even stronger than the official knight who sold me ambergris. He’s also using a meteor hammer, so he should be cultivating a strength-based breathing technique.” Levi analyzed in his heart.

“That’s right. You need to provide blueprints, weapons, defensive equipment, and even some special firearms to customize them… As long as you have the design, I can do it.” Levi said confidently.

“It seems that you are an impressive blacksmith.” The official knight said in a calm tone.

“It’s alright.”

“I’ll buy these two swords. In addition, I hope that we can reach long-term exclusive cooperation. The weapons and defensive equipment you forge will be sold to me first, and you can’t sell them to other lords. As for the price, I can buy them at a price that is 20% higher than the market price.”

The knight said.

At the same time, he threw five gold coins on the stall, allowing Levi to successfully earn back the money for the drinks.

“No problem. The transaction location will be set at the Shining Tavern.” Levi said.

With his strength, it would be easy for others to rob him if he were to trade outside.

However, no one could cause trouble here in the Shining Tavern.

The black market had its own rules.

“Sure, it’s a pleasure working with you. How I should address you?”

“White Wolf Geralt.” Levi touched his mask and suddenly remembered a game from his previous life.

“Alright, Mr. Geralt. Let’s meet at the Shining Tavern on the last day of every three months. I hope you can come on time. I need a large number of weapons, armor, and horse gear. These are the design drawings.”

“By the way, Sir White Wolf, I wonder if you’re interested in joining a great organization with a limitless future and a bright future…”

The knight suddenly asked, but before he could finish, he was interrupted by Levi.

“No, I don’t.” Levi refused decisively.

The knight was silent for a moment before he suddenly smiled and said, “If you change your mind, you can tell me when we meet again in the future.”

Then, the knight left the Shining Tavern. Levi looked at the man’s back excitedly.

“With that, the problem of sales has been solved. I know that the quality of my forging will definitely not be a problem. The special effect of [Fine Grade Certainty] is no joke.”

“That should be a knight from a certain territory. It seems that his ambition is not small. He bought so many weapons and defensive equipment and even wanted to pull me into his team. He must be plotting something, but what does this have to do with me?” Levi shook his head. In any case, no one knew his identity. Even if that person purchased weapons and armor to rebel, he would not implicate him.

Meanwhile, in a mansion somewhere in Icewind City, the heavily armored knight who had finished his deal with Levi took off his iron helmet, revealing his scarred face. He knelt on the ground, and in front of him was a half-naked, muscular man who was breathing in and out white smoke.

“Vice President, I found another good blacksmith and have discussed a collaboration with him.” The knight lowered his head and said.

“Not bad, Wild Boar Knight. I’m very satisfied with your recent performance. The Lord of the Wilderness will definitely see your loyalty and hard work.” The muscular man who was called the vice president put on his clothes. When he stood up, he was 2.5 meters tall, like a small giant. Even the Wild Boar Knight seemed small in front of him.

“I haven’t been to Brotherhood’s headquarters for a long time. How’s the situation with our equipment?” The brawny man put on his armor and asked.

“Currently, our Brotherhood has a total of 2,500 sets of defensive equipment and weapons, as well as 1,000 Alpine Warhorses. After years of hard work, we have dozens of blacksmiths forging the equipment we need every day. We are also looking for new blacksmiths in various ways across the country to purchase weapons and equipment to speed up our improvement.”

The Wild Boar Knight said. He was a small leader in charge of the production of weapons and armor. Other than being an official knight, he was also a skilled blacksmith.

“Yes, not bad, but it’s far from enough. If we want to overthrow these greedy and hateful nobles, we need at least ten thousand fully armed cavalrymen and hundreds of official knights who will charge into the front lines! I’m only one step away from becoming a grand knight. After I advance to become a grand knight, our Wilderness Brotherhood will have two grand knights. Our actions won’t be so restricted,” the Vice President said.

“Congratulations, my Lord!” The Wild Boar Knight’s expression was excited, and it seemed to be sincere.

“Oh right, the deal with the Lamp Spirit last time was pretty good. With the help of the Lamp Spirit, I successfully broke through from a high-level knight to the realm of a peak knight. My breathing technique has also improved. I guess I still need the Lamp Spirit to help me advance to a grand knight. I’ll have to trouble you with this matter.” The Vice President took out an ancient black snuff bottle.

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