Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

No one knew when the Shining Tavern began to appear in the major cities of the kingdom. Not only in the Emerald Kingdom but the Shining Tavern also left traces in the other six countries.

This was an organization that covered the entire continent. It had many functions such as underground transactions, bounty commissions, and so on.


Of course, in the eyes of the ordinary people who were rejected by the exorbitant price of 1 gold coin, this was a place for the filthy rich and the royal family to have fun. There were scantily dressed beautiful women everywhere. Many of them came from foreign lands and had a unique charm.

Inside and outside the tavern were two different worlds.

Levi’s father was a grand knight, so he naturally knew about the Shining Tavern.

If possible, he did not want to enter.

But now that the Jade Chamber of Commerce had run out of stock, he could only try it here.

“Give me a glass of Lion King’s Spirit.”

Levi took out a gold coin and handed it to the burly man who had the strength of a knight.

To be able to let a knight-level powerhouse guard the door, it could be seen that the Shining Tavern was not ordinary.

This was a magical organization that seemed to be somewhat detached from the nobles, the royal power, and even the theocracy of the church.

One gold coin could buy a cow, a good knight’s longsword, and a high and mighty priest of the Church of Holy Light in Icewind City to pray for you.

But here, it was only worth a glass of wine.

Of course, this was also an admission ticket.

The burly man handed over a glass of wine that was shining with a faint golden light.

“Drink it and you can go in.”

This was the Lion King’s Spirit, used to commemorate the powerful legendary knight, the Lionheart Knight.

There were only seven types of wine in the entire Shining Tavern, and they were rotated seven days. As an entrance ticket to the tavern, they were all sold for 1 gold coin.

Lion King’s Spirit, Blood Wine, Hundred Flowers Wine, Snow Beer, Black Rum, Gold Spirit, and Nameless Wine.

Other than that, there was no other wine.

These seven wines were said to be in memory of the seven deceased legendary knights.

Lionheart Knight Rhine, Blood Knight Brad, Flower Knight Elena, Snowflake Knight Flair, Black Knight Blake, Golden Knight Gregor, and Thousand Faced Knight whose real name no one knew.

Therefore, many people guessed that the big boss behind the Shining Tavern must be the legendary Legendary Knight. That was why he could open a black market in the seven countries and under the nose of the nobles and royal families in the major cities.

Levi was not worried that the wine would be poisoned. After all, the reputation of the Shining Tavern was very famous in the underground world.

After drinking, he walked into the tavern, and the liveliness and noise hit his face.

The scent of hormones was mixed with the strong smell of alcohol.

At the bar counter, a beautiful lady boss was drinking Hundred Flowers Wine.

Many people in the tavern wore masks like Levi, but there were also many who were bold and skilled and showed their real faces.

The boorish men were drinking and flirting with the maids in the tavern. Then, they were scolded by the lady boss, but they did not dare to talk back.

As everyone knew, anyone who dared to attack the staff of the Shining Tavern would not have a good ending.

Levi passed through the noisy crowd and arrived at a domed room behind the tavern.

This was where the tavern’s trading market was located. In front of simple stalls, people were selling their goods. There was also a large wooden sign with various commission contents written on it with chalk.

These commissions were all personal commissions, and the Shining Tavern was only responsible for the platform.

There were all kinds of content, so it gave birth to a profession that specialized in accepting commissions in exchange for rewards: bounty hunters.

Many wandering knights had become bounty hunters.

Levi walked around the market and finally stopped in front of a person wearing armor.

There was a small black bottle in his stall. Even though the lid was closed, the thing inside still emitted a strange and charming fragrance. Levi had smelled this fragrance many times when his father was concocting secret medicines when he was young.

It was ambergris.

“200 gold coins per bottle. No bargaining.” This armored man was obviously an official knight. Levi could feel the powerful aura from him. Although he was not as powerful as Sir Fred, he was still as dazzling as a flame in front of him.

“Ambergris has always been sold at 100 gold coins per bottle. The price is stable. How can you sell it at 200 gold coins?” Levi couldn’t help but say.

The knight sneered, “You still want to buy ambergris with 100 gold coins? If you think it’s too much, you can go to the Jade Chamber of Commerce and see if you can buy it. Now, in order to advance to a legendary knight, the White Horse Knight of the Royal Family has almost monopolized all the ambergris in the Jade Chamber of Commerce. There is basically no ambergris on the market. If you don’t want to buy it, don’t stop me from doing business.”

This knight obviously had a bad temper. Levi thought to himself, No wonder the Jade Chamber of Commerce was out of stock. It turned out that all of them had been bought by the White Horse Knight.

Of course, Levi knew about the White Horse Knight. He was known as the strongest genius of the Jade Royal Family in the past thousand years and the number one person below the Legendary Knight.

Levi had no choice. He did not want to wait for the price of ambergris to drop. Who knew when that would happen?

“How many bottles of ambergris do you have here?” Levi asked.

“How much do you need?” The knight looked at Levi.

“Two bottles.” Levi had 500 gold coins on him now, and he was going to buy ambergris. Even if it was expensive, he had to buy it.

With two bottles of ambergris and the Black Snake Secret Medicine, it should be enough for him to break through to an official knight.

“Alright, I didn’t expect you to be so rich despite your mediocre strength. You should be a noble son in the Northern Territory.” the knight said to himself.

However, since Levi did not reply, the knight did not bother to ask for trouble.

Levi took two bottles of ambergris from the knight. After checking that there was no problem with the goods, Levi threw down 400 gold coins, which was equivalent to more than five years of his territory’s financial income. His heart was bleeding.

“You’re lucky. If I didn’t need money urgently, I could’ve earned at least 100 gold coins more by selling these two bottles of ambergris at the Shining Auction the day after tomorrow. If you still need ambergris in the future, you can look for me at the Shining Tavern.” After the knight finished speaking, he hurriedly took the gold coins and left.

It was obvious that this guy had a way to obtain ambergris.

After buying the ambergris, Levi achieved the most important goal of this trip. He still had more than 100 gold coins on him. He planned to buy a Bloodline Breathing Technique and go home to see if the proficiency panel could break the bloodline restriction and allow him to cultivate the breathing techniques of other families.

After walking around, he did not see anyone selling breathing techniques. Levi could only wait for the Shining Auction the day after tomorrow. This was a small auction held in the Shining Tavern on the last day of every month. There would be some precious items auctioned there.

There were definitely breathing techniques. When Levi was young, he had once participated in the Shining Auction in Flower City with his father. At that auction, an extremely rare and excellent quality non-bloodline breathing technique was sold for an astronomical price of 5,000 gold coins!

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