Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 26

Chapter 26

White smoke rose like smoke. Levi stomped his foot and exploded!

The knight’s sword turned into an arrow that left the bow and pierced through the void.


Golden Cross Slash!

Vibration Force!


The brawny man with the knife instantly felt his hand with the knife split open. The violent shaking almost made him throw the knife away.

“This is… Quasi-Knight!”

“You’re also a Quasi-Knight!”

“How is this possible? How could there be such a young Quasi-Knight in such a remote place?”

The brawny man found it hard to believe. Although this youth had a strong build, one could tell from his face that he was not very old. He was at most seventeen or eighteen years old.

Such a young Quasi-Knight was either a disciple of a great noble with abundant resources or someone with true talent.

“Aren’t you the same? Are you afraid?” Levi grinned.

With a backhand slash, the sword directly broke the brawny man’s rusty chopper, which was of poor quality. The blade snapped.

The brawny man looked at the half blade and was dumbfounded.

While he was still in a daze, Levi’s sword had already pierced through the brawny man’s simple cloth armor and stabbed into his chest, shattering it.

Then, Levi drew his sword and stood up. All of this happened in a flash.

The other bandits did not expect Levi to kill their boss so quickly. They had all witnessed their boss’s strength. Before this, they had already successfully carried out several waves of robberies under the leadership of their boss. Although they were all small-scale robberies against poor civilians who did not have much money, to begin with, their boss had already left an invincible impression in their hearts.

Therefore, when their boss decided to establish the Wild Grass Gang and develop in this area, they agreed without hesitation.

Now, their boss’s corpse was lying in the snow. They panicked and began to scatter.

Naturally, Levi would not let them go. Since they dared to rob him, they had to be prepared to die.

After a few arrows, those who were running were all shot dead and fell to the ground. Those who were still alive saw that it was impossible to run away, so they knelt on the ground and began to beg for Levi’s forgiveness.

“Sir, please don’t kill us. We are all ordinary people. We just want to make a living.”

“I didn’t want to kill you. I just wanted to rob you of the rations you are carrying to fill my stomach. I’m telling the truth. Please believe me!”

“You can’t kill me. I still have a blind wife at home to support. I beg you!”

These people spoke one after another, and their eyes revealed an extremely strong desire to live. It was as if the teenager in front of them was a terrifying death god.

“Go,” Levi said calmly, his eyes flickering.

“Thank you, you are a good person.”

“We won’t dare to do it again.”

These people were bewildered, but in the end, they turned around and started to run.

Levi looked at them coldly and began to draw his bow.


On the snowy ground, Levi found some dry wood and piled the thirteen corpses together. Then, he used a flint to light a raging fire.

“Let the flames warm your world after death.”

Levi muttered to himself with a gentle and calm tone.

Among the thirteen bandits, the youngest was about his age and was still a child.

Levi believed that most of them were telling the truth before they died. It was difficult for people to lie when they were in extreme fear.

However, what did this have to do with Levi?

If he didn’t have the strength, he would be the one who would be destroyed.

There were many reasons for these people to become bandits. The most important reason was that they were created in this chaotic and dark era.

However, there was only one reason for their deaths: they wanted to harm Levi.

In the end, after Levi collected a dozen silver coins from these poor people, he continued on his way.

Not long after, he arrived at Icewind City.

From afar, he could see the giant silver-white city among the mountains, as well as the most eye-catching white Holy Brilliance Church in the center of the city, which had a hint of gothic style.

“Not bad. Compared to my father’s Flower City in Tulip Hill, it’s not inferior. Flower City is exquisite and gorgeous, while this Icewind City is magnificent and has a clear Northland style. ”

After showing his pass, Levi entered the city smoothly.

Compared to his desolate Black Water Valley, which had a total population of less than a thousand.

Icewind City was too lively.

Just the population of the permanent residents of Icewind City alone numbered 100,000.

In addition to some illegal households, traveling merchants, and travelers, the population of Icewind City would only increase.

Of course, this couldn’t be compared to the modern cities in his previous life, which had a population of millions or tens of millions. However, compared to the early medieval period in Europe, which had a similar level of product development, it was still much stronger.

However, it was understandable. After all, the size of the Emerald Kingdom was many times larger than Europe.

Levi did not delay. He brought his luggage and headed directly to the largest merchant association in Icewind City: Jade Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce was naturally not simple to be able to be crowned with the name of jade. It had the backing of the royal family and the shadows of a few grand dukes, such as the Duke of Montenegro.

If he wanted to invest in the Jade Chamber of Commerce, he had to be at least an earl.

Therefore, this was a super chamber of commerce jointly established by a large noble family, which almost monopolized all walks of life in the Emerald Kingdom.

The one in Icewind City was only a branch, and the headquarters was in Emerald King City.

Levi touched the heavy gold coins in his arms and felt relieved. He now had a few hundred gold coins on him, so he could be considered a tycoon.

“Hello, do you have ambergris?” Levi asked.

He wasn’t worried about being recognized. He was just an unremarkable little lord in the Northern Territory. There was no internet in this era, and he hadn’t made a name for himself. Who would recognize him?

When the staff of the Chamber of Commerce heard that the customer was asking about ambergris, he knew that the customer in front of him was rich. Moreover, there was a high chance that he was a knight who practiced breathing techniques. He was already used to it.

“I’m sorry, Sir. There’s no ambergris in the shop now. If you… Sigh, don’t go. You can look at other things.”

Levi’s figure had already disappeared from the street.

“Fortunately, I’ve already mentally prepared myself. If even the Jade Chamber of Commerce doesn’t have ambergris, then there’s only one place in the entire Icewind City that might have it. If it doesn’t have it either, then I’ll just go home and slowly work on it. It’s just a matter of spending more time.”

Levi casually bought a white wolf mask from a gift shop. After putting it on, he walked around the streets and alleys. Finally, amidst the melodious sounds of harps, playful whistles, and the laughter of men drinking, he arrived in front of a warm tavern. The tavern’s dim yellow lights were lit in the evening. Through the window, he could see the furnace burning inside. On the wooden sign at the tavern’s entrance, it read:

“Shining Tavern.”

“Entrance ticket for today: Lion King’s Spirit.”

“Come, come, my friend. Drink this cup of Lion King’s Spirit. May you shine like a Lionheart Knight in the future!”

At the entrance of the tavern, a burly man stood there. Everyone who entered had to pay a gold coin to buy a glass of the Lion King’s Spirit. Then, they had to drink it to prove their wealth and courage.

This was because the Shining Tavern was a tavern on the surface, but it was an underground trading market in secret.

Commonly known as the black market.

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