Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Year 1006 of the Holy Brilliance Calendar was the Month of Vitality. It was another year when the grass grew and the birds flew. It was the season when all things revived.

It had been a few months since the wolf disaster in Black Water Valley, and the lives of the people had returned to the right track.


After clearing out the wolf pack led by the Mountain Wolf King, there were very few traces of wolves.

Levi judged that there should only be a pack of Mountain Wolves in this Montenegro Mountain in his territory.

Although his act of extermination might change the ecological balance of this small area, Levi could not care less.

Besides, even if the snow deer and wild rabbits were to populate, they would be nothing but food for Levi, who had maxed out his archery skills.

On this day, Levi wore a light chainmail and a linen robe.

In the entire Black Water Valley, only he and Sir Fred had chainmail.

This kind of armor with complicated workmanship was relatively expensive. So far, there was no way to distribute it to all the soldiers.

“Young Master Levi, you must pay attention to your safety. The people of the Northern Territory are tough, and the recent war in the kingdom has led to an increase in the number of bandits and wandering knights who have lost their fiefs. Although you have already advanced to a Quasi-Knight, you still have to be extremely careful. Don’t casually come into contact with strangers. Run if you can. Money is just a worldly possession. You are the last hope of the Black Snake family.”

Sir Fred’s face was solemn as he nagged. His tone was like a mother before her child left for a long journey.

Levi smiled. “Don’t worry, Sir Fred. I’m already 15 years old. I can take care of myself. I’ll have to trouble you to take care of the territory while I’m away.”

Sir Fred nodded, and Levi waved his hand. Carrying a big bag, he quietly left the territory in the quiet night.

His cultivation speed was getting slower and slower, and he needed more and more resources to cultivate. This time, he had to solve four problems.

The first was the purchase of ambergris required to concoct the Black Snake Secret Medicine.

The second was to find a buyer for the weapons and armor that he had forged. It would be best if they were long-term stable and reliable buyers.

The third was to collect more breathing techniques, especially Bloodline Breathing Techniques, and see if he could cultivate multiple breathing techniques at the same time. If he could, he only needed to find a way to find the Giant Breathing Technique and use the Frost Giant Magic Armor. At that time, Levi’s strength would have a qualitative change!

The fourth was to try his luck and see if he could find some clues about the wizards.

After solving the first three problems, Levi could cultivate the breathing technique without any worries.

As for the fourth one, he would leave it to fate. It would be best if he could find one. If he couldn’t, he would take his time. Just the path of becoming a knight was enough for him to work on for a long time.

The destination of Levi’s trip was Icewind City, which was located a few hundred miles east of the Black Water Valley. It was located in the Icewind Territory of the Earl of Silver Mountain and was also the largest city within a radius of a thousand miles. It was one of the four major cities in the Northern Region.

If he wanted to buy something as rare as ambergris, he would have to go to a big city. Levi was worried about having someone else do it, so after thinking about it, he decided to go by himself.

Firstly, his strength had undergone an earth-shattering change. He had been a Quasi-Knight for some time now. Coupled with Advanced Vibration’s stage of the Golden Cross Slash, and his top-level archery, he was not completely powerless even if he faced a knight. Therefore, if he encountered any unexpected situation, he should be able to deal with it.

Moreover, he was only going shopping, not to fight, so under normal circumstances, there would not be any danger.

However, just in case, Levi had made sufficient preparations for this trip. He had prepared a few dozen catties of dried rations and meat, as well as fifty arrows. The iron arrows were too heavy and inconvenient to carry around.

In addition, he carried a few high-quality knight swords that he had forged himself. He wanted to use these swords to open up his market in the Northern Territory.

Of course, he left the best quality for his soldiers. As long as there was iron, he did not lack weapons.

He did not intend to dominate the world. He was satisfied as long as he could have a fully armed elite army of a few hundred people to protect himself in the Black Water Valley and not be bullied by evil forces like the Wild Boar Gang.

The main focus should still be on cultivation, and the rest could only be considered side tracks.

Levi did not ride a horse. With his Quasi-Knight physique, the horse was not much faster than him. Instead, it would attract attention.

After all, anyone who could ride a horse was not an ordinary person in this era.

After walking along the muddy path with half-melted snow for a day and a night, the evil spirit that he was most worried about did not appear, which made Levi heave a sigh of relief.

He was afraid of encountering these undead ghosts that were ineffective against physical attacks.

However, on the second day, at a pass that he had to pass to enter the Icewind Territory, trouble still came.

A group of yellow-skinned, emaciated, and ferocious bandits blocked his way. The leader was a burly man in cloth armor, holding a large saber in his hand.

“Little guy, if you don’t want to meet the Heavenly Father, then obediently put down the things in your hands, put your weapons on the ground, and raise your hands,” the leader said.

“That’s right. We, the Wild Grass Gang, kill without batting an eye. Hehehe.” One of the bandits laughed.

Levi looked around and saw a total of thirteen bandits.

Based on their appearance, they were all dressed in tattered clothes and looked malnourished. There was a high chance that their professional skills were not very good.

The person in the lead was quite something. He should be at the standard of a Quasi-Knight. Levi could feel the faint white mist on his body, which was a sign of his breathing technique.

He threw everything on the ground and quickly drew his bow!


The arrow pierced through the air and shot directly at the Quasi-Knight. However, the other party was clearly mentally prepared for Levi’s retaliation and dodged the arrow.

“Very good. It seems that you are prepared to die.” He put on the iron helmet on his waist. This was the only knight equipment he had picked up on the road, which could prevent his head from being shot.



However, in that short moment, Levi shot two more arrows!

However, his target was no longer the leader. With his maxed-out archery skills, he did not need to aim.

The two arrows shot out like flowing water and directly exploded the heads of two ordinary bandits. They did not have much equipment.

In fact, they had never thought that there would be someone in this world who could train to such a terrifying level in archery.

Even the master archers of the kingdom would have to admit that they were inferior.

“Damn it!” The brawny man quickly ran over and slashed his saber at Levi!

The others also surrounded him from all directions. They had to close the distance between them and the master archer as soon as possible. Otherwise, that kid could kill them all by himself.

Seeing this, Levi smiled and pulled out Frostmourne from his waist. White smoke rose from his body.

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