Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Back in the territory, Levi counted the rewards he had gained from killing the Wolf King. It could be said that it was very generous.

Including the ones he had killed in the territory, Levi had obtained a total of 108 Mountain Wolf corpses. Mountain Wolf hides were the favorite fur of the nobles in the Northern Territory. Under normal circumstances, one piece was worth about 10 silver coins. In this world, one gold coin was worth 100 silver coins. In other words, Levi could sell these Mountain Wolf hides for 10 gold coins, which was equivalent to one or two months of the territory’s financial income.


As for the Mountain Wolf meat, Levi took out a portion offered as a condolence to the families of the deceased in the territory. The rest was stored in the castle. Anyway, the Black Water Valley in winter was a natural refrigerator, so he did not have to worry about it going bad.

Levi planned to make them into something like bacon if they were not finished by the time the weather turned warm.

These three brothers were too gluttonous. Raising three Giant Bears of the Northern Territory was not something that an ordinary baron could afford. Wolf meat just happened to solve his urgent need.

One had to know that the territory of these guys in the wild was often tens of thousands of square kilometers.

Of course, the Mountain Wolf’s value was nothing compared to the things in the iron box he got from the cave.

There was a layer of gold coins in the metal box. Levi counted them and found a total of 327 gold coins!

Moreover, since these gold coins were all cast 800 years ago, they were even more valuable than the current gold coins. If they were remelted, Levi estimated that they could be re-cast into 500 standard gold coins, which was equivalent to seven to eight years of income for his territory.

In this era, many lords had their own rights to cast coins. However, in order to facilitate transactions, the kingdoms and nobles still set a unified coin standard. The number of gold coins circulating in the market was generally similar.

“But compared to the Mellon family, this amount of gold coins is not much. It’s just a drop in the ocean. The portion that I obtained should only be a small part of it.”

Levi was not greedy. With so many gold coins, he could buy five bottles of ambergris, which should be enough for him to break through to a knight!

However, even though he had obtained this windfall, Levi’s goal of continuing to rely on forging to earn a lot of money did not change. After all, he needed a stable source of income for his long-term cultivation. He could not count on something as good as a free lunch every day.

Of course, what Levi was most interested in was the armor that was sealed in the iron box.

It was called magic armor, and it should be armor made by wizards using magic. After Levi’s research over the past few days, he had finally figured out something.

On the inside of his armor, he found some strange patterns. He guessed that these patterns were the magic circles of the wizards.

He even found the instructions carved by the creator of the armor, Witch Gullwig, for the grand knight of the Mellon family.

Fortunately, the words used by the wizards were no different from the ones used now. In other words, the wizards deliberately used words that ordinary people could understand in order to make it easier for the grand knight to read and understand.

All in all, Levi now knew how to use this armor.

“Please note that [Frost Giant] is a custom-made armor produced by Ms. Gullwig. It needs to be activated by the Mellon family bloodline or the user who has mastered the Giant Breathing Technique.”

“The Frost Giant Armor is made entirely of Mithril, and the following spells are fixed on it:”

“1. Zero-Ring Cantrip [Automatic Assembly]: After the master gives the command, the armor can automatically assemble around the master’s body and adapt to the size of the body. The cantrip does not require [Aether Stone], but it needs to be charged with the [Aether] drifting in the world. The charging time is one day.”

“2. Zero-Ring Cantrip [Mirror Master]: After the master gives the command, wear the armor and perform a battle technique. The armor will automatically store the master’s battle routine and solidify it in the armor’s memory array. It will automatically protect the master when the master is unable to move. However, the battle routine is rough and the actual combat effect will be weaker than the master. Do not rely too much on it. The charging time is seven days.”

” 3. First-Ring Spell [Frost Giant’s Sigh]: This spell is tailor-made for Mr. Mellon. It can only be used by the Mellon family bloodline or the Frost Giant Breathing Technique user. After using this spell, the temperature within a radius of ten meters can be rapidly reduced to freeze the enemy. The charging time is 30 days. If you use [Aether Stone], there is no charging time limit, but the number of times you can cast the spell per day will not exceed once.”

“Lastly, once the custom-made magic armor is sold, it cannot be returned. A product from Gullwig must be of the highest quality.”

After Levi finished reading the manual, he felt very complicated.

On one hand, through this manual, he saw the tip of the iceberg of a real and interesting world of wizards.

On the other hand, he could not use such a good and awesome magic armor that was comparable to black technology.

“The ring is just a switch. The real key is the bloodline of the Mellon family. It seems that this is a big deal between the grand knight and the witch. He asked the witch to make a heaven-defying armor for him or his family. Unfortunately, in the end, there was no way to reverse the situation. Before the death of the grand knight, he hid the armor underground. Perhaps he was looking forward to the day when his family’s descendants could get this armor and rely on it to make a comeback. Even if someone else gets this armor, it’s just a pile of scrap metal because they don’t have the Mellon family bloodline.”

Levi was unwilling to give up. He tried several times but failed. The witch was not lying to him.

As for the Giant Breathing Technique, it was essentially the same as the bloodline requirement.

This was because the Giant Breathing Technique was a typical Bloodline Breathing Technique. It was the same as the Black Snake Breathing Technique of the Black Snake family. Non-bloodline descendants could not cultivate it.

Moreover, even if Levi wanted to get the Mellon family’s bloodline through other methods, it was impossible because this family had long been exterminated!

“F*ck, I can’t use a divine artifact.” Levi couldn’t help but curse.

“It’s not completely hopeless. After all, I have the proficiency panel. Others might not be able to cultivate the Bloodline Breathing Technique of other families, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t. I can find an opportunity to verify it. If it’s possible, I’ll do my best to find the Giant Breathing Technique.”

It was not just for this armor. Most importantly, Levi felt that if he were to search for traces of wizards in the future, this armor would be of great use.

“I have to find a way to check the history of the Mellon family. Maybe I can find something useful in the dust of history.”

Levi took good care of the armor. This Mountain Wolf invasion could be considered a blessing in disguise. Not only did he earn back all his losses, but he also found clues to a new wizard. This made Levi even more determined to find a wizard.

Of course, the most important thing now was to cultivate the Black Snake Breathing Technique. Breathing techniques were the foundation of strength.

“It’s time to buy ambergris.” Levi made up his mind and prepared to leave the territory to prepare the ingredients for the Black Snake Secret Medicine.

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