Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

The moment Levi pulled the ring off the skeletal finger, the moving knight armor on the outside suddenly scattered into a pile of armor parts and piled on the ground.

Sir Fred, who was fighting fiercely with the knight armor, finally heaved a sigh of relief.


He was an official knight, but he couldn’t subdue a pile of armor.

It was simply unimaginable.

“This is an evil spirit attack!”

“That’s right. This is definitely an evil spirit! It occupied the armor and attacked us. I didn’t expect it to be defeated by Sir Fred. He is too strong!”

“Oh my god, the evil spirit has finally appeared in our Black Water Valley?”

“Merciful Heavenly Father, destroy these hateful evil spirits.”

The soldiers thought that the evil spirit possessed the armor, causing it to attack everyone.

Sir Fred was silent. Although he had never seen an evil spirit, he felt that an evil spirit that could easily kill the Rock Bear Knight and the Frost Wolf Knight should not be this weak.

But he couldn’t think of a better explanation.

Only Levi looked at the pile of armor, his heart filled with indescribable excitement.

“A wizard was found without any effort. Who would have thought that there would be clues about wizards in the back mountain of the territory? Now, I can be 100% sure that there are wizards in this world. At least… they appeared before.”

All this while, Levi, who had been searching for clues about wizards but to no avail, had once wondered if wizards were just legends.

But now, looking at the words on the ring, he finally confirmed it.

“It’s a pity that she didn’t leave her contact information. This ring is also from 800 years ago. I wonder if this witch is dead.”

“Speaking of which, Ms. Rollin from Grimm’s Travels and Gullwig are both witches.”

“Could it be that all the wizards in this world are female? If I really find a way to become a wizard in the future, would I have to change my gender?” Levi thought about it but shook his head helplessly.

He had only found some clues about the existence of wizards. He was still far from truly stepping into the realm of wizards and entering that strange and mysterious world.

“Obviously, this armor should be custom-made by Witch Gullwig for the grand knight of the Mellon family. Perhaps the blasphemy of the Mellon family 800 years ago is related to this.”

Thinking of this, Levi couldn’t help but recall a religious story about a Heavenly Father he had read some time ago.

This story came from the Codex of Creation compiled by the third Pope of the Church of Holy Light, which recorded the story of a Heavenly Father.

“The Heavenly Father selflessly let his seven most loyal followers eat his remains in the mortal world.”

“Those who eat the legs would gain God’s speed; those who eat the ribs would gain God’s endurance; those who drank blood would get God’s boldness; those who eat the heart would get God’s spirit; those who eat the arms can obtain God’s power; those who eat the bones can obtain God’s defense, and those who eat the brain would obtain God’s wisdom!”

“These seven followers are called: The Seven Knights of the Sky. They inherited God’s speed, endurance, boldness, spirit, power, defense, and wisdom. Therefore, the black gas born by the knights should essentially belong to the remains of the saint’s God’s power. It should be called holy power.”

“God loves the world more than himself, and the world should love God like their parents. God nurtures knights with the flesh and blood of saints. Knights should set an example, be loyal to God, carry out God’s will, and spread the glory of the Heavenly Father. ”

This was the introduction to the origin of knights in the Codex of Creation. It was also why the officials referred to the black gas as holy power.

It was unknown whether it was true or not, but in a miscellaneous note written by a scholar who studied folk religion, the story of the origin of the knight in the Codex of Creation also mentioned an interesting mythical story that was not recorded in the book.

“Among the Seven Knights of the Sky mentioned in the Codex of Creation, the knight who obtained God’s wisdom was extremely ambitious. The Heavenly Father and angels in the heavens lived in the astral world. In the later generations of the human world where saints became extinct, this knight and his descendants used their wisdom that far exceeded mortals to steal the authority of the gods in the astral world with their mortal bodies. They wanted to obtain the most fundamental thing that made gods a god: divine persona! In short, this knight who should have practiced the concept of God in the mortal world wanted to ignite the divine fire, condense the divine persona, and become a god himself! This undoubtedly incurred the wrath of the gods!”

“After so many years, the angels of the astral world descended to the mortal world, wanting to suppress this group of people with supreme divine power. In the end, they discovered that in the years when the gods were not around, this group of people used God’s wisdom to study a series of destructive spells. With their mortal bodies, they mastered controlling the natural elements, and even the ability of life and death reincarnation that only gods should master.”

“That battle affected the entire continent where the seven kingdoms are located. There were even fallen angels, but in the end, the angels still won. The knight who obtained God’s wisdom and his descendants were all destroyed.”

“That group of people is the legendary… wizards and the first-generation knight who inherited God’s wisdom was the ancestor of wizards: Sauron.”

“This is a legend I heard from a retired old priest. I have a feeling that wizards still exist in our world, but we have not discovered them.

This was because Levi had collected quite a number of legends and books about wizards some time ago. Whether it was travel notes or unofficial history, he had read them all. Whether it was true or false, he was able to notice something when he put them together.

At first, Levi thought that these were all myths.

However, considering the history of the Mellon family and Witch Gullwig who was behind the Frost Giant Magic Armor, it was not just a myth.

“Perhaps, there really are… Gods.” Levi thought of a terrifying fact.

“The gods and the church are definitely hostile to a group with great potential like wizards. Perhaps this is why wizards rarely show their faces on this continent.”

“Then should I continue to pursue the path of a wizard?” Levi asked himself.

In the end, he sighed in his heart. He could not answer this question for the time being. Time would tell him the answer.

In the end, after confirming that there were no other valuable items there, Levi had the soldiers pack the armor into boxes. He still did not know the connection between the armor and the ring, nor did he know how to use it. He could only go back and slowly study it. He also had someone seal the cave.

In the cave, only the tall skeleton was left, silently witnessing the changes of 800 years. Only the Church of Holy Light, the colossus, stood behind and did not fall.

“Don’t let anyone know about the encounter with the evil spirit today. That will only bring unnecessary panic to everyone. Otherwise, they’ll be killed without mercy! ” Levi threatened.

After knowing the church’s attitude towards wizards, he felt that he had to be more careful when looking for clues about wizards in the future.

Even a powerful family like the Giant family was destroyed by the Radiant Knights. It would be even easier for the church to destroy him.

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