Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Levi did not pay much attention to it, thinking that it was the remains of some hunters that the Wolf King occasionally hunted.

He came to the cave. The cave was not deep, and there were many corpses inside. Most of them belonged to ordinary people, and there were even many children’s corpses. This damned beast had eaten many people. No wonder people from his territory who entered the mountain would suddenly disappear every few years.


The three brothers were currently surrounding a corpse, curiously sizing it up.

Levi came to the side of the skeleton and found that it was unusually tall, more than three meters in height. Most importantly, compared to the other skeletons, this skeleton was complete. The other skeletons were all broken, and the skull and ribs were scattered all over the ground. It was obvious that the wolves had eaten it.

The corpse leaned against the wall of the cave in perfect condition. Its hands remained in the posture of holding a sword in the air. It sat there without anger, like a king with a terrifying aura.

It had been in this position for an unknown period of time.

“This person is so tall. Just his skeleton alone is three meters tall. How tall was he when he was alive?”

Levi was shocked, but thinking about it, it was normal. In this world, there were breathing techniques that could change one’s fate. Many people were abnormally tall. Not to mention others, Levi himself was only 14 years old, but he was already 1.8 meters tall. When he finished developing, growing up to 1.9 meters would definitely not be a problem.

Therefore, there was a high chance that this was a knight who had died here for some unknown reason. Moreover, he had died of natural causes and not been bitten to death by the wolves.

Not only that, but the wolves were also very afraid of this skeleton. Therefore, even though the other skeletons had been shattered, this skeleton was still intact with only some wear and tear due to a long amount of time.

Levi also noticed that there was an ancient iron ring on the little finger of the skeleton’s right hand. On the iron ring were the words of the Emerald Kingdom: Mellon.

On one hand, Levi was constantly on guard to prevent the skeleton from turning into an evil spirit that could harm him. On the other hand, he was looking forward to finding something valuable on the skeleton, such as a treasure map.

Unfortunately, he was disappointed. After studying it for a long time, he found nothing except the ring with the name Mellon.

Sir Fred also came in and took a preliminary look at the skeleton.

“This should be the skeleton of a knight. Moreover, from the fact that this skeleton can still be so dignified after death. High chances that it’s an expert among grand knights.”

“I think someone came here a long time ago and took away his armor and knight’s sword.”

Sir Fred said.

“By the way, is the skeleton of a grand knight valuable?” Levi blurted out.

He was too poor and wanted to see if he could cash in anything.

Sir Fred looked helpless. “This can’t be sold. Who knows what powerful forces or dangerous stories are involved in this skeleton?”

Of course, Levi knew. He was just asking casually.

“But then again, in the history of the Emerald Kingdom, I remember that the Black Snake Knight seemed to have mentioned a Mellon family, known as the Giant family. Their family emblem is the Frost Giant. They practiced the Giant Breathing Technique which was of excellent quality. However, that family was destroyed by the church’s Radiant Knights 800 years ago because of blasphemy. Could it be that this grand knight is a member of the Mellon family?” Sir Fred suddenly said.

“It’s very likely. He’s also a grand knight and has a ring engraved with Mellon. It shouldn’t be wrong. 800 years ago, this place didn’t seem to be our family’s fief. Our family only became the lord of Black Water Valley 200 years ago.” Levi suddenly understood.

“Perhaps this person escaped from the holy sword of the Radiant Knights and hid in the deep mountains, not daring to show his face until he died.” Sir Fred guessed.

“Then I have to see if this person left any treasures behind,” Levi said as he began to search the surroundings carefully.

In the end, he confirmed that there was nothing special about the skeleton except that it might be a grand knight’s skeleton from the Mellon family.

Levi’s interest waned, and he prepared to leave. He would slowly study the historical records in the future.

However, Little Fatty seemed to have discovered something and kept sniffing.

Then, he found a spot and excitedly dug around the skeleton. Under his influence, Little White and Little Gray also started digging even though they weren’t sure what was going on.

This time, Levi was a little curious and stopped. Seeing this, Sir Fred smiled and shook his head, then went out to be on guard.

Not long after, the three brothers dug a huge pit around the skeleton. Compared to the Giant Bears of the Northern Territory, Levi felt that the three brothers were more like groundhogs.


It was accompanied by the sound of claws scratching something hard.

Levi’s gaze was instantly attracted.

In the pit, there was an iron box that was a one-meter square in size.

Little Fatty looked at the metal box in satisfaction as if he was worthy of Levi’s praise.


Levi did not expect the Giant Bears of the Northern Territory could be utilized like this.

He patted the heads of the three brothers and rewarded them with the jerky that he had brought with him. He then called in a few soldiers. To prevent the iron box that could be a potential trap or a mechanism, he brought Sir Fred and the three brothers far away and ordered the soldiers to pry open the box.

“What’s inside?” Levi asked.

“Lord, there seems to be a set of armor inside… Wow, my Lord, there seem to be some gold coins under the armor. We’re rich. We’re rich,” the soldier shouted excitedly.

Levi was also happy. Sure enough, this place was very likely to be the last place where the Mellon family’s grand knight fled. He took the family’s treasure and fled here. He might have died here because of serious injuries or some other reason.

Just as he was about to go in and see how much money there was, he heard a soldier scream, “Aaaaaaaah! Damn it, this armor is actually alive. It’s hitting me. It hurts!”

A few soldiers covered their heads and ran out.

Behind them was an empty set of armor. At this moment, a soldier’s knight’s sword was held in its iron glove. With standard and superb knight sword skills, it beat a few soldiers to a pulp.

“Let me handle it.” Seeing this, Sir Fred did not have time to think about why the armor could come alive. He immediately unsheathed his sword and quickly fought with the armor.

One person and one armor fought back and forth intensely.

Levi subconsciously thought of evil spirits. After all, he was someone who had encountered evil spirits before. As for the fact that the armor could come back to life, Levi could not think of any other explanation other than encountering an evil spirit.

Until he saw the chest of the armor, carved with the image of a Frost Giant that could stand tall and breathe cold air, and the words on it: Mellon.

He rushed into the cave while Sir Fred was fighting with the knight’s armor. He came to the skeleton and looked at the ring with the same word “Mellon” on the little finger of the skeleton’s right hand.

He had a bold idea in his mind. He pulled the ring off the little finger of the skeleton. Then, on the inner wall of the ring, he saw a row of tiny words.

“Tailor-made Magic Armor — Frost Giant. Witch Gullwig’s product. ”

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