Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

The territory was in a mess. Blood flowed like a river. There were corpses of livestock, humans, and even more wolves’.

Levi put away Frostmourne with a solemn expression.


“Bury the dead properly, and send the injured to Dr. George. Deliver the unfinished beef, mutton, and wolf meat to my castle. Then, peel off the wolf skin and sell it to the fur merchants. Next, I want to eliminate the root of the problem and completely eliminate the scourge hidden around our territory.”

Levi said to the old butler Alford.

“Yes, my Lord.” The butler had yet to come back to his senses. The encounter just now was too terrifying.

Those bloodthirsty and terrifying wolves appeared in droves.

However, this young lord could freely and calmly hunt among these wolves.

He couldn’t help but think of the cold and stern Black Snake Knight, Baron Sodor.

“You’re becoming more and more like your father.” Butler Alford muttered to himself and quickly went to do his work.

Levi and Sir Fred returned to the castle.

“Sir Fred, let these three guys smell the blood of the Wolf King on your sword.” Levi brought Sir Fred to the courtyard, where the three Giant Bears of the Northern Territory cubs that were the size of Siberian tigers were playing.

“Little White, Little Gray, Little Fatty, come here.”

Levi called out, and the three little bears immediately ran over.

In the past year, Levi’s expenses had been increasing to feed these three bears. Although he and Sir Fred could eat a lot, it was nothing compared to these guys who ate at least ten kilograms of meat a day.

The three of them were still young. Once they mature, they would have to eat nearly 100 kilograms of meat a day. Otherwise, they would not be able to support their huge bodies.

Raising bears for a thousand days to use it for a moment.

Levi did not raise these three good-for-nothings as pets. In this era of scarce resources, such extravagant hobbies, and ideas could only be realized in dreams.

“Huff huff.” When the three cubs saw Levi, they jumped over happily and stood up. Then, Sir Fred let the three of them smell the blood of the Wolf King on his sword.

After a year of training, with the help of [Wild Heart], Levi could clearly sense the thoughts of the three little bears.

At this moment, after smelling the smell of blood, the three little bears immediately became agitated.

Levi was the first to sense the thoughts of the three little bears.

“You’re saying that this guy killed your mother?”

Levi asked.

As the three bears were all male, Levi was used to calling them the three brothers when communicating with them.

The three brothers nodded and rubbed their fists, eager to give it a try.

They were still far from adulthood.

However, ordinary Mountain Wolves were no longer their match.

“Alright, take me to it now.”

“Today, I will avenge your mother, my citizens, and my soldiers.”

Levi said coldly.

“My Ripple Force injured the Wolf King’s hind legs, so it can’t move properly. It can’t go very far, and its strength has decreased. Now is indeed the best time to beat the drowning dog. When the Wolf King recovers, it will be difficult to hunt it again.”

Sir Fred said.

“Then I’ll have to trouble Sir Fred to bring ten of the strongest soldiers, and we’ll enter the mountain… to hunt a wolf.”

After arranging the aftermath of the wolf disaster, Levi and the others followed behind the three brothers and headed up the mountain.

The Wolf King’s hind leg was injured, so it kept bleeding.

Therefore, it was convenient for the three brothers to follow the Wolf King’s scent.

From the Wolf King’s route, Levi could tell that the Wolf King was extremely intelligent. It kept trying to take detours, and several times, Levi and the others had reached a dead end.

However, with Levi’s maxed-out hunting technique and the three brothers’ strong sense of smell, they finally found the Wolf King’s lair in Montenegro Mountain after spending a lot of effort.

On a huge rock, the huge Wolf King was crazily tearing at a corpse that belonged to a mountain wolf.

It was eating its own kind, but when it sensed Levi and the others approaching, it stopped and howled. From all directions, dozens of Mountain Wolves began to gather around it.

The Wolf King’s eyes were bloodshot as it glared at Levi’s group. It was the first to notice the three cubs. It was as it had guessed, this human had taken in the three cubs.

“What a beautiful creature. It’s a pity that you’re going to die.”

Levi looked at the Wolf King and sighed softly. Then, he drew his bow and shot an arrow through the void!


A Mountain Wolf blocked the path of the injured Wolf King. It was shot by an arrow and died.

The Wolf King stared at Levi with terrifying and cold eyes.

Levi felt as if he was not facing a beast but a person.

Following the Wolf King’s order, the already injured wolves pounced toward Levi and the others again.

“Sir Fred, you go and stall the Wolf King. I’ll deal with the other wolves.”

After saying that, Sir Fred had already rushed forward. The Wolf King stood up and staggered. Obviously, the injury on its hind leg made this king unable to stand steadily.

If it was an ordinary knight, that sword might not be able to injure the Wolf King so severely. However, Sir Fred’s Ripple Force directly shattered the Wolf King’s leg bone from the inside out.

The battle for revenge this time was going very smoothly.

Not long after, Levi killed all the Mountain Wolves at the cost of four soldiers being injured. This time, he was well prepared and had brought a lot of iron arrows. As long as the soldiers created an opportunity for him to attack, he could kill all of them.

In this battle, the three brothers also displayed their terrifying strength as the Giant Bears of the Northern Territory for the first time. They were only two years old, but they could already hunt Mountain Wolves.

The battle on Sir Fred’s side had also come to an end. The injured Wolf King was no match for Sir Fred.

In addition, Levi kept ambushing the Wolf King and shooting arrows at it.

In the end, Sir Fred used his most powerful Ripple Slash!

Levi could even see the air rippling under this slash.

Then, the huge head of the Wolf King fell to the ground. Until the moment of its death, the Wolf King’s cold eyes had been staring at Levi. That feeling made one shudder.

“Heh, what are you looking at?” Levi stepped on the Wolf King’s head.

“Such a high-quality wolf skin would be worth at least five gold coins if sold to those great nobles.”

Levi ordered his subordinates to start skinning the Wolf King. This was money, and he could not waste it.

“This is great. These damned beasts killed a few of our comrades. Now, we finally have our revenge.”

“Tie these corpses to the sleigh and pull them down the mountain,” Levi ordered.

These wolf skins and meat could make up for some of his losses.

At the same time, Little Fatty of the three brothers suddenly ran to Levi’s side and rubbed his head against Levi’s as he growled in a low voice.

Levi understood.

When Little Fatty was exploring the Wolf King’s lair, he found a cave with a strange human skeleton inside.

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