Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Sir Fred’s expression was solemn. He was wearing armor and holding a sword with both hands, preparing to attack.

On the other side, the Mountain Wolf King leaped and crossed a distance of more than ten meters. Its claws were as big as tiger claws as it slapped at Sir Fred.


Sir Fred rolled on the ground and stabbed his sword into the Mountain Wolf King’s stomach. Unexpectedly, the Mountain Wolf King twisted its body in the air like a nimble feline and dodged the sword.

“Damn it, is this still a Mountain Wolf?” Sir Fred was shocked.

He had been to many places in his life, but he had never seen such a strong Mountain Wolf with such skilled combat skills.

This was definitely a knight-level battle strength. However, it was impossible for a Mountain Wolf to have a knight-level battle strength unless it had undergone some extremely rare mutation.


The wolf claw collided with the knight’s longsword.

The Wolf King was in pain. He felt an extremely strong Vibration Force on the knight’s sword, causing his claws to go numb. He knew that the person in front of him was not simple, so he did not dare to use his claws to fight head-on.

Instead, he made use of his speed and agility to dodge Sir Fred’s attacks and consume his stamina.

Sir Fred saw through Wolf King’s plan. After he stood still and confronted the Wolf King, he could see the determined killing intent and the shining wisdom in the Wolf King’s eyes.

“Kill them!” Sir Fred took the initiative to attack. He did not believe that he, a dignified knight, could not defeat a beast.

On the other side, Levi knew that with his strength, it would be difficult for him to participate in the battle with the Wolf King. In order to reduce the population and property losses of the territory as much as possible, he began to clean up the ordinary Mountain Wolves’ evildoing in the territory. After he brought people to clean up the ordinary wolves, a group of people would surround and beat up the wolf king. How could they not defeat it?

With the militiamen around him, Levi’s advantage in archery was fully displayed. Although he really wanted to use these wolves to practice his sword skills, under such circumstances, it was obviously not a good time to practice his sword skills.

Thus, Levi’s arrows were like the death god’s death talismans, continuously taking away the lives of the Mountain Wolves.

In the end, the iron arrows that Levi had brought were all used up.

Except for the Wolf King’s arrow, the other 36 iron arrows all hit the target, killing 25 of them on the spot.

This achievement stunned the militia.

With the help of Levi, the humanoid auto-aiming hack, the pressure on the militia, who had been suffocated by the wolf pack, was finally relieved.

Without arrows, Levi could only fight in close combat like the other militiamen, wielding a longsword and wearing armor. As long as he was not surrounded by too many wolves, he would not suffer any fatal injuries.

However, the ordinary militia couldn’t. Their rattan armor couldn’t defend against the terrifying bite of the mountain wolf.

Levi saw that many of the militia were injured, some had been dismembered by the wolves, and some wolves were eating the corpses of his own soldiers.

Levi’s eyes were bloodshot, and his blood essence surged!

He circulated his breathing technique with all his might and charged toward these beasts.

[Golden Cross Slash Proficiency +3]

[Golden Cross Slash Proficiency +2]

[Golden Cross Slash Proficiency +4]

Every perfect kill was accompanied by an increase in proficiency.

By the time Levi reached the end, he could no longer count how many he had killed.

His armor was already stained with wolf blood.

Although these soldiers were his serfs, they were not worth mentioning in this era and could even be traded.

However, they were also the sons and fathers of their families. They were living people!

Now that so many people had lost their lives, Levi felt for the first time how worthless human life was in this world.

The flames of war, evil spirits, and even these beasts could take everything away.

“I want to become stronger, but it’s not enough!”

Levi roared in his heart as he felt a sense of hunger in his stomach.

He knew that with his current realm, he could not circulate the breathing technique at full force for too long. That kind of intense energy consumption needed to be replenished accordingly.

“Do you have any food on you?” Levi asked in a low voice as he felt a terrifying sense of hunger. At this moment, he was like a hungry wolf.

The militiamen were shocked by him. They looked at Levi, whose eyes were bloodshot and looked bloodthirsty, and said with trembling voices, “No… no, my Lord. I’ll go get you something to eat.”

“No need.” Levi directly tore off the hind leg of a Mountain Wolf under him. He did not care if there were any parasites or bacteria on it and directly started gnawing on it. Anyway, with the breathing technique, parasites should not pose any threat.

Most importantly, if he did not eat something, Levi was worried that he would go berserk.

Once or twice might not be a problem, but if he did this too many times, one day, he would fall into the abyss and be unable to turn back.

Therefore, Levi had to prevent such a thing from happening. This incident had happened in a hurry, and Levi did not have enough time to bring enough food. It could be considered that he had learned his lesson.

After eating half a wolf leg, Levi felt much better. He suddenly realized that he was no different from those hungry wolves.

“In the martial arts novels of my previous life, I’m probably the kind of terrifying demon who drinks raw meat and blood to become stronger,” he could not help but mock himself.

In the end, Levi led the militia to kill the Mountain Wolves in a frenzy. Most of the Mountain Wolves were killed. There should be more than 60 of them. The remaining dozens of Mountain Wolves did not care about the Wolf King anymore and ran into the deep mountains and forests.

As for Levi, he had lost seven militiamen, twelve serfs, twenty cows, and thirty sheep…

Such a loss was simply adding insult to injury to the already poor Black Water Valley.

One had to know that in the entire Black Water Valley territory, there were only about 300 families and less than 1,000 people.

“After I promote to a knight, I have to clean up the wild beasts around the territory. In this backward era, these wild beasts are potential dangers to the territory.”

It was a pity that he did not have a gun. Otherwise, Levi would have used his proficiency panel to train his marksmanship to the maximum level. He would have been able to kill as many Mountain Wolves as he could. Even if it was a wolf king, he would be able to take it down with one shot.

On the other side, the Wolf King, who was fighting with Sir Fred, saw that the situation was hopeless. It did not expect that the young man’s archery was so accurate that it lost more than half of its subordinates in such a short time.

Now, those remaining subordinates were so scared that they didn’t care about the king and ran away. If the wolf king continued to stay here, it would only die.

It tried its best to dodge Sir Fred’s attack, but its hind leg was still cut by the sword. Then, the Wolf King limped and quickly retreated. Its speed was so fast that Sir Fred could not catch up.

“We let this beast escape.” Sir Fred frowned.

This Wolf King was too smart. This time, it had suffered a loss. It would be difficult to completely finish off the other party.

“It’s fine. As long as we have the Wolf King’s blood, we can give it to Little Fatty and the others. The Wolf King won’t be able to escape.” Levi said coldly.

He was quite confident in the Giant Bear of the Northern Territory’s sense of smell.

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