Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

“The wolves are here!”

“The wolves are here! Run!”


“The wolves are here! Help!”

Shouts resounded throughout the Black Water Valley.

One by one, the Mountain Wolves that looked as thin as bones were running around in the fields, in the cattle pen and sheep pen behind the houses.

How could the livestock be a match for the ferocious Mountain Wolves?


“Go to hell!”

The militiamen held long swords, simple armor woven from rattan, and wooden shields as they fought the wolf pack. However, there were also many people who were scared out of their wits by the terrifying wolves.

Sam, the young man who had just joined the militia this year, held his knight sword in a trembling hand. His limbs were trembling. Although he had mastered basic combat skills and his training results were among the best among the militia, he was still a young man who had just joined the militia.

However, when he was facing the terrifying Mountain Wolf, the oppressive feeling and the bloody aura made him tremble uncontrollably.

“Sam, what are you doing? Fight.” A militia captain shouted from afar.

“Captain… I… My legs won’t listen to me.” The young man called Sam cried. His crotch was already wet, and soon, it would freeze in the cold winter. He was really scared to the point of peeing.

It was just like how some birds would still be paralyzed on the ground due to stress after escaping from the claws of a raptor.

Humans would also fall into a state of blankness after encountering sudden shock and fear. This was the kind of fear that was engraved in their bones before the era of civilization.

A Mountain Wolf’s eyes glowed with a green light as it roared and pounced at Sam.

It had been hungry for a month. After not finding food for a month, it no longer cared about the fear of weapons and fire created by humans. It only wanted to eat meat, no matter if it was an animal… or a human.

“Mom, I’m also going to throw myself into the arms of Heavenly Father.” Sam closed his eyes, and his mind was a mess.

Right at this moment, the sound of air being torn apart could be heard.

A sharp arrow pierced through the sky and nailed the Mountain Wolf’s head with lightning speed.

The Mountain Wolf whimpered and fell to the ground. It screamed and died not long after.

Sam was still in a daze. For a moment, he did not know if he was still alive.

Until a broad and powerful hand patted Sam’s shoulder.

“The Heavenly Father will not accept cowards who give up struggling. Stand up, hold the sword in your hand, and fight with me!”

Levi walked over from behind and woke up the soldier who had been scared silly.

He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. How could such soldiers go to the battlefield? He still lacked actual combat!

After saying that, Levi leaped up and arrived in front of another Mountain Wolf.

Levi’s arm shook like a phantom!

The sharp blade was unsheathed, and it was the Golden Cross Slash!

High-level Vibration Force!


The Mountain Wolf’s head was directly sliced off by the sword light!

Blood spurted out and splattered all over Levi’s face.

[Golden Cross Slash Proficiency +3]

He licked the blood at the corner of his mouth, drew his bow, and shot a hungry wolf that was digging out a cow’s stomach fifty meters away.

“Sam, don’t be afraid. No matter how sharp a wolf’s fang is, it can’t compare to the sword in your hand. Continue fighting.” Sir Fred came over and patted Sam’s shoulder to comfort him.

Sam wiped his tears and looked at the young lord who had chopped off the Mountain Wolf’s head with a single sword strike.

He was only fourteen years old, five years younger than her. He was still a child.

However, the bravery and fearlessness displayed by the young lord made him feel like a good-for-nothing.

Sam! What kind of man are you, what kind of man are you!

“Kill!” Sam’s legs trembled as he charged at the Mountain Wolves that were surrounding his companions.

On the other side, Sir Fred saw that Levi had gone crazy and quickly followed.

There must be a wolf king in such a large wolf pack.

Moreover, to be able to rule such a large wolf pack, the wolf king’s strength was probably not weak.

Although no traces of the wolf king had been found so far, Sir Fred believed that the wolf king must be spying on everything in the dark.

As expected, a long howl came from the mountainside.

A Mountain Wolf King the size of an adult male polar bear coldly looked down at Levi and Sir Fred, who were on a killing spree.

With its biological instincts, it could sense that the two people were very powerful, especially the middle-aged man.

If it did not get rid of these two humans, the losses of its wolf pack might be even more serious than the last battle with the Giant Bear of the Northern Territory. After all, the intelligence and weapons of humans were incomparable to those of the giant bear.

Moreover, it could smell the scent of the Giant Bear of the Northern Territory on the human youth. It had also sensed the scent of the youth on its dead companion.

Therefore, the highly intelligent mutated wolf king made up its mind to get rid of these two humans no matter what.

It jumped like a white ghost and quickly ran down the mountain. Even the cheetah’s explosive speed was far inferior to this wolf king.

To some extent, the mutated wolf king was no longer an ordinary wild beast.

Like the knight, it had broken through the strength limit of the Mountain Wolf pack and was no longer an ordinary wolf.

At the foot of the mountain, beside Levi, there were already many corpses of Mountain Wolves. After discovering Levi, the Demon God, the Mountain Wolves did not run away.

Instead, they surrounded Levi fearlessly, trying to bite him to death with their numbers advantage. However, Sir Fred was always protecting Levi.

As a retainer of the Black Snake family, his mission was to protect the safety of the lord.

Facing the pack of wolves, Sir Fred displayed his terrifying strength for the first time in front of Levi.

The sword in his hand was like an impenetrable wall. Any Mountain Wolf that tried to sneak attack him was killed by Sir Fred with a single slash.

Not a single Mountain Wolf could withstand a single strike from Sir Fred.

However, Levi could also see that Sir Fred had already used the power of the breathing technique. He was breathing heavily, and his body was emitting white steam in the cold winter. His eyes began to turn from gentle to fierce.

“Young Master, a powerful enemy is coming. I will face it with all my might. Protect yourself.” Sir Fred said coldly and called five militiamen to guard Levi.

Levi nodded. He also saw a white line rapidly rushing over from afar. It was a giant white wolf that charged into the battlefield like a white bolt of lightning. The three militiamen in front of it were easily knocked away by it. One of them was even torn apart by the wolf’s claws and died a terrifying death.

“Wolf King!” Levi said coldly.

With the protection of the militia, he drew his bow and shot at the Wolf King with his maximum level archery!

Even when faced with moving prey, Levi was always able to hit the target with 100% accuracy.

However, this time, facing the Wolf King, although the arrow hit, it was pushed away by the Wolf King’s sharp claws.

“What kind of speed is this?” Levi was shocked.

“Sir Fred, be careful. This Wolf King is not simple!” Levi quickly warned.

The strength of this Wolf King was definitely more powerful than an ordinary knight.

To Levi, it was more terrifying than a hundred ordinary Mountain Wolves.

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