Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“Dear Baron Levi Schneider, it’s almost the Month of Flowers. The Silver Frost Flowers of the Silver Moon Territory are about to bloom. I sincerely invite you to attend the Aristocratic Dance Ball I’m hosting this year…”

The letter was from Baron Fox of the neighboring Silver Moon Territory.


“Do you want to go?”

Sir Fred asked.


Levi refused decisively.

“Then I’ll get someone to write a letter and reject it.”

Sir Fred turned around and left.

“I’m still too weak now. If I go to the ball alone and get targeted, I won’t be able to escape. But if I bring Sir Fred along, who will guard this territory?”

There was no high-speed rail in this world, and the roads were inconvenient. It would take at least a day or two to go back and forth.

Levi had no interest in the Aristocratic Dance Ball.

This was just a boring social activity that the nobles of this world used to show their superiority.

When he was young, his father had brought him to the Aristocratic Dance Ball organized by the Duke of Montenegro, and he had seen the hypocrisy of these nobles.

“If I have the time, I might as well focus on training my proficiency.”

After saying that, Levi continued to cultivate.

Staying in the territory was safe and comfortable.

Time flew by, and the Month of Flowers (May) arrived.

After crossing a few mountains, about 200 miles south of Black Water Valley, was the Silvermoon Territory.

Baron Fox was the owner of this territory.

It was the day of Baron Fox’s Aristocratic Dance Ball.

Within the Silvermoon Territory, on a hillside where silver frost flowers bloomed.

Noble boys and girls dressed in gorgeous clothes were admiring flowers, drinking wine, eating barbecued meat, dancing aristocratic dances, and chatting about some meaningless gossip.

“I heard that the eldest daughter of the Duke of Montenegro is engaged to Edward, the White Horse Knight of the royal family. ”

“Oh my god, isn’t that great? The White Horse Knight Edward, a Grand Knight at the age of 25, is known as the most promising person in this era of the royal family to become a Legendary Knight.”

“Although the White Horse Knight is not a legendary knight, he is already a legendary figure of the royal family. He has shown his talents in the Millennium Holy War and killed two grand knights of the Church of Storm by himself. He has now become the dream lover and prince charming of all the noble girls in the Emerald Kingdom. Last night, I dreamed that I was on the White Horse Knight’s unicorn with him… hehehe.”

“Speaking of which, in the Black Water Valley in the north of my father’s territory, a genius who was no weaker than the White Horse Knight was born. Many people thought that he could become a legend, but he died in the Millennium Holy War.”

“You’re talking about the Black Snake Knight, right? The Black Snake Knight is too old-fashioned. Even when he died, he still couldn’t forget his first love, his deceased wife. He didn’t marry more women and leave more descendants for the Schneider family. He only left that prodigal Levi.”

“That’s right. Levi from the Black Snake family is a coward. He gave away my father’s business to someone else. This kind of person can’t achieve anything. Moreover, my father invited him to attend the Aristocratic Dance Ball, but he didn’t even come. He didn’t care about my father at all. This is too rude, hmph!” One of Baron Fox’s daughters said angrily.

These noble children were talking and laughing. As they chatted, there was no lack of drunk little guys. Men and women ran to the small forest behind the hillside to do some embarrassing things to carry out more in-depth communication and connection.

Although there were restrictions from the Church, the nobles of this world could always turn some normal social balls into abnormal gatherings.

In the conference hall of the Silver Moon Castle, three armored noble knights were drinking and chatting.

The leader was a middle-aged noble with a long and narrow face and a thin body. He was the master of the Silver Moon Territory, Baron Fox, but people usually called him the Silver Fox Knight. The other two were Baron Bill, the Rock Bear Knight of Rock Hill, and Baron Wolf, the Frost Wolf Knight of Frost Wind Territory.

These three barons were Levi’s three neighbors, and they were all official knights.

“Thank you for coming to my ball.”

Baron Fox smiled and said elegantly.

“Old fox, just say what you want. Who doesn’t know that the Silver Fox family has always been scheming? Our Rock Bear family doesn’t like to beat around the bush.”

The tall and sturdy Rock Bear Knight said. His tone was not polite at all. He had been practicing the Giant Bear Breathing Technique of the Rock Hill family for many years, which made his body far larger than ordinary people’s. He was 2.3 meters tall, like a small giant. His full and sturdy demonic muscles contained the same strength as a bear.

“Big guy, you haven’t changed at all. You don’t care about Silver Fox Knight at all.” Frost Wolf Knight smiled and said. He looked around and said, “Speaking of which, why didn’t anyone from the Black Snake family come?”

The Silver Fox Knight coughed and said, “The little black snake rejected my kind invitation. I bet it must be the idea of that Serpent Vulture Knight. But it doesn’t matter anymore. Without Sodor, the Black Snake family exists in name only. With just a Serpent Vulture Knight who is about to go down from his peak, it won’t be long before it perishes.”

“I’ve called all of you here to discuss the future of our three great families. For this, I’ve also invited an important person.”

After the Silver Fox Knight finished speaking, he clapped his hands.

Then, the door of the meeting hall slowly opened, and a knight wearing plate armor with a meteor hammer hanging from his waist walked in with a rumble. His face was covered by the helmet.

“This is?”

The Rock Bear Knight and Frost Wolf Knight’s expressions changed slightly as they looked at the Silver Fox Knight.

“Don’t panic. This is Wild Boar Knight of the Wilderness Brotherhood. He’s not here to fight with us this time but to discuss something.”

The Silver Fox Knight said with a smile.

“So you’re the Wild Boar Knight. I heard that you’ve cultivated the Wild Boar Breathing Technique and have boundless strength. Some people even say that your strength is even greater than our Rock Bear family, hehe.” The Rock Bear Knight sneered. It was obvious that he was not convinced. In terms of strength, many excellent breathing techniques could not compare to his family’s Giant Bear Breathing Technique.

The Wild Boar Knight glanced at Rock Bear Knight without saying anything.

“Silver Fox Knight, you actually invited people from the Wilderness Brotherhood. If the kingdom and the church find out, you know the consequences.”

Frost Wolf Knight’s expression changed drastically.

“Only a few of us know about this. As long as you don’t say anything, the church naturally won’t know.” The Silver Fox Knight narrowed his eyes and smiled meaningfully.

Hearing this, the Rock Bear Knight and Frost Wolf Knight’s expressions changed drastically.

Then, Wild Boar Knight blocked the gate of the castle’s meeting hall.

The Silver Fox Knight said apologetically, “I’m sorry, the two of you. I’m doing this for the Silver Fox family.”

“You… You don’t think you can keep the two of us, do you?” Frost Wolf Knight unsheathed his knight sword from his waist, and Rock Bear Knight swung his heavy hammer that weighed a hundred pounds.

Wild Boar Knight, who had been silent all this time, took out a black ancient snuff bottle from somewhere and chanted a strange chant.

“Lamp spirit, lamp spirit, quickly reveal yourself.”

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