Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 736 - Chapter 736: Ancient Saint! (5)

Chapter 736: Ancient Saint! (5)

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“The plane where the Ancient Saint Empire is located has already experienced a plane convergence with the human world…”

From the description of these fellows, they had come here through an altar.

From the looks of it, that altar was the spatial node between the Ancient Saint Plane and the human world.

“Show me the altar,” Levi said.

“Yes, Ancient Saint Lord.” This Lizardman chief was called Kaku. He had a small tribe of dozens of crawlers under his command.

In the Ancient Saint Empire, there were hundreds and thousands of such tribes.

Levi learned that there were only thirteen Ancient Saints like him in the Ancient Saint Empire…

From the looks of it, the Ancient Saint Empire seemed to be very weak as well.

Of course, the Ancient Saint Empire might only be one of the forces in that plane. It could not represent the highest combat power of that plane.

However, in general, if a group of weak Lizardmen could build a powerful empire in this dimension, it meant that the overall combat power of this dimension would not be too high.

Perhaps a high-level primordial soul wizard could completely subdue it.

Hence, such a plane should be the lowest-level small plane. It could not be compared to the blue frost and the Blood River, let alone the abyss and hell. Soon, Levi arrived at the place where they had just come to the human world under the leadership of the chief.

There was an uninhabited island filled with dense primitive forests here. It seemed to be very far from the continent.

On the island, Levi discovered an ancient altar. The altar seemed to be made of some powerful giant snake bone. After countless years, it was still intact. There were runes on it that Levi could not understand. However, from the style, it was obvious… that it was the rune system of an ancient wizard.

“An ancient wizard once went to the ancient saint plane because of the convergence of the Heavenly Spheres. He even left this altar behind for passage. However, as the convergence of the Heavenly Spheres ended, this altar most likely lost its function. It was only when the convergence of the Heavenly Spheres arrived that the passageway between the two worlds was opened again.” Levi guessed in his heart after combining the information of the Lizardman chief.

“How many of you have come to this world this time?” Levi asked.

The Lizardman chief smiled awkwardly and said, “Lord, only our tribe came.

We haven’t told the other tribes and the Ancient Saint Empire about this.”

Obviously, he had the same thoughts as Levi and wanted to monopolize it. He definitely could not tell anyone else about this discovery.

“I see. Go over and come back. Don’t trv to Dlav tricks in front of me,” Levi casually called a Lizardman and said.

The Lizardman trembled and nodded crazily. He stood on the altar and disappeared.

Before long, he appeared again.

Levi’s heart skipped a beat. He released a sailor from Alice’s ring.

When the mortal sailor saw that he was surrounded by so many Lizardmen, he instantly fainted again.

Levi had no choice but to call someone braver. An old sailor stood there trembling, not knowing what to do.

Levi pulled out a bag of gold coins.

“Go in and come back. This bag of gold coins will be yours.”

The old sailor didn’t dare say no. He stared at the coins, then stepped into the altar and disappeared.

When he reappeared, the old sailor was already in a lush primeval forest.

Any tree here was easily a hundred meters tall. From time to time, the roars of wild beasts could be heard from the forest, and the Earth trembled slightly.

As for the old sailor himself, he seemed to be in a dilapidated temple. A tattered statue of an Ancient Saint covered in scales and with two wings on its back seemed to be looking at the old sailor with a ferocious expression.

“What the hell is this place?”

In the sky, there were shadows cast on the ground.

A pterosaur-like creature with a wingspan of dozens of meters soared in the clouds.

“A monster.”

The old sailor returned to the center of the altar.

He saw the blue world on the other side of the altar. It seemed to be the human world he was in.

He stepped onto it.

When he opened his eyes again.

A bag of gold coins appeared in the old sailor’s hand.

Levi looked excited.

“Even mortals can pass through this altar… This, this is unbelievable! This is completely different from a wizard taking the initiative to travel through a dimensional space door. Is this the power of the convergence of heavenly spheres?”

From the old man’s description, it was no different from the description of this group of Lizardmen.

On the other side, it was definitely a brand-new world.

Moreover, although wizards had explored it before, it was still from ancient times.

Now, there was a high chance that the wizard had also died.

It was very likely that he would be the first person to discover this new plane.

Suppressing his emotions, Levi exuded a powerful might and released his Dragon’s Might.

“Holy Snake Aura! This is the Holy Snake Aura, a true Ancient Saint!” The

Lizardman chief looked excited. What did he do to face a Lord Ancient Saint?

That was a figure who stood at the pinnacle of the Ancient Saint Empire!

“You guys stay here and guard the altar,” Levi asked Bo Gang and Tyrant to keep an eye on these Lizardmen.

He thought for a moment, then stepped into the center of the altar.

Without the slightest discomfort or the terrifying power of space distortion, Levi arrived at a new world.

He opened his eyes and breathed in an even more primitive and wild aura, as well as elemental power that was not inferior to the Wizard World.

With his perception, he could easily sense that many powerful transcendent creatures were lying dormant in this vast primitive forest. The Earth would tremble from time to time. It was a battle between transcendent creatures.

“I have to hide this altar from the other experts of the Ancient Saint Empire. I must be the only one who knows about this place.”

Levi hurriedly began to set up an array. He used all his array skills to hide the altar and this temple in the forest.

“It’s not enough. I have to hurry up and find the blueprint of the third-circle array and become a third-circle array wizard. I have to hide and protect this place better.”

“Now that I know the sub-dimensional portal nodes between the Wizard World and the human world and have an altar that leads to this alternate world, I can come and go as I please.”

Levi took a deep breath and disappeared into the center of the altar, returning to the mortal world.

Levi looked at the sky and the sea, feeling happy.

“A new era has arrived..”

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