Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 735 - Chapter 735: Ancient Saint! (4)

Chapter 735: Ancient Saint! (4)

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Of course, the legends were exaggerated. The giant snake that surrounded the plane was probably an artistic process.

However, Levi estimated that the Holy Snake was at least a God-like existence comparable to a Legendary Wizard. Otherwise, it would not be so influential and spread all over the Multidimensional Plane.

“The human world is getting more and more lively.” Levi felt that returning to the human world for the time being seemed like a good choice.

In the unknown outer sea region, there were more and more items that could revive the Dark Wave. This also meant that more opportunities were waiting for Levi in the human world.

He felt that after not returning for 50 years, the concentration of elemental power in the human world this time was several times higher than before he left last time.

Although it was still incomparable to the Realm of the Unbelievers, with his elemental conversion array and some elemental convergence array, it was barely enough for a Third-Circle Wizard like Levi to cultivate. While his cultivation level would not decrease, he would just be slower than the Wizard World.

The Wizard World was too chaotic now. Levi planned to stay in the human world longer this time.

Other wizards might be very concerned about the density of elemental power, but Levi did not care. He had the proficiency panel, various elemental affinity talents, and the potion materials he had collected in the Wizard World over the years. It was enough for him to live a carefree life in the human world for a while.

Sometimes, he could not give himself too much pressure. Just like in his previous life, if he could not survive in a big city, he could just stay in a small city. There was no need to go to the inner circle.

It was better to be the head of a chicken than the tail of a phoenix. What the ancients said made sense.

Seeing Levi ignore him, the Lizardman chief felt uneasy. He didn’t expect to meet a powerful Ancient Saint in a foreign land.

He and his tribe were not natives of this world, but the Ancient Saint Empire from another world.

The Ancient Saint Empire was a powerful empire where everyone believed in the Holy Snake. Its members were all kinds of Lizardmen, Nagas, and other crawlers.

They fervently believed in the Holy Snake and worked hard to spread and revive the glory of the Holy Snake.

During a tribal hunt, they unintentionally found an altar in a dilapidated Ancient Saint temple in a primitive forest. On the altar, they saw another blue world.

Curiosity drove them through the altar. When they appeared again, they were already in another world.

The Lizardmen were a race that was good at disguising. They infiltrated human civilization and gradually learned human language, history, politics, and culture.

They discovered that from the looks of it, this plane’s strength was inferior to the plane where his Ancient Saint Empire was located.

The strongest among them, the so-called legendary knights, were only at the level of tribal chiefs like him in the Ancient Saint Empire. There might be some experts comparable to the Ancient Saints in the Church, but there were not many of them.

Hence, they were at ease and bold enough to start preaching in the alternate world. They also established the Holy Snake Guild and used the fabricated Holy Snake Saliva as an excuse to trick humans into joining the guild. Then, they would sacrifice it to the Holy Snake in exchange for the real Holy Snake’s gift.

There was no such thing as becoming stronger after drinking Lord Holy Snake’s saliva. Only these stupid humans would believe it.

However, the person in front of him was definitely an Ancient Saint hidden in the mortal world.

In the Ancient Saint Empire, the strongest expert in the crawlers race since ancient times had given birth to the blood of the Holy Snake. Those who had reached a higher level were known as the Ancient Saints.

Currently, the Ancient Saint Empire only had thirteen Ancient Saints. All of them listened to the ruler of the empire, the Ancient Saint Emperor, Lord Clint.

This person in front of him gave off an oppressive feeling. The aura of an Ancient Saint made the tribal chief prostrate on the ground.

Levi sized up these Lizardmen with interest.

He suddenly said, “I’ve been asleep for a long time. Tell me about the current situation. If I’m in a good mood, I’ll let you live.”

He guessed that these Lizardmen might be from another plane.

The strongest among these people was the chief, who was only at the level of a

First-Circle Wizard. The other Lizardmen were only at the level of apprentices.

They could all come to the human world safely through the spatial node. Did that mean that they could also use the spatial node to counter-invade the other dimensions?

Levi was worried about the secret medicine of the Knight Breathing Technique every day. It would be best if he could have his own plane that had yet to be developed by wizards.

The wizard civilization was like locusts. All the planes they conquered had their resources firmly controlled by their respective classes.

It was too difficult for ordinary wizards to obtain resources.

Only the New World could solve Levi’s current dilemma.

He planned to take this opportunity to start with these Lizardmen and understand the situation on the other side first. Then, according to the danger level, he would quietly develop a new world of his own.

“Let that group of wizards fight. I shall lead the Twilight Knights on a leisurely

discovery voyage in the human world. By the time they find out, I will be rolling in money.”

Levi began to fantasize.

In front of Levi, the Lizardman chief told Levi everything about his experience in the human world. Levi even indirectly obtained a lot of information from him.

In the end, it was more or less what Levi had guessed.

These people were foreigners who had come after the Dark Wave revival..

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