Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

“Isn’t Storm City the city from my father’s Stormy Hill?”

Levi muttered to himself. What Grimm described perfectly matched Levi’s imagination of wizards. Strange, powerful, and mysterious!


“But we can’t rule out the possibility that Grimm is really crazy.”

“No matter what, at least the sea near Storm City might be a clue for me.”

Levi silently noted this down and flipped through some other content of the travel notes. None of them had anything to do with wizards, and he did not find any useful clues. He burned the travel notes.

“If only there was the internet.”

Levi sighed.

Then, he threw himself into cultivation. He was very close to breaking through to level 3 of his breathing technique. This month, he would be able to break through to become a Quasi-Knight.

During this period of time, when Levi was not cultivating, he would go to the bear pens of the three little bears every day to check on their physical conditions.

If all three cubs could survive, then he would have three knight-level Giant Bears of the Northern Territory in the future. This would be the only one in the entire kingdom.

At that time, he would not need to ride a warhorse. He would directly ride the Giant Bear of the Northern Territory and even forge a set of exclusive armor for the giant bears.

The image of him riding a giant armored bear on the battlefield made Levi extremely excited, and his blood boiled.

It reminded him of the scene in the fantasy movie “Golden Compass” in his previous life.

This was a mount that suited the world of swords and magic!

In order to let these three little ones grow up healthily, Levi had spent a lot of effort.

Three militiamen were sent to take care of the cubs 24/7. They were fed fish, wolf meat, venison, goat’s milk, and cow’s milk every day. Occasionally, the cubs were fed vegetarian food to prevent them from stunting or dying prematurely due to the lack of certain nutrients during their growth period.

Levi would interact with the bears every day, using the most traditional and effective method to tame the three wild bears. That was to let them familiarize themselves with him.

In fact, no matter how wild many mammals were, they could still gradually establish feelings if they were raised from a young age.

Levi also bought a book on beast taming, “Introduction to Beast Taming in the Circus”, which included some works by scholars who studied the Giant Bear of the Northern Territory.

Then, to Levi’s surprise, after reading the “Introduction to Beast Taming in the Circus”, a new skill appeared on his proficiency panel:

Levi —

[Black Snake Breathing Technique: Level 2 (4899/5000)]

[Golden Cross Slash: Level 3 (56/10000). Special Effect: Advanced Vibration]

[Beast Taming: Level 1 (66/1000)]

“It could work like that?”

Levi was dumbfounded. All this while, he had never been able to understand the standards of the skills recorded in the proficiency panel. The only thing he could be sure of was that combat techniques and breathing techniques could be recorded. Other than that, whether or not the other life skills could be recorded would depend on the mood of the proficiency panel.

No matter what, Levi was very happy that he had an extra skill.

Moreover, this skill was a practical skill. To him, it could be said to be a timely help.

In order to verify his guess, Levi began to ask Sir Fred to buy books related to beast taming from all over the country.

The Karen Beast Taming Manual.

Royal Circus Beast Taming Notes.

The High Mountain Tribe’s Hawk Taming Method.

In short, he began to purchase all kinds of beast-taming books at a high price.

One had to know that in this era, books were very expensive.

However, in order to gain more experience, Levi could only take out a portion of his savings.

This puzzled Sir Fred.

“Young Master, are you thinking of becoming a beast tamer?”

Sir Fred didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“No, Sir Fred. I just want to use the right method to tame the three little bears. These little guys are too wild. Every time I go to them, they will roar at me,” Levi said seriously.

“Alright, but we don’t have much money in our account now. We only have sixty-eight gold coins left,” Sir Fred shrugged and said helplessly.

“Don’t worry, Sir Fred. I know what to do,” Levi replied.

It would take some time to collect the books, and Levi had been using his own methods to tame the beasts. The most important thing was the temptation of delicious food. Which bear could refuse the fragrant roasted venison covered in honey?

On one hand, the three little fellows were still very fierce towards Levi, but on the other hand, they ate his food quite confidently.

For a while, Levi even suspected that he was playing Pokémon games.

Seven days later, Levi’s breathing technique had finally broken through to level 3. He felt that his entire body was filled with energy. When he was using the breathing technique, his breathing rate was far higher than usual. A large amount of oxygen was inhaled, and the oxygen content in his blood increased rapidly. All aspects of his physical fitness increased explosively. In the cold winter, wisps of faintly discernible white steam pervaded the surface of Levi’s body. Three streams of white smoke came out of his mouth and nose, and his bones and muscles roared. Like a sleeping cat, it let out a faint roar of an engine.

After cultivating for more than a year, Levi finally reached the standard of a Quasi-Knight.

He opened the proficiency panel.

Levi Schneider —

[Black Snake Breathing Technique: Level 3 (1/10000)]

“I’m finally at level 3.”

Levi heaved a sigh of relief. The next step was to continuously polish his body. When his condition reached its peak, he would condense his own Life Seed at the peak of level 3 and become an official Knight!

“However, a Quasi-Knight is already a dividing line. For most people who practice breathing techniques, more than 90% of them are stopped at this threshold, and only 1% of people have the possibility of breaking through to become an official knight.”

Levi stretched his muscles and bones, feeling the explosive power in his body.

The current him did not need armor. He could also use sword skills to kill five Mountain Wolves.

After becoming a Quasi-Knight, his physical fitness improved in all aspects. It should be more than three times that of an ordinary adult male, especially his own skin and flesh.

Levi lifted his clothes, revealing his rock-solid eight-pack abs. His bronze skin was glowing, and he punched his stomach with 30% of his strength.

“It hurts a little, but it’s okay.”

“After all, my strength is several times that of an ordinary adult male.”

“If an ordinary person were to use their fists and feet in a normal fight, it would be very difficult for them to cause any harm to me without attacking my vital points. This is the power of the Black Snake Breathing Technique.”

This was only a Quasi-Knight.

Levi estimated that his physical fitness should be five times that of an ordinary person when he first stepped into the ranks, similar to Sir Fred who had been an official knight for a long time.

The strength of the excellent breathing technique was reflected.

Once he became a grand knight like his father, his physical fitness would be ten times that of an ordinary person. He would simply be a monster.

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