Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Year 1005 of the Holy Brilliance Calendar, the first day of the new year.

Ever since the Rock Bear Knight and Frost Wolf Knight were attacked, there would be news of evil spirit attacks from time to time, but it was unknown if they were true or not.


In response to the recent frequent attacks by evil spirits, the Church of Holy Light claimed that a bishop of the church had developed a holy water that was extremely effective against evil spirits. It was called Holy Light No. 1.

One only needed to consume one bottle every seven days, and after a month, he would be immune to all evil.

Once the holy water was released, it was priced at 10 gold coins per bottle. The first batch of 3,000 bottles was sold out within a week. What was even more shocking was… it had zero negative ratings.

Levi felt that the nobles of this world were easy to deceive.

However, it was understandable that he came from the modern world and naturally did not understand these people’s fanatical faith in the church.

“Ever since that incident, the probability of evil spirits appearing has increased.”

“Wizards, oh wizards, how can I find traces of wizards?”

Levi was rummaging through some books made of goatskin in his father’s study. As of now, there was no paper-making or printing in this world.

Therefore, even for a noble family like his father, the collection of books in the house was very limited.

In the end, he found nothing.

Sir Fred hurried to the study and said to Levi excitedly, “Young Master, I brought you a birthday present that you would never have imagined.”

Levi was curious as to why the calm Sir Fred was so excited. He saw that Sir Fred ordered his subordinates to push a cage with wheels covered with a curtain.

Sir Fred lifted the curtain, and three furry guys could be seen curled up in a corner.

“Bear?” Levi had a strange expression.

In front of him were three bears the size of calves.

Why did Sir Fred give him three bears?

“Young Master, this isn’t an ordinary bear. These are the cubs of a Giant Bear of the Northern Territory.”

“What? Giant Bear of the Northern Territory?” Levi was shocked.

He had heard of this beast before. It was a beast that was comparable to an official knight when it reached adulthood.

“Last night, a female farm worker found something sneaking into her yard in the middle of the night and ate her chicken. Then, she found this little guy. This little guy wanted to escape but was caught by the militia patrolling at night. Although it was just a baby, it took a lot of effort to catch him. ”

Sir Fred took out a black and white bear and pinched the back of its neck. The bear bared its fangs and brandished its claws, wanting to attack Fred, but it was in vain.

There were still some chicken feathers left by the little bear’s mouth. It was hard to imagine that such a small fellow would become the ferocious Giant Bear of the Northern Territory in the future.

The other two cubs whimpered as if they were worried about their brother.

These three little bears were not fat. They could be said to be as thin as a stick for a bear.

It was obvious that they had been starving for a long time. If they had not been discovered by Sir Fred, they might have starved to death in a few days.

“Where’s their mother? Would it follow the little bears’ scent to find trouble with us?” Levi was a little worried. He was no match for the Giant Bear of the Northern Territory.

“Don’t worry. It looks like their mother has died or left them behind. Usually, this is the hibernation period of bears. If they don’t stay in the cave at this time, it means that something happened to their mother.”

“The cubs of the Giant Bear of the Northern Territory are worth more than 100 gold coins on the black market. Many nobles want to domesticate these ferocious beasts from a young age. When they grow up, it’s equivalent to having a competent knight-level pet.”

“But I suggest that we raise them ourselves. The cubs of the Giant Bear of the Northern Territory are rare, but it’s expensive to raise them…”

Sir Fred was in a good mood and tried his best to persuade Levi to keep the three bears.

“Alright, let’s keep it. Let’s keep it in the castle for now and send some people to take good care of it.” Levi came to the side of the three little bears and carefully sized them up. He said, “This gray one will be called Little Gray, that white one will be called Little White, and this one with mixed fur will be called… Little Fatty since it’s the fattest.”

Levi asked the servants to take care of the cubs. These cubs would need at least seven years before they could be put to good use. Moreover, he did not know if these wild cubs could survive. Therefore, he could not place his hopes on these external objects. The most important thing was to improve his strength.

After sending the howling bears away, Levi looked at Sir Fred and asked, “Sir Fred, how’s the search for books on wizards coming along?”

Fred smiled. “You’re really concerned about wizards. Don’t worry, I’ve already sent people to look for them. They’re basically biographies of rangers or novels. They can’t be taken seriously. I found a book here that I got from a wandering merchant. It records a legend about wizards. You can take a look.”

Sir Fred handed over a sheepskin scroll. It was very old and shabby.

Grimm’s Travels.

The author was a person called Grimm. Obviously, Grimm was a pen name, but no one knew who he was.

Levi returned to his room, opened the book, and started reading from the beginning.

Grimm described himself as a traveling merchant. The content of his travel notes was not much. It mainly recorded some strange things that Grimm heard on his journey, one of which was about wizards.

“In the year 847 of the Holy Brilliance Calendar, on the sea east of Storm City in the Emerald Kingdom, the merchant ship that I was on crashed due to a storm. I held a wooden board and prayed to the Heavenly Father to survive the disaster. Perhaps my devout faith touched the Heavenly Father, and I survived. I was washed to an unknown island by the waves. I didn’t know where I was, so I looked for food everywhere on the island. Then I saw many magical creatures that subverted my imagination.”

“A three-legged toad with a beautiful face on its back. There was a swan with six pairs of wings. It was pure and beautiful, like the twelve-winged angel beside the Heavenly Father. There was also a red mushroom that could run. Damn it, that fellow could even speak human language. It even tore a piece of meat from its own body and fed me with it. After eating the mushroom, I fell asleep in a daze. I vaguely remember a beautiful lady sitting beside me…”

“I don’t remember what happened after that. When I woke up, I was already back on a fishing boat. The fisherman said that he found me floating on a wooden board and saved me. I think I might have encountered a wizard that only appeared in legends. Only wizards would research and create strange creatures. Moreover, I realized that after eating the mushroom’s flesh, the chronic illness that had plagued me for many years no longer existed. I was younger and stronger than before. This must be the power of magic. It was that witch who saved me! Later on, I made a lot of money from doing business and wanted to go to that island to look for that beautiful witch. However, that island seemed to have disappeared into thin air. I went out to sea seven times, but to no avail. Until now, my hair has turned white.”

“In order to go out to sea, I became a pauper again. My family and friends left me. They said that I was crazy, but I knew that I wasn’t. I really met a wizard. I regrouped and sold my mansion in the capital. I was determined to go out to sea for the eighth time. Before I went out to sea this time, I wrote down everything I experienced and published a hundred books at my own expense. If I didn’t find the legendary wizard, I hope that those who read this book can continue to look for her.”

“Oh, right, I vaguely remember that in the conversation between the red mushroom and the beautiful witch, the mushroom called the witch… Ms. Rollin.”

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