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Chapter 2134 Contingency

Chapter 2134  Contingency

The elder felt a searing pain his chest.

He never knew the backlash from his attack could be so severe. He gritted his teeth and tried to fight the urge to puke his blood out.

"Come on, an elder is trying to attack a student? Is Zeus Academy in such a bad state? To hire some second rate idiots who cant control their temper as elders?"

Chorus spoke in a lazy tone. It isn't much different from the tone of a person who just woke up from a sleep.

"Chorus?" The Elder asked in a confused tone. He is genuinely puzzled. Rarely anyone ever sees Chorus outside of the academy. Even in the Academy he is only visible in his classes. It was already a big deal when he went to the freshmen tournament.

Now, that he is seen here, there is a good reason for being surprised.

And along with that surprise they also felt fear. There is a reason why even the Dean of the Thor Academy felt threatened and stayed on his toes with Chorus around. They don't want that smoke.

Sam knew that the situation finally turned for better.

He blinked from the spot and reappeared beside Dove. "YOU…."

An elder once again extended his hand to catch a hold of him, but Dove shielded Sam as she shielded him. She got ready to attack him upfront. Which stunned the Elder. And that stunned expression turned into an ugly scowl.

"How dare you? A mere student dares to attack an Elder?"


Chorus clapped his hand at the moment and an energy wave hit the Elder in the face, throwing him off.

"Don't make me work like this. Stay put." Chorus lazily spoke and turned towards the rest of the students from the Gambler Academy.

"Let's go. Do you want to get interrogated by them?"

They shook their heads and ran towards Dove's side. They started moving back. However, even before they could leave the premises…

"Stop. No one is leaving this place."

Dean of the Zeus Academy made his way and spoke in a resounding voice. Sam sighed and almost cursed out loud.

Just when he thought they escaped.

The Dean is fucking persistent.

Chorus finally had a serious expression on his face.

"Dean, you shouldn't be doing things like these. You know what Dean Wharton is like. You don't want to see him angry."

Dean of the Zeus Academy looked at Chorus and said.

"Its true Chorus. Dean Wharton being angry is really not a good thing. However, I am already angry. No matter what happens today, I need to interrogate these kids today and find out who among them belong to the flaming skulls."

"If you really want to do this, then please get permission from our Dean. Unless you have this consent, I will not allow you to do this."

"You think you can stop me, Chorus?"

"I don't know. There is only one way to find out and I am not really in the mood to find out. Not just now, I would like to keep it in that state for as long as this academy realm exists."

"Then leave the kids here and go back to your Academy."

"I cannot do that."

"Then let's see how long you can hold me down."

"I don't want to."

"Then leave."

"I cannot."

The argument grew. Sam looked at the current situation and knew things will not move forward in this case. He has to find a way to get out of this before it blows up in his face. Now that the Dean is here, even if the Icarus comes, there is little benefit.

Sam thought for a moment and decided to use one of the contingencies. He sat down on the ground and closed his eyes. Connecting with the hub. Soon, he tried to locate where Raios currently is through the wrist band. After narrowing his location down, he once again focused on the hub.

Inside the secret room of the hub, three metallic spheres started glowing. With spatial energy that concentrated around them, the three metallic spheres disappeared from there and reappeared high in the sky of the city.

They shot towards Raios who was still slowly walking towards the pocket dimension. His speed is so slow that a normal mortal man who doesn't have any cultivation could have overtaken him.

Raios felt the danger and his hair stood on its ends. He immediately jumped high into the sky before activating his lightning fusion and moving forward like a streak of light.


Three loud explosive sounds fell on the ground like three meteors leaving behind huge craters. Raios barely dodged them. Even with that speed, he was barely able to escape. He came to a halt and looked at the three metallic spheres.

They were all glowing with elemental energy.

Right in front of Raios' eyes, the three spheres spread out. The glow became brighter and slowly they started transforming. Soon, in front of his eyes stood three handsome humanoid puppets. All three of them had flaming patterns. They are very similar to the puppet that was given to Raios. However, they are the next versions of that puppet. These puppets have plasma blades that can be extended from the forearms. Apart from that, there are several energy blasters inserted in its fingers, palms, chest and the eyes.

Apart from that, there are several hidden features. There are several energy blasters, missiles, other projectile attacks, much more.

As Raios is looking at them with a shocked expression, the three puppets glowed once again. The fiery red patterns were activated. Both arms ejected plasma blades as they lunged at Raios from all three sides.


Raios who was in too much of a shock to contemplate what is happening, barely dodged the attacks. Even then, one of the blades brushed past his hair and cut off some strands.

The air is filled with burned hair. The cut of strands didn't even hit the ground, they just burned in a second and disappeared altogether.

Raios gulped hard.

In that small instant, he felt the heat from that plasma blade. Even the small scruff of facial hair he barely grew was burned off from that distance.

He gulped hard and he didn't even want to fight. He activated lightning fusion, turned into a streak. He started moving towards the pocket dimension. The three puppet's launched themselves into the air. There are several jet mechanisms installed in the back and the legs of the puppets. Plasma wings opened up on its back as they helped them glide through the air.

The blasters are similar to the design Sam implemented in his hoverboard. The three puppets flew towards Raios and blocked his path.

He swung his sword to block the plasma blade while dodging the other two puppets. Once again, he only escaped through hair's breadth.


Explosions rang loud and clear, creating shockwaves all over the place, destroying the surroundings. Soon, Raios is crashed into the ground as the three puppets surrounded him. From one of the puppets' eyes a light beam shot out to scan Raios' body.

[Verification Done. The candidate has obtained the Puppet Created by the Southern Faction. Proceeding to Eliminate the target.]

Raios' blood turned cold. He immediately took out the puppet he just obtained and merged with it.


As the plasma blade of the puppet came towards him, his own puppet wielded a plasma blade of its own and swung it back. He started performing the same sword art that the puppet tried to teach him. As he blocked the attacks one by one, he got more used to it.

He could feel the new information being injected into his mind. With every passing second the sword art became easier. He comprehended more and more of it. Along with that, the three puppets were also pushed back.

After three minutes…

Raios suddenly felt something click in his mind. The surrounding energy condensed into his energy blade and he slashed vertically downwards. The inscriptions of the puppet's arms glowed. The gravity around them is manipulated.

It is focused on the opponent puppet.

The vertical cleave landed straight on the chest of the puppet opening it up.

The second puppet in the distance stopped moving.

[Target already connected with the puppet. One of the puppets is down. Initiating retreat.]

The two other puppets came and caught the third puppet before all three of them flew away.

Raios finally rested. The puppet dismantled. He ran out of it.

However, the next moment, a searing pain invaded his mind and he passed out. At the same time the puppet the puppet shrunk in size and disappeared. In place of it, a ring appeared. The ring flew over and inserted itself over Raios' finger.

Raios had a pained expression on his face as several memories and information were forcefully injected into his mind, imprinting themselves into deepest subconscious."

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